Thursday 30 June 2011

Linkstorm 1/7/11 - That's Some Funny Shit


Firstly, a new blog: Xara Eats Xylophone. I named that blog. Yeah. Here's the conversation that lead to that.

Sary: Coen Jasper Harley, Xara Alice, Sarah Tsukeru, Kaylie Doyle and Kitty Rose Lovett are my favourites. I just had to say that and unnecessarily tag people.

P.S. All of them apparently have at least one word in their name spelt wrong.
Xara Alice: Naww. But I'm the MOST favourite, right? =3  
Sarah T: Nah~, it goes Coen then me :3
Kitty: I'm the favourite because I am a cat.  This is how the world works
Xara Alice: Butbutbut... I'm a Xrrrry. ,_,
Kitty: You're the favourite whose name starts with an uncommon letter!
Xara Alice: ‎:D -is appeased-
Kitty: ‎:D -offers xylophones- nom nom xylophones for the xary?
Xara Alice: ‎-noms on xylophones-
                    -they make noise- :D
That's the origin of that.
Here's a youtube clip for Blind Mag makeup, which I will be doing when my false lashes arrive.
And a steampunk clothing wobsite!
Tutorial for an adorable vest from a pair of old pants, but you can make it from any length of sturdy material.

The nicest body scrub I've ever used - works for hair, and you make it yourself too! Try it!
My favourite period-correct clothing website. So good!

That'll probably do it for now.
Much love!

Wednesday 29 June 2011

Clothing Sell/Swap!

Alright, here we have it. This is one in probably a series of clothes giveaways. Here's how it works.

-I post stuff I don't want. I give a price. You can pay outright, or swap it for similar items or simply something you think I'd like. I'll have a small thing where I list what I might like in return for the items, but this is just a suggestion, not an insistance. Please send me a picture of the item, but chances are I'll accept it whatever it is.

-Once that's sorted out, we send the stuff on the same day. I prefer to get money in the mail, since Paypal does not like me at all, but if you don't feel good about sending money in the mail we'll work something out. If you live anywhere nearby me (including all parts of sydney) i would be happy to deliver in person.

-If there's any problem with the stuff I send you - it's ripped or doesn't fit - mail it back and I'll do what I can to fix it, or make you something new.

-To buy or swap, comment with the item number and a link to a picture of whatever you want to swap, or email with the picture and item number.

Let the clothing begin, and please pass it on!

Edit: Holy jesus cuntchrist. This is going to be done in several pieces. May do shoes as well.

Item 1: Dark blue pinupgirl dress/jacket/thing
AUsize 10
$10 or a jacket/shirt/socks

Item 2: Audrey Hepburn dress
Size 8/10
$15 or a dress/shirt

Closeup of the pattern

Item 3: Checkered dress
Size 8/10 or maybe 12
$10 or shirt/skirt/similar dress

Item 4: Open-backed dress
Size 10
$15 or skirt/dress. Pattern is similar to the Hepburn dress

Item 5: Purple velvet dress
Size 10-12 (medium)
$30 or dress/skirt

Item 6: Blue and White Sailor shirt/dress
Size 8/10/12
$20 or shirt/jacket
I usually wear this swimming. It's awesome!

Item 7: Back-lacing fairy dress
Size 10
$20 or jacket/skirt/tights

Bright purple laces. Slightly tangled.
 Item 8: Small black jacket
Size 8
$10 or skirt/jacket

Item 9: Another Aubrey Dress
Size 8/10/12
$20 or jacket/skirt/socks

Item 10: Bow Cocktail Dress
Size 8
$25 or dress/shirt/skirt

Item 11: Purple and Black Corset by Timeless Trends
Size 20"
$40 or something lovely. ;3
(I don't have my own picture, sadly, since the item is at Heather's 
place. Here's the stock photo from the site)

Tuesday 28 June 2011


Thanks so much for your help so far, guys. I forgot a few things, and I want to know if any of you have looked into or heard anything about....

Lovechild Boudoir corsets - I have the Carnival Queen skirt and bustle, and the posture collar, and I love them. I'm interested in getting one of their corsets. I'm pretty sure they'll be extremely high quality, but I'd like your opinions and reviews.
Dracula Clothing corsets - I love Dracula Clothing very very much, and I'd like to invest in one of their corsets. Free shipping and pretty low prices - so it's not like I'd be losing much. Heard anything for and against?

Preparing to put up at least most of my clothes to swap and give away, should be up in an hour or so.

Much love, party on goths.

I Want Your Opinions! And a little bit of rage

NEW GOGGLES. Unsure as to why my
nose ring looks so ridiculously huge.

I'm back, bitches, and I want to hear what you have to say about some things. Specifically, things to buy, what brands and products are good, etc.

