Sunday 25 September 2011

Cat Gives Out Awards

In lieu of having anything else to do, I've decided to put together a list of things this year that have won awards. These awards are actually just me endorsing crap. So yeah, don't be too dependant on this for information for non-biased opinions.

Webstore of the Year
It's a two-way tie here...
Shiro Cosmetics, having an excellent webstore and customer service (more on this a bit later)
Tragic Beautiful, having supplied me with most of my stuff this year and just plain rocking! (ebay is here, incase the webstore is down)

Honourable mentions go to Dracula Clothing

Makeup Product of the Year
Shiro! Again! The shadows are the absolutely the best. I tout them a lot but fuck you they are the best there is. -nod-
Also Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #13 gets a very close second for being so wonderful.

Honourable mentions: Manic Panic cosmetics. All of 'em. Fantastic. Get 'em from Tragic Beautiful.
Solomn mentions go to our dear departed friend Cooking Chinchillas, whose powder foundation is the best I have ever used. If it weren't for her untimely passing, it would have been my product of the year. I love you Julia.

Clothing Product of the Year
Gallery Serpentine's bloomers. I bought them the other day, and, well, adfghfadbgnadgnb. I really don't know why bloomer fell out of fashion. so comfortable!

Honourable mentions to Hell Bunny and Lovechild Boudoir.

Hair Product of the Year
Movie Tones Silver Screen toning conditioner. Can't find it anywhere, but ask your hairdresser!

Honourable mentions: Manic Panic

Game of the Year 
Pokemon Soul Silver. Don't argue. It just is.

Honourable mentions go to Smash Brothers Melee and Monopoly...Monopoly especially. (because you're brown!)

Blagger of the Year
Now, this is the tough one. What do I judge on, the blogger, or the blog itself? So I decided to simply list my top few. Not putting down the Ultimate Goth Guide, for obvious reasons! :P

-The Walrus Room; run by my gorgeous frand Sary.
-Cooking Chinchillas; run by the late Julia.
-Lipsticks and Lightsabers; run by the fabtastic Anastasia
-Funny Face's Place; run by the beautiful Lillian.

I love all of my blogs, though, rest assured!

The Bullshit List

With the good comes the bad, the ugly and the far worse. Here's my list of things that are, to be honest, a little bit bullshit.

-L'Oreal Paris; for testing on animals in the 21st century.
-Lime Crime Cosmetics and Doe Deere herself; really for just being condensed bullshit.
-GoodGoth; for not damn well fixing things and for being extensive shipping extortionists.
-Corset Connection; for selling subpar products for far too much, and having shitty service. Suck my balls.
-One Mister Bob Katter; MP for Kennedy, for being not only a homophobe and an asshole, but for being a liar, too.
-Anxiety; for doing horrible things to good people.
-Fucking Fourteen-Year-Olds; for screwing up 4chan (chosen by Mr Growlithe)
-Other Fucking Kids; for fucking up dA.
-Even More Goddamn Kids; for having shit parents and never growing up past age two.
-Australia; for having cosmetics and clothing at an 80% markup compared to the US.

I think that about does it for now. I will probably add more as time goes by. :D

Thursday 22 September 2011


It was super effective!

So this morning, at the crack of ass o'clock, I got on to check my emails before getting ready to head up to Sydney for the day. I had an email from GoodGoth.
"Hi Kitty,
  We are currently working on the correcting shipping costs to Australia based on the items from your cart on your blog. It looks like the shipping costs for the Coat alone would be correct, however, one of more of the cosmetics you had placed into your cart is causing an error in shipping weight. This error should be corrected by the end of the day today.  If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email at and we will do our best to help you."

 Wow. Just wow. Slightly creepy that they found my blag (hello! I know you're there now and I am kind of flattered I guess?) but this is an excellent response. Like, the best response I could have hoped for.

This kind of thing is important. Emailing a disgruntled consumer and letting them know you are doing your best to fix them is an excellent business practise. I commend GoodGoth for this, whether they're telling the truth and it is a technical fault, or just bullshitting to get their way out of it. Regardless of avenue, it's getting fixed. Just because something is a lie does not mean it can't be a good one.

