Friday 1 April 2011

Makeup tutorial!

Out of boredom, I decided to do my "gothic but somewhat conservative" makeup. Here we go!

Here's me....barefaced. My foundation is at Heather's place, but let's pretend I have it here. I have a very pale pressed powder, and a white liquid. I often mix the two, or - even better - mix one or the other (but not really both) with moisturiser. It helps it soak in and cling to the skin and won't powder off easily. I'm going to start by saying, no way, no how, will any makeup last all day. You're going to have to re-apply. I suggest getting a big wallet like mine. Before doing anything, apply moisturiser to the eye area, and when it's soaked in, put a primer.

Ignore my weird expression. I have to open my eyes quite wide to catch the light, and I was messing about with my mouth expression whime waiting for the picture to be taken. But anyway, using a red lipliner (I use L.A Colors (stupid american spelling "Sexy Red" lipliner), go all on the bottom lid under the lashes, but not on the waterline.

I use cotton buds here on in for pretty much everything. I used to have a double-ended brush, but I lost it somewhere in Queensland.

Using the cotton bud, smudge the red about until it's faded down the bottom edge. Blend it in as best you can when it fades. 

Using a fresh bud (not the other end of the other one), apply black eyeshadow to the waterline. Yes, you can use an eyeliner pencil, but I use eyeshadow and a cotton bud. I find it easier, unless you can get a fine-tip eyeliner pen. They're brilliant. Mine's somewhere, but I have no idea where.

With the other end of that cotton bud, with a tiny bit of shadow on it, pull your bottom eyelid down and smudge it out on the outward edge into a small line. It gives a cats-eye effect and I quite like it.

Using the first end of the cotton bud, apply the shadow to the top lid. It can be hard to do it dark with the eyeshadow, but you'll manage. Just be sure not to go above the crease.

Apply that primer to the lips. If you like, you can put clear gloss on for a "dead" look, if you want (I think that'd be cool), but if not, carry on.

Because of my shit webcam, you can't really see. But I used a BRIGHT red lipstick (you can either apply directly or with a brush/cotton bud), applied heavily, and then put a very dry, waxy black over it. The red I use is SAVVY and the black is L.A.. To apply the waxy black, I don't advise using a cotton bud. I did it by brushing it on directly, from top to bottom in straight streaks on the bottom lip, then I rubbed my lips together. Then, using a leftover strip of material (I cut it for my hair, and I advise using material instead of a tissue, which you can use anyway) I dabbed it dry. The result is a dark red-black stain.

I hope you enjoy it! Tell me what you think.


Lilly Peppermint said...

Queensland? Are you Australian???

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Yes, Lilly. XD I'm from Byron Bay, but I live in Jervis Bay now. It's near Nowra, if you didn't know.


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