Saturday 27 August 2011

Filthy Victorians 2012 - Sunday Best and Churchgoing

So here we have it, my first day wearing a bustle and corset. It wasn't unpleasant. In fact, i quite enjoyed it, and thanks to the joys of linen clothing, I did not so much as sweat in the gorgeous spring sun.
I'm also using this for the facebook competition because, to be honest, i finally felt interesting!

cats attacked my skirt and made it uneven.
Luckily, they are cute and it's easy to
Damn yellow light.
 So, here's what I'm wearing.

-Hat from Corsets-au (they are the BEST for tiny hats)
-Lovechild Boudoir skirt, strung up.
-Home-made muslin shirt
-My sister's black crow jacket
-60" strand of pearls from I-Love-Pearls
-Funtasma granny boots
-Gallery Serpentine custom corset.
I literally did the best I could
photographing this.
Apparently, I live in a house
without pens.
What I did today was head into Huskisson (the next town over) while my sister got her tattoo touched up. I sat in our favourite cafe and read for three hours, and then I went outside and sat at the wharf to read. Quite a lovely day!

The Victorian era idea of Sunday was rather like the idea of Sunday in previous centuries - church. Hence came the idea of your "sunday best" - the best clothes you had, you wore to church. Women who were not in mourning wore creams and pastel colours as well as headcoverings, and men wore their best day suits. The idea was that you were supposed to be showing reverence by looking your best at church, but really, I think it was just another way for bored housewives to show off to each other. Sunday Best was - and often is - a contest.

If you attend church, or plan to for 2012 (in the interest of historical accuracy, as I am considering finding a good, suitably grand cathedral) then having your Sunday Best is essential - from your best bustle to your bonnet, I am sure you will look fabulous! However, if you are a Woman of Science (and not fanciful things such as religion), or perhaps you're just Granny Weatherwax, you should have suitable attire for sunday in any case.

Accidental buttpic! I liked it though. XD
A good church-going bonnet, for any practising religious folk amongst you, can be purchased from a good internet site, like Covered for Him or the Mennonite Maidens. Such businesses are usually only too happy to make custom things, so if you can give them an example of what you want, they can make them. Headscarves are also appropriate, and can be made easily. I often MacGuyver my shawl into a headscarf for when it's raining heavily or if I'm just not having a good hair day. It's easily done with bobby pins and clips.

Your best corsetry is to be worn on sundays - your smallest waist - but being conservative with your bustles on a sunday is a good idea. Make sure your clothing is not mostly stark-white, but off-white and pastel colours. A straw bonnet (which you can make from a straw hat) decorated with pink ribbons and pretend flowers is also appropriate for church-going.

Today's waistline. Any comments?
In summary, churchgoing in the 19th century was much as it is today: a pointless and rather ongoing affair that relies on pomp and circumstance.

...should I introduce the Catholic Church of Melbourne to Hurricane Kitty, do you think?


Party on, Goths. :D

PS: Here's a picture of my hair after I took it out. And no, I'm not naked. That's what shaun thought and I figured I would just end that right there.

Sea air+bun. Also, why do I always look like I have
grease paint on?! Stupid room!

Filthy Victorians 2012 - DIY Bustle Overskirt

So, me, being so damn bright, forgot to photo the procedure. SO HERE'S THE FINISHED RESULT.

Ignore the garbage bag.
 So, here's what you need:

-An ankle-length or longer skirt, preferably one with a frilly edge.
-needle and plenty of thread

Optional: turn a pillow into a bustle for added butt.

Get your skirt and threaded needle. Tie a series of knots in the end of your thread. Flatten your skirt out and mark it so it you can see the back half clearly.

Thread the needle into the back of the skirt, into the inside and pull it up to the top, a few inches below the top. Pull it through until the material is ruffled to your satisfaction, cut and tie several knots.

Move along a few inches in repeat, only going an inch higher, cut, tie off. Then do two more right up at the waistband, one on the same level as the second thread, and another on the same level as the first. If you want more ruffles or are using weak threads, add more, but keep it as even as you can.

The best thing about this is that it can be done and undone in five minutes, to change up any skirt. Making a skirt to go under it is just as easy too, and most of your long skirts will be good underskirts.