Well done, and congratulations on such good service. Keep it up in the future and we will have a done deal. I probably would have bought the stuff eventually anyway. (what? I never said I was impartial, or not a hypocrite, or moral, anywhere on this blag. I have, however, said numerous times that I really really like buying stuff.)

Now I'm off to get ready to go to the city. I love you!

Wednesday 21 September 2011

Fuck you, GoodGoth.

So after my previous trouble with CorsetConnection (in which they sent me a badly-made, already-warped corset and expected me not to notice. They also sent me over to their other website, where they sell the exact same things, for the exact same prices. OMG WOOOOW I'M SOLD :| ) I decided to attempt to quell my rage with more shopping. To!

GoodGoth is, well, good. In its own ways. THeir shipping, however, is unusually high. I calculated my order the other day - three lipsticks, eyeliner, foundation and a jacker - and it totaled $95. I was okay with this. Wasn't too bad, but I left a comment about it on their main page which was subsequently deleted. Went back today with the intention of perchasing, and this is what greeted me.

Click it to enlarge. I didn't want to distort the screen
for those with lil screens.
I'll let you take that in for a bit.


Yeah. $50 shipping on a $61 order. Will you all please join me in a collective what the fuck. For the record, here is the flat rate box you would need to mail such a thing as some tiny makeup and a jacket.

Am I the only person who sees some inconsistancies here? Something a little The padded envelope on the page I linked is probably a maximum for an order like mine, and probably a bit roomy, in fact.

What the hell, GoodGoth? To them I say, dicks to you. I sent them a message on their facebook. Here's a screencap.

 Probably a bit rude, but you know what? Nuts to that. Nuts to being polite. They're ripping people overseas off. They're taking advantage of people thinking that it's "the state of the economy", as my good bearfriend thought. That's not it at all. They're making a profit off shipping.

Now, making a profit is all well and good. I get that they're a business. However, they are making a massive profit here. Not from what they sell, but from the shipping prices. If they want that much of a profit margin, charge more for your merchandise, but do not, ever, ever charge so much for shipping and take advantage of people not doing their research.

I will update you when (and if) I get a response. I probably won't; they have a history of deleting my comments on their shipping prices.

It's a real shame, because I really want some of their stuff. I can't afford to pay their shipping prices. Fuck your bullshit, GoodGoth and, to be honest?


*throws confetti!* NEW

Lack of posting lately has been due to a lack of butt. And computer. But mostly butt. Therein lies the good news. I have a beastly new laptop. Her name is Bessy. I also have a sailor moon cathat and. Well. New stuff. As usual. So it's not really that special. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY I HAVE A GROWLITHE.

Dat growlithe.
 And also......



It's a really purply pink hair. And it is all "hooray!". HOORAY.

Also have games now! Portal 2, Bioshock 2, Spore (skdjghbskldgnklgn), and although I have had it for about a week, I can now play my Terry Pratchett game. Discworld Noir. Because. Because yes.

I promise to give more substantial posts in the near future. Ooh, and I'm doing work experience at the comic book shop next week. Speaking of comic book shop, this picture was on the front page of the newspaper the other day.


Party on, goths. :D

Sunday 18 September 2011


Animania recap tomorrow. For now, RAAAAAGE.

Okay, the corset I got from Corset Connections? Fucking bollocks. The front bones are terribly weak plastic. The front bonest are the ones that need to be the most stiff. Instead, they came pre-warped.

The waist tape isn't waist tape. It's ribbon, just regular $1 ribbon. It's not even sewed on in the right place, and in between the bones, it's not even sewn on.

This was a $200 corset. It's not even properly constructed. Well, as you know, I'm a complainer. I sent them an email about this bollocks. See what the fuck they're going to do, and will repost it here.