Louise Black Corsets - I have heard bad reviews. What are yours? Please let me know because I want one so much!
Corset Wholesale - anyone heard anything either way with these guys? (also known as Corsets-UK and Corsets-AU)
Manic Panic Cream Foundation - anyone use this before? What's it like?
Manic Panic Look Kits - the red and the purple. I love all their products in these two kits, would it be considered awful if I were to buy them? If I do, I'll do the tutorial stuff they have with them (one of the main reasons I want them)
Lime Crime Black Lipstick - I need new black. 8c
Drac-in-a-Box Clothing - bad reviews again, but some of their stuff is extremely adorable! Their makeup range is also very good.

Other things:

Places that sell good socks and hosiery?
Good shoes and clothes at none-too-high prices?
Good goth makeup brands and resellers, PLEASE
Anything else I might like?

Also this. Really, chicky? $1100 for a corset? Are you kidding? It's pretty, but not that pretty. Note to self: when you make corsets, rip off that one. Also, $800 for a satin and lace skirt? I'm going to make this for $25 for anyone who wants one, free shipping. Thankyou, Madame, for making Gallery Serpentine look cheap. It ain't easy.

Over the next few days, here's what I will be doing (possibly some tonight):

 MY CLOTHES SWAP AND SELL Probably tomorrow. I will post all of my stuff that I want to get rid of up, and comment or email me if you want to buy or swap the items. Details later. Sary and Heather, you are welcome to come over and have a rape of my stuff for whatever you want. You'll probably find some of your own clothes here.

REVIEWS the lipstick I got (all AMAZING but will go into detail), new clothing and new jewelry. Oh, and Sary, your brooch is here. Keep forgetting to tell you. As well as the AMAZING AS FUCK eyeliner Cooking Chinchillas gave me.

I will also be reviewing some more Pratchett books (probably THUD!, Maskerade and Guards! Guards!) as well as the Going Postal movie I am now downloading! A few other goth bits and pieces too - I recently watched Beetlejuice for the first time since childhood, along with Mulan, Van Helsing and The Colour of Magic. I'll interweave some stuff with those, too.

Dying my hair pink in a week or so. Special Effects dye. Will review.

TRIPS I'm heading up to Queensland in a few weeks, will take pictures and document! Also probably going to Sydney with Sary soon enough.

MUSIC I'll try and fit some of these in.

OUTFITS Especially since I'll be going to Queensland, I shall make and put together some stuff.
SEWING On hiatus again because my room ate my scissors. Bought some more today, shall probably do some tonight or tomorrow.

That about covers it. Have a cully.

Little bro is all better.

Tuesday 21 June 2011

Backlog Post - Contains Me Giving Away Clothes

So everything is up in the air right now, and because my internet's been down, I'm at Heather's place to use their internet (and get the Wyrd Sisters cartoon off her, if anyone wants it I can mail you a copy on a memory card). Ergo, I have a thousand ideas for posts. Instead of superspamming all of you, here's some brief summaries.

-Ridcully had severe tick paralysis not last night but the night before. He is still not eating and drinking, but is playing and seems happy, also he got to sleep on a lithium pad. Am calling the vet this afternoon for an update, will also update you guys 

-GETTING RID OF OLD CLOTHES. I will be making a post with all old clothes I don't want anymore, which i would like to sell or, better yet, swap with you guys for other stuff. It includes a black and purple corset that no longer fits me, and possibly some converse and other shoes from my enormous collection.

-I'm leaving school again. I have lost five kilos since I started and I can't afford to let all that "wake up one day and i'm 39kg" thing happen again. It's driving me mental and making me sick. I will start year eleven next year in Melbourne, probably.

-Speaking of melbourne, what suburbs are good, and would anyone be interested in helping me get around in the first two weeks, since I am moving there despite never having been there, because it's cheaper and I can't stay at home any more?

-Speaking again of melbourne, I would like to throw a goth-and-alternative get-together in Melbourne at the start of summer (i really hope there will be furries). Would anyone be interested in coming/helping me organise? We could probably let some people stay at our place for a day or two during.

-No further update on the competition stuff. Because I've been ill and school and blah, and this whole business with the cats, I've been too busy. Will try and keep going for this week.

-Got several things in the mail - my Lovechild Boudoir order, which is AMAZING, and my two jewelry orders from DraculaClothing. Will review - but the cameo stuff is gorgeous.

-The Abbey Tournament coming up. Not sure if going. Really want to see shaun.

-Curled my hair the other day. I am currently all about the puffy curly pigtails. Will post pictures soon.

-Midfur is in December in Melbourne. Shaun and I are going, does anyone else want to attend with us?

-When I move to melbourne, we're getting a dog (as well as any of my cats that haven't been adopted out from the cat protection society yet/a new longhaired kittun). Any ideas on the breed? (heart set on a german shepherd, retriever or labradoodle? yes.)