Have fun with this and post pics! <3

Outfit Post! - Bottom of the Pile (and birthday photos)

Every now and then, I like to take things from the bottom of my clothing pile...

...and wear them. I did that for today's evening Valiant Quest to Return Overdue DVDs to the Store.

So here's what I came up with!

If you enlarge the image, you can see on my
your-left hand, my burn scar from the
curling iron.
Here's the breakdown:

Shirt: it's the top of my petticoat
Skirt: KMart. Or target. either way it was in 2009 and in Ballina.
Odd legwarmers: Best and Less
Skivvy cardigan thing: Got it from my eldest sister Sally.
Olde Faithful Docs: present from my aunt. :3

You can also see my makeup on the counter. XD

Hairclips were a present from the owner of TragicBeautiful

Here are some photos from my birthday. My sister and I went to the Nowra Animal Park.

There have been worse photos.

It's chewing the camera.

Friday 26 August 2011

Filthy Victorians 2012 - Home, Hair and Beauty

Whilst doodling around the internet after a maker of tea gowns and household dress, i found this guide about Victorian-era living. Oh, and the book is totally available on ebay for cheap.

Buying it? Yes. yes I am.

Also I found this helpful article on hairstyles. <3 They have heaps more but I am yet to read them. Remember - having your hair hanging down is most unseemly for a young lady and is very very sexual. Or something. I'm not too sure where that idea came from. XD


More resources found after original post that I can't be bothered to type sentences about:


More hair, specifically a bun.

Here's a great eveningwear article.

Makeup makeup makeup. Amazing article and wobsite, thanks Stefanie for posting it to me! <3

If you find anything useful, please facebook/tweet/email/comment it to me and i will post it up for everyone.

Much love!

Thursday 25 August 2011

Filthy Victorians 2012 Mini-Post - FORUMS


I've been trying to get onto Forumotion to get a forum up. But it 's all "no. fuck you. I refuse to load". Proboards it is then. >>

Updating when it's up and running!

Any volunteers for admins? <3

much love!

Wednesday 24 August 2011

Filthy Victorians 2012 - Invading Social Networks!

Second cup of coffee for the day; it was a bad choice! Oh well! :D Heather's house coffee is the most satisfying coffee (far better than the disappointment that is Shaun's house coffee).

So here we are. August 24th.Waaay closer to 2012 than I can really realise. So, i figure, i should get my shit together.

First port of call, spreading the word about the place. FIRST IS TWITTER. EXCEPT IT'S MORE LIKE MEOWER BECAUSE I AM A CAT.

If you have twitter, you can find me at 19thCKitty. If you're going to be a 24/7 Victorian goth and you do not have a twitter (or feel like a namechange), sign up as 19thC[name]. Are you one of our darling helpers, the Little Alices? Go for Alice[name]. Twitter is a great way to share outfits on the go, as well as lamenting about the woes of Victorian womanhood and vehemently discussing fashion and the corset controversy.

Facebook is next. Then I'll start fucking around with forums and the like.

Want to help? WE NEED GRAPHICS.

Draw, photograph and photoshop for us and you will receive our everlasting love.

We also need the technology-inclined to do coding and the like.

Of course, seamstresses and tips would be helpful. Let me know any of your publicity ideas, including forum stuff and ESPECIALLY stuff for what we should have on the forums as far as subforums and catagories. :D

Much love! Party on, goths!

Tuesday 23 August 2011

Sometimes Conversation is as good as Action

I'm just going to put it right out there. This post is about abuse. It is about the fact that those among us, including myself, need to overcome the shame and anger of having been abused. It's not our usual happy-joy-joy. So here's a photo of a marmoset staring at its hand at the animal park today to tide you over.

"A little less conversation, a little more action" does not apply to the subject of abuse. Why? Because talking about it is the most important step. By opening up a dialogue, you can begin to work through the issues. Whether it be physical, mental, emotional or sexual abuse, raising awareness for the victims will break the cycle.

I have mentioned before my physical and mental abuse in primary school, as well as the sexual and severe physical abuse in early highschool. I was ashamed about this for a very long time. But I won't be any longer. I refuse to be any more. I was tortured in primary school, and I was raped by my first boyfriend for a year and half. It won't ever go away, not really, but it can get better. I will not be in the shadow of other people's cruelty any more.