Sunday 11 September 2011

There Are Adora Points Now? - A rage

So, sometime yesterday, Goth Queen Adora Batbrat made this post about a giggle between her and her sister. I read it, thought it was cute, made a comment, blah blah. I always subscribe to other comments, because I like to see what other people think. Then someone made this comment:

"Iva is pretty, but nothing special and let's face facts without Adora she wouldn't be so popular, there are thousands of prettier girls that don't get that kind of attention."
...on Adora's blog. About Adora's sister. Where Jenni (now known as Iva Insane) will probably read it.

Immediately, I lept into the fray. In what realm of existance is it okay to say something like that? To go on someone else's blog, and say something quite rude and rather mean about the blog owner's sister?

Then people started accusing me of just being a "rabid fan" or whatever, and trying to "score points" with Adora BatBrat.

Now, hang on. What? Since when have I ever expressed giving a shit about what anyone in particular thinks of me? I only responded because, Jesus, isn't that just extremely rude?

Adora herself replied, saying that they don't think they're the prettiest or the best, and don't care what people say. That's all well and good, but really, how is it fair?

By all means, dude, go on YOUR blog and talk about it. But don't go on someone else's space, say something rude, and then get bitchy when someone replies.

I'm not saying Jenni is Aphrodite or anything. I mentioned that she's really quite gorgeous, and you'd have to be some kind of giant dickbag to say that somewhere where that person could see it and possibly get quite upset.

To be honest, I'm not really that big a fan of either of the sisters. Yes, I like them, but their style is quite different to mine. I enjoy their posts and their humour, but I can't say I'm really a "fan". I would leap to anyone's defense in this manner, because, you know what? That shit is just not on. It's not okay. It's rude and cruel and really, it just makes you look like a bitter asshole.

I don't care about what Adora BatBrat thinks of me. I don't care if this would get me on her good side or whatever. I just cannot stand this kind of outward bitter rudeness, and this way that apparently there is only ONE kind of beauty, and that NO ONE could think that Iva Insane is gorgeous.

You have a lot of growing up to do, buddy. Suck my balls.

Saturday 10 September 2011

I Love Lipstick - Colours of the Cat-rainbow.

New segmenty-thing where I prattle on about lipstick - a thing I think I love even more than my shiro shadows or even my shiro blush. I'm going to take another opportunity to plug them. Seriously. $8 for a huge pot of blush, $5 for a pot of shadow. Try it!

So, as you could probably tell, my little squishes, I don't really get the concept of "wearable shades" - ie, safe, daytime shades in nonoffensive colours - reds, pinks and the like. I don't understand what makes red "acceptable" for daytime wear, but purple isn't okay, and green is just, well, out of the question. Not to mention black lipstick!

Black lipstick, as we know, is one of those big babybat mistakes. It's a mallgoth thing. Troo Goffs(TM) don't wear black lipstick. (Alphagoth Ex was adamant of this. I don't know why we stayed together as long as we did.) As we also know, I, Kitty Lovett, Queen of Cats, love black lipstick. I adore it. I don't know if it's just that I like the way it looks on me, or if it's the fact it's one of the few lipsticks you can buy for three dollars at Cos-Cut that would be more-or-less the same as a $45 one from MAC. Seriously. Put it on, add some balm (i suggest having a different coloured balm for every colour type. This way, eventually, the colour will stain the balm and you can apply a very sheer layer of colour), and some gloss if that's your thing, and there you go, it's pretty much exactly the same as high-end brands.

Another thing we know about me is that I am a slut for Manic Panic. Here are the ones I have so far:

-Creatures Collection "Deadly Night" (metallic purple)
-"Vampire Red" (a dark but blue-based red)
-"Blood Red" (exactly what the name implies! very dark, but brilliant red)
-"After Midnight Blue" (dark, metallic blue)
-"Green Envy" (a metallic, bright, poison green - or, Green Fairy Green. Like, exactly)

As you can prrrobably tell, I am not stopping til I...til I...

 Yes, we're Ace Ventura fans.