I think that about does it for now. Nothing much else interesting is happening, other than being alone at Heather's. Will hopefully elaborate soon.

Much love! :3 (especially the furfags. <3)

Friday 17 June 2011

Still A Bit Behind

My contest winners must be wondering: what's the deal? I'm really sorry about taking so long, but with school and my garden's persistant attempts to kill me with insects, I'm falling behind with everything. However, another little thing has arrived: in the form of a new baby nephew. My sister sally gave birth via emergency caesarian last night, to a six-week-premature but nonetheless gorgeous baby boy. He's so far unnamed, but my mother is going to steer her away from William and Sam for me. They're my names. As aunty, i must make some little artifacts for the baby. I'm going to procure some blue fuzzy material with ducks to make a blanket, a pinstripe and black patchwork pillow, as well as a small bat cushion (Lord Alfred's cousin?) from the market.

This is exciting. I will hopefully be able to post pictures tomorrow at heather's if her internet wants to work. I have started on the skirt for Sophistique Noir, having completed the underskirt, I plan to start the overskirt this week. I hope, and our new internet modem should arrive then too.

Party on, goths. Much love.

Wednesday 15 June 2011

Bad News, and a last plead

Internet has been down, which is why i've been derping. Dammit, dodo. Actually, yesterday, it was fine, but I received some bad news and also i had ANOTHER tick. I'm allergic to even the ones without venom.

Anyway, the news. We're taking our kittens to the Cat Protection Society next week. Bas, til, sunday and cully are all going. Originally, it was going to be to the RSPCA, but i persuaded my sister otherwise. Please, please, if you're anywhere around were I live (including sydney and canberra) and want a cat, or can take one, please let me know. The CPS is amazing, and if they can't be rehomed, they will stay at the shelter. I am trying my best to find homes, but not having luck. Please pass it on.

At least at the CPS i can ask to be updated on their conditions and maybe get them back when i move. I love my cats, and this is a horrible blow to myself, but this is for the best, i suppose. My kitties will make some people happy, and will get all the right care we can't always afford. They really are excellent-natured and sweet things, and at least they'll be properly cared for at the shelter.

If you're in the Sydney area, or surrounding area, and decide to get a cat in the future, do go to the Cat Protection Society, Enmore Road, Newtown, Sydney - across the road from Gallery Serpentine, actually. I will be going with my dad and probably will buy some things while i'm there to stem the depression.

Please let people know, guys.

Much love.

Sunday 12 June 2011

Century Post - Tired? Stressed? You'll feel better on cat.

NOTE: What have I been up to? Head over to Sarah's Blag to see. Parts two and three are already up.

Wow, guys. A hundred posts and 50 followers? Jesus Christ. I never thought I'd get this far. I thought, hey, i'll start a blag, probably only post like three times and no one would read it. I thought, at best, i'd just shit people off. Apparently, no. Fifty goddamn people read this thing, and I don't know why. But I love you all regardless.

You guys know how much my cats mean to me. It's a bit silly, I know. But some people attatch themselves to music, some to art. I've just got attatched to some animals who do the strangest things. So here, guys. Have some videos of my cats playing.

Edit: OR NOT. Thanks, all major websites trialing Pv6 at once.
Instead, have some photos of the cats, and of my friend Nik, who came over yesterday, broke the camera and then fixed it again.

Here's the most that the shitternet would let me upload. :D

Now, guys, I'd really like to hear some suggestions as to what you want to see on my blag. Comment, and I'll make a poll.

Much love. :3

Friday 10 June 2011

Pick On Me First - Why I Just Don't Care

My sister and I had another fight last night. Not the bad kind. The kind where we both just wanted to scream at each other and felt so much better afterward. While we were starting to cool down, my sister asked me why I can't ever seem to just calm it down and go "incognetus", as we say, while at school. Here's a brief rundown of what I said.

I'm pretty impervious nowadays to what people say to me. I mean, some things might upset me, and I might go home later and have a bit of a cry about it, but, you know, that's expected. So yeah, I might like my rainbow socks and my black lipstick and my fishnets, and I don't care what people say anymore. They're not attacking me. They're just jealous kids, being dickheads, frightened of what they don't understand. But there's an overwhelming amount of people who admire me for what I do - because I just don't seem to care about what people say about me. Boys like to spread rumours that I'm a lesbian. "Good." I say. "That means I won't have to contemplate breeding with you."

What matters more to me, is those other kids who get picked on. They're not picked on, when I'm around. Those poor kids, who aren't as used to it as me. The nice, quiet ones who get bullied to hell. The kids who want so much to be goth, or some other alt. fashion, but their every attempt is beaten down by others. If I'm there, being me all over that, then the bullies are distracted, and the poor kids who can't do anything, who are scared and alone, have some relief.