Living in your fear, shame and anger is letting them win. It is important to let everything go. You are better than them. You are not them. You will never be them.

Please share your stories. I will be here to support you and help you. Break the cycle of abuse.

Much love to you all.



By which I mean, seventeen. :D


Anyway, a full picturepost of my day (there's like 60 pictures) is on its way. XD later tonight/tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy my birthday cupcake.

and yes. that is a Peter Rabbit plate.
Goth as fuck, bro.
Although I can say this one thing: I watched Postman Pat this morning. It is every bit at awesome as I remember it being.


Much love! Party on, goths!

Monday 22 August 2011

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #13

Firstly, fat tilly. Fat fat fat. :3

 Anyway. Yes. I got my sample thingy of the Missha Perfect Cover BB cream in #13, which is the super-light shade.

What can I say?


adjrghkadjlrgdarg >8c

kjdfghkadlrjgdagr 8D

TRY IT. SERIOUSLY. (also i don't know what is up with that random sparkle, and also why that last picture is a bit ?, since irl I look fucking brilliant.)

You can get it for cheap on ebay and also on amazon.

Also wearing: Shiro "Everything Is Bears!", Revlon liner, Manic Panic "spider liner" and Manic Panic "Blood Red".

I recommend all the products I have on my face right now. Seriously. <3

Tomorrow is my birthday! I should be receiving some green lipstick. ;3

Party on, Goths! :D

Sunday 21 August 2011

Grab A Brush, Put On A Little Makeup

Yep, SOAD kinda day! Here's a picture of tilly in a bag for some reason, before my actual "hair and makeup" post.

she crawled in so I picked her up and took a photo. XD
 Anyway, on with the post.

On Friday, I had to go into down with my dad to do a few things. Long story short, I bought two books - Wyrd Sisters and Soul Music. Shut up, it's an addiction. I didn't get a photo of my outfit but I will soon. Here's the hair and makeup!

This is the first time I've worn my hair back off my face in three years! Woo! The makeup was Shiro Cosmetics' "Gengar" shadow and "Sad Keanu" lipstain! I love them both so much!

I couldn't decide which picture I liked more. :D Also featured: my 60" pearl necklace! And pile o crap in the bathroom! 8D

Verdict on Shiro: love love love! The lip colour was not what I expected, it wasn't flavoured like it should be but I might have just gotten a bad batch or something? It was also a bit grainy but it could be a result of it sitting in the mail so long. I'm not sure. But the colour is just BEAUTIFUL and so buildable, and super-duper moisturising. 

The eyeshadow is amazing quality, so finely milled and gorgeous to wear - and it fucking lasts forever! I swear my life to those shadows and plan to buy more in the future. Possibly now since I have money. >> their website is here. Go and change your eyeshadow life! I will be posting more photos once I can be fucked getting the camera to work and have perfected my technique. <3 Will also post a PROPER GODDAMN HAUL REVIEW once I stop feeling so fat and lazy - but I can say now that the free samples I got are gorgeous and just <3, so a full "omg everything" post is coming up.

Oh yeah, and here's my new glasses and my new fringe (i got fed up and hacked it).
Apparently a good photo was too much to ask
 for, so I gave up. Have this derp one instead.
I just thought I'd reiterate, SHIRO EYESHADOWS. ALSDKGHSD. The blushes have just become available too! GO GO GO.

Party on, goths! :D

Saturday 20 August 2011


Evening, my lovely little lynxes. (see what i did there it's called reiteration it emphasises that i heart you) I have been so sorely lacking in posts. D: i am very sorry, but i have been just so tired. I have my glasses now, so i'll definitely be able to get back to my usual rounds of posts and sewing and such excitement.

Sad news, my cat, Sebastian, has been missing for over a week now. He was chased off by his father, neville, who is a stray. I will be watching and searching for him always, and I decide to believe he has simply made friends with another family, as he is so lovely and kind.

My exhaustion has been getting to me more than usual, with headaches, drowsiness and overall feeling of being projected violently from some seamonster's rectum. I have been bothered with my depression and anxiety lately, moreso than usual, made worse by my physical illness.

In company of self, and Delilah (who is in heat and ergo confined inside), I hope to be able to post my new things up soon (there are many. maaaaany many).