Anyway, I went as far as to advise Lillian Lowe, one of my favourite bloggers, to buy "Deadly Night", as she said on facebook she had been eyeing it. It is no doubt one of my favourite colours. Metallic purple. It is a bit drying, and tends to flake a bit on me, but that's all just because of my braces, and nothing some balm and reapplication can fix.

I don't mind having to re-apply frequently (as I never shut up, carry a waterbottle with me and eat constantly), so it's not a bother, losing some of the colour a bit. :D

Anyway, I got a bit sidetracked. What I meant to talk about is the fact that it seems so strange to me that one should not wear blue lipstick on a weekly basis. I don't know if it's just me and my aspergers misunderstanding of social moores here, but doesn't it seem odd that neon coral lipstick is okay, but not a subtle, dark red-purple colour?

I don't know if you guys remember, but I wore this to
school the next day.
Can anyone explain this to me?

No, I am not doing a Doe Deere and being all OH I AM ON A MISSION TO FREE THE RAINBOW WOOOO (by having an extremely limited colour range of shit lipstick apparently) and claiming people who wear regular colours, like red and pink and nudes, are plain or boring. What I am claiming is, why isn't it okay for me to wear whatever damn colour on my lips as I please, and why do I need to have any reason other than "oh, I was in a peacock-metalic-blue-green mood today"?

Why, oh WHY, are orange, pink, beige and red acceptable, but I immediately get into a game of 20 Questions everytime I wear something other than those?

Any insight on this, my little squishes?


PS: immediately launching into another rage post.

Outfit, Makeup and Haul Posts - Nefarious Rabbit

The outfit actually is from going to a mexican joint for dinner; the outfit I wore out today was super-boring. x3

So today, my sister and I went to the nearby rural town Berry, which you may remember from that one time I went out with Srry. We basically just went straight for the vintage shop, Nefarious Rabbit. Great shop. 10% off if you like their fb page. There went our money. Here's what I got (my sister got a LOT of dresses, and bought me a red trenchcoat like the other one I have. Can't be fucked to take a picture. x3)

Neato shoes, $60, older than I am:

they're granny boots. :D
Extremely vintage heated rollers (judging from the pictures and the fact it touts "new space-age materials", about 1969; but in perfect condition, with their original pins and manual!), $20

And my new brooch, featured on my outfit.

Worn here:

Cameo - Nefarious Rabbit, $12

Black shirt - pretty sure it's topshop? It's ancient, second-hand.

Bolero - That Shop at Byron. It's purple, I swears.

Sleeves - my sister got them for four quid each on ebay. They're like boleros, but just the sleeves with a tiny backing piece. My sister was wearing the black, so this one is just REEEEAALLY dark blue.

Skirt - Hell Bunny, That Shop at Byron.


Eyeliner: Manic Panic Creature of the Night Liner/Shadow combo (IF YOU CAN GET IT, USE IT. OMG. SO AMAZING)

Foundation: Missha BB cream (Boomer primer and #13) and a homemade pressed powder made by Cooking Chinchillas (it's white with spots of pink and pearlised stuff in it. it's excellent! sticks to the bb cream, fits my skintone, generally amazing!)

Eyeshadow: (you can't see it but it's there) Shiro Everything Is Bears!.

Blush: (it's not showing up here for some reason?) Shiro Heart Container in "Potion" (i dashed it over with another chinchilla pressed powder, a purple one). I love this blush! It's shiny, and wine-y, and wow!

Lipstick: Manic Panic Vampire Red. I LOVE my MP lipsticks. I have green now too! Green green green! :D

Here's a picture of my sister. XD

Currently making a new header. :D Another post after this.

Much love. :3

EDIT: Repic'd the makeups.

Friday 9 September 2011

Filthy Victorians 2012: My Corset Mania (help pliz D: )

Blargh! Sorry for my absence, I have been busy being very stressed out for no reason. Anyway, Mr. Growlithe and I went on a brave endeavour last night for new corsets - I need them. I need them bad, and thus, my corset mania began anew....and guess what? YOU LOT GET TO HELP PICK.
We found HEAPS of cool sites, including Isabella Corsetry, Corset Connection, and a professional tightlacer's manufacturer. I also bought a PDF guide on how to make my own corsets, including a whole bunch of patterns. $29 from here, and I think it was a good purchase!

