Sunday 26 February 2012

New Profile Pic

You may have noticed that my blogger profile pic has changed. To this.

The most accurate depiction of me yet! Thanks ashy. <3

PS: Changed my hair too. It's purple now, unintentionally.

PPS: Ashley and I have a drunkduck now, located here, for us to upload Neartastic and Doctor Kitty deliciousness. You can also request adorableness from Ashley by that account! Nothing uploaded yet because Ash was having computer troubles.

Friday 24 February 2012

Moar Contests

Real post later on today, maybe, if I manage to regain structural integrity.

Awesome little duckie Eva is running a contest for a cute little feature on her blog. Eva is awesome (but also a bitch because she lives where it is currently snowing).

Head on over and give her some love.

Tuesday 21 February 2012

HAY GUISE - Important!

Sary needs your help! Yes, YOURS. Miss Sarah Walrus is doing an art project for her HSC, and she needs you to record or video yourself answering questions in detail about the gothic and alternative subcultures and email it to her. The post is here. If you're unable to record or video your answers or are uncomfortable with having yourself appear in a project and online, send her a written response and she will have someone else read it out.

She needs this! Go on guys, don't just sit around like a big girl's blouse, bloody well go and help her!

Sunday 19 February 2012

Wild GIVEAWAY appeared!

The fantastic and endlessly-amusing Talia over at Petticoats and Saddle Soap is havinga ~*MOTHERFUCKING GIVE AWAY*~ of some cool shit.

>follow her blag
>post about her blag
>give her etsy shop name suggestions
> ???


Saturday 18 February 2012

Post for Sary - GIF PARTY

Sarah posted on my facebook wall, telling me to post something because she is bored.



And finishing it up with a bit of Maru! :D

Tuesday 14 February 2012

Very Fairy Valentine - FilfyVics2012 are go!

I know that you're all doing that vampire valentine thing, BUT NUTS TO THAT I WENT TO THE ZOO

Yes, I love the zoo. You can probably tell. In fact, I am planning to start going to the zoo once a week, from open til close, to sit in my favourite environment in the hopes of getting back into writing.

That news aside, and before I start posting pictures, I am just going to say it - FV2012 is pretty much officially ON. It only occured to me this morning, but more or less every time I go out, I am in my victoriana regalia. Whether it be my Voltaire outfit (pics coming eventually, but it was my bustle skirt) or my zoo outfit, or even my undressed bloomers and shirt outfit (close enough to Victorian combinations for me to call "totes"). And so here and now, on this day, 15th of February, 2012, I declare the challenge OPEN.

...except it's too hot today for me to wear anything big so today is my day off though shush.

On with some pictures. Click to expand if you want to see some cute fuzzy faces.

We arrived, did a tour of the reptile house, and heard a god-awful racket. The painted dogs were just about to be fed. I took a video but, i will leave that til the 24th when our internet resets (along with a few other videos i have, including the accent challenge vid)

These are adorable painted dogs, also known as Cape Hunting Dogs.
They are a semi-domesticated canine from africa. They are eating..
I'm not sure. It had hair on it. I think it was a cow or horse bit.

They're fucking adorable, too. Did I mention that?
 We then made straight for the felinae - the small wildcats.

A serval!
Servals are a desert cat, not endangered but some of my
favourite of the small cats. They look like Delilah.
Thanks fairy for letting me borrow your parasol!
Mine is a bit sad nowadays

The straw bonnet is the straw hat I wore to the Victorian Goth
picnic, with a LOT more false flowers and a ribbon attatched.

A caracal. Once considered to be a lynx, and also known as
the Egyptian lynx, it is no longer classified as such.
One of my favourite Zoo Tycoon animals!

Then we made our way over the pantherinae - the big cats. Except the lions. The lions are near the painted dogs and we didnt' get any good pics. not that fond of lions anyway but, just for trivia, in 1984, a guy snuck into the lion den at Melbourne Zoo at night to test his martial arts skills. He was killed and eaten. Guess he wasn't as good as the thought.

The snow leopard!
My favourite big cat other than the Sumatran tiger.
Snow leopards are very endangered.
They are the smallest of the big cats, and their taxanomical
definition is very much debated.
They have long, thick tails and fluffy feets, and aren't true
Doesn't matter had cat

We then made our way to the Asian rainforest. We saw elephants but neglected to photograph them as we were too enthralled. We were on our way to the butterfly house and spider house. n.n

The oriental small-clawed otter!
Also known as the Asian small clawed otter, these animals are
vulnerable. They are very active, fast, inquisitive and playful,
and are a joy to watch intereact. Impossible to photograph, we
only managed when they laid down to cuddle.
 Insert butterfly montage. I don't know the species and I am not looking them up.

It was then, more or less, time for us to shove off. We didn't get to see everything again, but as I mentioned I will be doing weekly visits to the zoo for the rest of the year. However, on our way, we stopped to see one of my very, very favourite animals.

 According to wikipedia:

the meerkat is also known as the sun angel, as it protects villages from the moon devil or the werewolf which is believed to attack stray cattle or lone tribesmen.
 So that's interesting! This is a family of meerkats. Usually they are seperated, but I believe they were put together because one of the enclosures was being renovated. They are ALSO difficult to photograph but, remain to be one of my very favourite animals to interact with. They are closely related to the mongoose and are just as hardcore. Seriously, a whole family of Riki Tiki Tavis.

I hope you guys enjoyed it! I loved being there.

Do you want to see photographs of anything at the Melbourne Zoo? Comment or message me and I'll get you some!

much love! <3

Sunday 12 February 2012

New House Pics! +kitties.

When we woke up at the crack of 2:30, we were barely stirring when one of our landlords showed up. He had some spare time and supplies - so we built Part 1 of the cat enclosure. With the go-ahead from the others most likely on its way, we will build the rest of a portable enclosure over the next few weeks! 8D

Here's just a few pictures I took today. :3

As you can see, things  are pretty untidy atm, but hopefully will get cleaned up!

Fairy will be coming to stay tomorrow, and then it will be the zoo for Valentines! :D


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