HOWEVER do not expect much posting next week. Tuesday is my birthday.

Party on, goths.


Sunday 14 August 2011

My Musical Embarassment - video-heavy

I thought I'd make a post about all the embarrassing songs I have, know and love that I listen to all the time. HERE WE GO. don'tjudgeplz


Firstly, with my probably-favourite of the mix, AND THE BEST FILMCLIP EVER. WATCH IT. WATCH IT NOW.

Possibly a favourite. >>

Posted before. Needed reiterating.

It was coming. You knew it was.

I actually really liked Escape the Fate before they replaced the singer with a retarded douche. This song is because I have a friend named Ashley. Whom i love lots.

Yeah. It's my favourite musical.

Not so much embarrassed about the song as I am embarrassed about how much i want to flash mob this.

and finally, a song EVERYONE NEEDS TO HEAR. I have no idea what is in this video. Just saying that now.

Yes. That about does it.

Party on, goths.
...don't judge me.

Dear My New Anonymous Troll

This is for you, buddy!

Specifically the "daddy never came to my ball games" part.

Friday 12 August 2011

Getting On With Things

Mostly absent the last few days, I've been slowly catching up with things. I cannot leave you guys alone with my blog! COMMENTS. COMMENTS EVERYWHERE.

Anyway, I think today I shall start preparing the forums and all other necessary things for next year~! That is, if I don't fall asleep (had a coffee half an hour ago to try and stay awake!). Happy to relay that mullumbimby and byron bay are still the beautiful places I left last year. Really, if you get the opportunity, as a goth, you HAVE to visit this place. Here, you never get a mean comment or a nasty look. You can walk around knowing you're safe, and listen to some be-dreadlocked scrumptious things play guitars and African drums in the park.

I will update you all as usual.

.....have a good nice. ;3

Tuesday 9 August 2011

Mini-Post: Terminally Stupid

This is going on on facebook. I felt the need to share it BECAUSE IT IS SO FUCKING RETARDED. It's a "discussion" about "modesty" (apparently I have no self-respect because I actually like myself, too)

Joanna Bell Maybe before Sin God protected us from harmful UV rays, now he lets us burn! Preview of things to come?
10 minutes ago · · 1 person.

Kitty Rose Lovett I'm pretty sure you're allowed to burn because you're white and are supposed to live in cold countries.

Joanna Bell I am white & I do live in a "cold" country it's called Canada. Still has heat & sun though lol
4 minutes ago ·  · 1 person

Kitty Rose Lovett My brother lives in Canada. it's not a cold country at all. The northern parts, yes. But you are not native American. You do not have the right skin or anything of the like for the climate. Also you appear to be terminally stupid.2 minutes ago

No, I'm not protecting her name. Because she is obviously stoned or something.


  • Patricia Farrington Psa 34:13 Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile.
    4 minutes ago ·

  • Herb Brooks Bedouins have been dressing modestly (in black) in the desert for centuries.

  • Kitty Rose Lovett My lips appear not to be speaking anything. These are my fingers.
    4 minutes ago · 

  • Kitty Rose Lovett Herb - great for them. And I am from Australia with native heritage. They survived naked for over 60 000 years. So um yeah.
    3 minutes ago · 

  • Patricia Farrington Only those that were pagan. Others put their clothes on.
    2 minutes ago · 

  • Kitty Rose Lovett Except they didn't, because there was no need for clothing. Because this is a very hot and humid country.
    about a minute ago · 

  • Patricia Farrington Not true, maybe you need to review history. Clothing is about modesty not temperatures.
    Kitty Rose Lovett Okay, so apparently, you are trying to argue aboriginal history with an aboriginal person. Lady, there is something very wrong with you.

    • Patricia Farrington You weren't there anymore than I was and we both have history to examine. Yes, I have seen photos. You shouls check out the Native groups on fb. You will see, some bare it all , and others cover it up. I agree with you, that you have a choice. It is about whether or not you make the right choice. I wish you no ill feelings. Just speaking truth. I have to go, have a great nice. Enjoyed talking to you.
      about a minute ago · 

    • Kitty Rose Lovett Australian aboriginals.

      THEY DO NOT WORK THIS WAY. Holy crap. You are so incredibly dense.