But now it's come time to choose....and it's so hard! I LOVE Isabella Corsetry, Corset Connection has a line of corsets especially for cheapasses like me, and the tightlacing manufacturer has...well...they have these.

That, my lovelies, is the Edwardian S-bend corset, also known as the health corset, the straightfronted corset, or the Sylphide corset.

She was an exotic dancer.
'nuff said.

They offer beautiful shape (not including that one last picture of course), amazing waist reduction and are more comfortable than a traditional corset. :D

My only problem with the beautiful s-bend corset is....well...the price. It's over $370 (and that's just me estimating). But, says the rest of me that really loves that kind of corset, my Gallery Serpentine corset was $325. Or maybe I could put that to rest for now and get TWO corsets instead!

Although.....Edwardian corset. D: (they began showing up in Paris in 1900 - just scraping into the Victorian era! Hooray France! Hooray loopholes!)

Then, from Corset Connection, we have these:

And the Saloon, $199

Both are gorgeous!

However, now onto Isabella Corsetry, which is...well. They're stunning.

The Edwardian overbust, $200 off-the-rack, $300 made-to-order and $450 custom - that's right, you can buy an off-the-rack corset, one made when you order it to a preset size out of about a million different fabrics with minor adjustments (they can let any part in or out) or completely custom.

The Josephine Underbust, $157 off-the-rack, $250 made-to-order and $360 custom - I don't *do* underbusts,

Actually, ALL of Isabella's underbusts are stunning! They go from cute and quirky, to spidery, to downright ooky-spooky goodness!

Now it's your turn! Comment and help me pick me some corsets! Godspeed, too, else i find some shoes I just HAVE to have, or a rather adorable hat. ;3

Much looove!

Monday 5 September 2011

I Cry for Books

Now, if you've ever spent much time with me, you'd know I form a very strong emotional attachment to things. Things that don't matter. I cry when I see teddies being thrown away or treated roughly. I cry when I have to throw things away, like notes from school classes (which, admittedly, I keep in a box with all my other keepsakes). But what I seem to have the most trouble with, is books.

I have this need to "rescue" books. Books that are unread make me sad. I found a special edition copy of Guards! Guards! that had never been read, ever, in its whole life. I felt so sorry for the book. I cried a bit, I really did. I wanted to rescue this hundred-dollar book, with Sam Vimes on the cover. Oh, and that's another thing.

I cry not only for the actual, physical books, but for the characters. If a character is having a particularly hard time - take, for instance, Sam Vimes - I will cry. I cried when he was getting emotional about Young Sam. I cried when


that baby died back on Cockbill Street, and when Vimes was talking about that street, and growing up in severe poverty in Feet of Clay when they were poisoning the Patrician. Come to think of it, I cried when they were poisoning poor Vetinari.


Hell, even when Sam is passed out drunk in the gutter in the start of Guards! Guards!, I found myself begging him to. To. Well, bloody well stop it.

I don't know why I do this. Maybe it's my lack of ability to properly distinguish between fantasy and reality. Maybe it's because I get so involved in characters. Maybe, well, maybe I'm just plain crazy. I don't know. But what I know is, when a teddy bear is mistreated, a book unread, a fictional police officer drinking away his depression, I'll be there, tears and all.

Do you have any weird emotional habits?


Ach, Crivens!

Yep, I let my laziness get the better of me. >> So what have I been doing? WELL

-My computer's a wee bit broken. I can fix it super-easily but....effort.
-I read most of The Wee Free Men and all of Hat Full of Sky yesterday. I'm now thinking in a Scottish accent.
-Am about to make an actual post. :D
-I have a lot of packages arriving. Today, I got a new vest, green lipstick, my new Demonia (or pleaser apparently?) coinpurse, Night Watch, and my new bustle pad!





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