Monday 18 April 2011

Ragefest April '11

Corset pictures later. I just ate.



No, it is not nigh. It's also not wednesday, but deal with any science ahead, guys. You don't even get a warning sticker.

The. World. Is. Not. Going. To. End. Not now, not next year. The world does not work that way. Don't fucking bother going and being "prepared" for 2012. Nothing's going to happen. Why?

-To call upon the Mayan calendar as "proof", you have to adopt the rest of the culture. Their gods, human and animal sacrifice, their folklore, and their belief that the earth is the centre of the universe, to name a few.

-The sun isn't going to have some change that ends the world. The sun does not work that way.

-Just because of all the recent events does not mean there is some god, somewhere, angry at us. Oh no! Christchurch, which is literally built on a fault line, had a particularly bad earthquake this time? Japan, also on a fault line, and Argentina, too? Queensland (which is almost all floodplain) is flooded in the middle of the El Nino effect reversing into the La Nina, which calls for a fucktonne of rain every few years? These are not uncommon events. As in they literally happen all the time. Why do they seem so? We have wider global coverage on it all.

-Political upheaval also signals the end? This level of political upheaval, specifically? You mean the level that has always been the way it is? Yeah.

-The Bible/Torah/Qu'ran says it? Dude. You can't take something written thousands (or hundreds, in the case of the Qu'ran) of years ago that makes a whole lot of vague and non-specific prophecies, only about 1% of which have ever been said OH IT'S TRUE (when it was just a vague "sometime, somewhere, something will happen" prediction).

-The US is not the centre of the universe, despite what 99% of Americans think. Something sad, horrid or catastrophic happens in the country? God is not judging you. These things have always happened. 

-Even if the poles change places, this will have no effect on life as we know it. Unless you are a pilot, sailor, or air traffic control personel, or else have to directly work with compasses, your life is not going to change. Also, while the poles have been moving, so has the tectonic plates on which you are standing on. The poles move, and so do we. It. Happens.

To sum it up, the things that are happening yesterday, today, and tomorrow have always happened. Them happening again is nothing out of the ordinary.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy 2013 when it comes - and it is. (Or May 22nd, if you've ever heard that the end is coming this may 21st.)

1 comment:

SarahWalrus said...

I find it ridiculous that people are all "HURRRR, the world is ending. Look at all these floods and earthquakes!?" but refuse all the other natural (Note NATURAL) disaster's in the world. Some need a great big smack in the head.


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