      A few seconds ago ·

      • Patricia Farrington You weren't there anymore than I was and we both have history to examine. Yes, I have seen photos. You shouls check out the Native groups on fb. You will see, some bare it all , and others cover it up. I agree with you, that you have a choice. It is about whether or not you make the right choice. I wish you no ill feelings. Just speaking truth. I have to go, have a great nice. Enjoyed talking to you.
        about a minute ago ·

      • Kitty Rose Lovett Australian aboriginals.

        THEY DO NOT WORK THIS WAY. Holy crap. You are so incredibly dense.

        A few seconds ago · 

      • Kitty Rose Lovett OH! And for the record, I do make the right choice - one that involves nothing to do with you, you bloody insane woman.

      Kitty Rose Lovett OH! And for the record, I do make the right choice - one that involves nothing to do with you, you bloody insane woman.

      • Patricia Farrington Pagan people always do what is pagan, until they learn otherwise.
        2 minutes ago ·

      • Patricia Farrington Kitty, I wish you the best. No need to be angry, we are in agreement it is your choice.
        2 minutes ago ·

      • Kitty Rose Lovett Pagans are less violent and on the whole more intelligent than otherwise. Also: thanks for insulting a culture you know nothing about. This, and ONLY this, is why people fucking hate Christians. Because you're a largely ignorant and racist bunch. Get a clue.
        A few seconds ago ·

      • Kitty Rose Lovett And before you go on about pagans - they're far older than any other group of ethnic people outside of Africa.

    PS: sorry about any formatting errors. It's being weird. 

Monday 8 August 2011

That'll Teach Me to Go On Holidays - Brief Update

Just a brief post before I head to bed. (so fucking tired man)

A hundred and two followers total and over a hundred emails since I left on thursday. Wow. I can feel very loved now I suppose! I'm so happy to hear such an outpouring of OMG YES, and I can say it will definitely go ahead with such support! I'm getting around to responding to everyone but right now I am very alkdsfjlksdgha. I am pleased to report I have been training the growlithe in proper Victorian gentlemanly behaviour in preparation! Now I just have to teach him how to walk beside me, hold my arm properly, and pull my chair out for me (because of my hip I can't really pull my own chair in x3). Ladies, train your gentlemen!

Thankyou everyone who wished me fun on my holiday! It was very lovely in Maroochydore, aside from Shaun's mother's constant yelling. She told us we were no help and yelled at us when we tried to help.Most importantly, I was right. :| Regardless, I bought an AMAZING curling iron (from an Italian man), the brand of which I will post later. I also got a 60" pearl necklace and earrings to match. everybody thank the growlithe for his enabling of my Victorian obsession! (really, do, he's amazing)

As for organising a community for our Filthy Victorians, I don't quite know what we're going to do yet. If you have any ideas, please feel free to tell me or Amy, and it'll be sorted out and set up by October, to give us plenty of time! I think forums are the way to go, since we can then have more than just the fashion! Blog will of course remain open for business.

Lastly - hello new followers! Thankyou for your support, and I hope to get to know all of you individually and personally over the next year and a bit. Believe it or not, I really am interested in your day-to-day lives and would love to read your stories and follow your blogs. Comment them to me!

A more in-depth update when the time comes.

Party on, my ever-growing beloved goths!

PS: I'm using the desktop at mum's, and the firefox spellcheck is rejecting a) it's own name ("firefox"=not a word. irony.) and b) British, that is to say, proper spelling. Well guess what, Firefox? NEIGHBOUR COLOUR BEHAVIOUR HONOUR LABOUR PAEDOPHILE THANKYOU LEGALISED PRIORITISED ORGANISED

Wednesday 3 August 2011

About to Go on Holiday!

Total non-post today, and over the weekend, but here's something to tide you over til I get back: My favourite line from my favourite comedy show - "It's like Oscar Wilde was in the room."

"But you've got a big smokey hat on." "Oh, stick your head up a fuck off."

Monday 1 August 2011

Monthly Theme Post - Cat in the Tiny Hat

Yeeeew! Hats and fascinators! I kind of neglected to take photos of all my hats, and really, if you want me to now screw you because if I get up i'll have to go to the bathroom and i am too lazy dammit.

Every photo was terrible.

Every. Single. One.
  And that's about it. x3


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