Sunday 24 April 2011

Some Advice to the Babiest of Babybats.

First, thanks to Amy and Sarah for the nomination. I'd pass it on and such, but the only people i could nominate would be you two, Clockwork Mice and Juliet's Lace. Re to the dundancy.
First ever post from my phone, so no pictures. My computer's being retarded, so that's why there's no formatting or anything. Anyway, I've seen a lot of very young (12-13) kids post on the Ultimate Goth Guide about wanting to be goth but not make their parents lose their shit. Here's my tip to avoid that as well as severe mallgothism.
1: involve your mother. Whilst it mightn't be true of all kid's mums, like mine for example (my mum had the whole ''it's just a phase'' for a while, ensuring it wasn't, and also a rather condecending ''i'll support you whatever you do), most mums would love to teach their daughters makeup and sewing tips and tricks. If she were involved in the process, she'd feel better about it.
2: ignore your dad/siblings. My next-up sibling, Jake, used to make fun of me for how I dress. My other siblings didn't mind. My dad's a tool (isn't everyone's?) and likes to make jokes at other's expenses (because it's what the cool kids do! That makes him cool, right? Right?!). Just ignore that.
3: keep a sense of humour! Don't make the mistake of mallgoth ooky-spookiness. Don't be someone you're not.
4: do it with a buddy! A friend who'll ''go goth'' with you and who you can explore and experiment and make mistakes with is an invaluable resource.
5: look after yourself. One of the worst things I see with goths of all kinds is that they become vain to the point of anorexia. My alphagoth ex was unhealthily skinny because he thought it made him more goth. Don't be a self-harmer, either. Food is your friend, and do you know what's amazing? Goth cupcakes.
6: don't change your hair if you don't want to. Particularly if you are young. There's nothing wrong with long brown, blonde or red hair, and goth is what you make it. I know, seems hypocritical from someone who changes their hair like they do their shoes, but I bleach to also remove excess hair, as my hair is very, very thick. I don't change my hair for ''goth factor''. And that reminds me.
7: forget the ''goth factor''. You don't have to be all goth, all the time. I know I'm not - I admit it. You don't have to listen to goth music to be goth - I have a Barbra Streisand collection, I love swing jazz and The Cat Empire is my favourite band. That being said, don't call something goth when it isn't.
8: take a sewing course. Yeah, I know. I just got my sewing machine. But I love it so much.
9: try and, dare I say, ''pick a theme''. I don't mean Victorian, or Steampunk, or whatever. I mean by pick a few colours that go well and stick to it! I'm well known for wearing purple and red together, but they're the only colours I really wear (except sometimes pink socks, or rainbow ones). Oh, and rainbow socks are totally goth. Shut up.
10: pick friends wisely. Don't get stuck with people who are goth and assholes. It's not worth it. Don't hang out with drug-takers, either. That scene is not worth being in. Taking drugs does not make you cool or goth. It makes you a wanker.
11: corsets and boots aren't for everyone! You're still goth even if you wear flat shoes and a loose shirt.
12: start off being *comfortable*. That's an important part. You need to worry more about being comfortable at the start. And apparently that's all i can post for now. I'll fix this later.


SarahWalrus said...

It's so true, everyone's dad are tools that love to make jokes at everyone's expense.

Lilly Peppermint said...

I love The Cat Empire! For many years they were my favourite band. My favourite song is All That Talking. Gotta love a sleazy tango with an epic keys solo!
P.s Thanks for the nomination. Why only two though?

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

You make some great points here! Especially #10. So true!!! :)

Although I have to say, my dad's the coolest and always has been. ;-D I know, I'm lucky!!

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