Monday 21 May 2012

Moving! :3

Hi everypony! I have been so bad lately. Anyway, just updating to let you know that Shaun, the Bedlam Brothers and myself will be relocating from Sunshine to Newport, which is much closer to the city than we are. Two-bedroom flat, really lovely - I'll get photos when I can. Shaun will get his first pay on Thursday, and hopefully thereafter I can return to my regular posting! I just have not been well enough to do much. Some therapudic shopping should do...

Until then, I will just love and tolerate the shit out of you.

Ridcully the Tabby, doing what I can only assume is serious
wizarding business.

PS: Do you like ponies? Of course you do. Check out Ponyhoof on FB - install it and you will regret NOTHING.


Saturday 12 May 2012

A Forum! +some life stuff and cats!

If you're as much in love with Dani Deathbiscuit as I am (she routinely propositions me in broken Dutch), you would have heard about our forums. The oh-so-talented Laura, aka Sheridan, went ahead and made a forum instead of getting ready for school one day, in between teaching me how to ask people if they wanted to see my tits in Dutch. It's still being worked on, but I wanted to extend the invite!

As you can see, I still look fine. ;DFunny story. I don't actually
look like this in real life. I don't know what happened!
And as for what's going on in my life, I'm afraid my health has taken a turn for the worst. Constantly uncomfortable, knees killing me (I got out of bed and ended up at a pro-gay marriage rally in Melbourne today!), back killing me, horrible vomiting feelings. It's at least nice and chilly here at the moment. I've been trying to help my health with huge doses of Chip Coffey (from about 7:00 onwards is where the magic happens) and My Little Pony. Seems to have helped.

Shaun has finally found some secure employment, Heather is moving down, and the cats are happy and healthy and being the best of company. We will be moving oh so soon.

Apart from my heath QQ-ing everything, life is good! 

 Here are just a couple of pictures of my darling Bedlam Boys. Although a bit bored because we can't let them out of our room most days, they are quite happy playing with each other.

Came home smelling like dogs today, as I stopped to cuddle with so many! One labradour nearly killed his owner dragging him along to run up to me. They rounded a corner, the dog spotted me and ran STRAIGHT over. I don't know why, but he was a very cute 6-month-old!

 Because it's been so cold, the cats have been mostly sleeping under the blankets with me all day. Shaun works five or six days a week, and they are fantastic company.  

 As soon as we find a place, they will get more room, and some little foster kittens to join us! Finally...something to do!

Sorry I have been so lacking lately. I've been so ill and boring - I haven't got much to say!

Much love, always!


PS: I hugged a fursuiter today. Jealous?


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