Come on, guys. Pick on me first. I don't give a shit what you say to me, so leave those kids alone, and come after someone who doesn't give a shit.

Also: some juniors threatened to rape me the other day. I just kind of stared and said, "I have a ten-year-old nephew taller than you. Can you even get hard? Go away." 

Much love, guys.

Obligatory Red and Black Week Post.

 So I figure I should do at least one of these. I didn't go to school today (slept until 1pm. Which means i was asleep for fourteen hours. o.o), so I had a chance to wear something. Oh, and also? i scabbed my sister's camera, more-or-less permanently.

You've all seen my red coat before. What's new? My wool kilt! I've actually had this for years, as in, since i was thirteen. It barely fits but dear god is it warm. Legwarmers on my arms, of course, and i can't find any red socks or gloves, so pink had to be close enough. And sunday wandered into the shot. XD

And here's a photospam of my kitties!

Let there be cats. x3

Wednesday 8 June 2011

No food tonight.

I know you're probably all really fucking sick of hearing me bitch. Well, too bad, because I'm doing it again.

My sister is pissed off at me. Why? Because I'm here and her boyfriend isn't. Everyone around her is an affront to her because he can't come down. And I am sick of being treated this way.

Tonight, she went to buy dinner. Came home, and, funny story, nothing for me. She doesn't talk to me. She ignores me. So I'm sick, and have to go hungry tonight, and probably tomorrow, too, because it's only barely above freezing outside and I have no warm clothes. She keeps shouting at the cats, and makes me feel horrible for giving a shit about anything else.

I'm hungry, and i'm tired, and I'm sick, and I just want to be somewhere else. Again. Funny, how often this seems to happen.

Tuesday 7 June 2011

New Blog Header! And Thanks, Hayley


Just look at that.
Sary will be making a post about the day we had in Berry, and I'll be basically reposting that here, so those pictures will be explained

The bat is officially Lord Alfred the Babybat.
I will be able to finish my review tomorrow. I didn't go to school today on a count of I overslept and then the postman got here with my new GoodGoth stuff. Big post tomorrow on all of that.

I also have new toe socks.

Also thankyou to Hayley Callaway for alerting me to an issue with my commenting section. Tried to email you back, but it wouldn't send because apparently my IP is blocked from mailing you or some shit.

Edit: Nearly 3000 pageviews? You people are weird.

Monday 6 June 2011

I Am Not Your Sexual Object

I am sure I can't be the only goth girl who gets lewd, disgusting comments from guys greasy enough to make you vomit. I don't know if I mentioned it, but some large year nine or ten boy (remembering i am knee high to a hobbit) with a lopsided, greasy rat's tail blocked me off at school, stepped in front of me while his friends blocked me off at the side, put on his rape eyes and said, "hey, good-looking". I wanted to spew and murder all at once.

I have said that, yes, Goth is sexy. But the kind of comments and attitude that come from people is enough to make your skin crawl. I have been propositioned for sex, offered money for the same, and have had people attempt to start a game of grabassy with me. I turned sixteen last year.

Why does this happen? Why must we either be ridiculed, or viewed as street prostitutes? Are we forever doomed to be adored only by one another, Japanese tourists and old ladies? What is it about goth subculture that makes us so very prone to these kinds of disgusting comments?

An ankle?! The vapid whore!

And how are we meant to deal with them? I don't know. My way of dealing with those comments are generally "vomit into the mouth, be defended by amazing elderly person" (honestly, those geriatrics seem to come out of nowhere).

I can only think of one thing to blame, and honestly, it was the only thing I never wanted to blame: TV. When Goths aren't murdering the shit out of everyone, they're having nymphomanic sex with random strangers.
Or both.
  I never wanted to blame TV for anything. And yet here we are. So, TV, why are we portrayed as nymphomaniac, psychopathic Satanists when there are really not too many Goths with any of those problems (not that Satanism is a problem. Or exists in the way TV thinks it does)

You never happened.
It's because humans seem to have two basic impulses: fear, or fuck. It's true. If you're not scared of it, you're likely to want to stick your dick in it. And some people's reactions for both are one and the same. It is also possible that, because of the way the battically-inclined are portrayed, we end up the version of "bad boys" for the bad boys and chavs. We're different. We're untouched by their social circle.

Say what you want to us. Just don't do this.
We're this mysterious new thing, like the boy at highschool who rides a motorbike and is just too cool, and all the girls swoon over him. A Goth girl is new territory and, here's the fact, guy-with-rat's-tail-with-cigarettes, we don't give a fuck about you. Our total indifference towards you is not some hidden attraction.We're not ice queens who you must tame with gentle lovemaking. Your oh-so-classy catcalls towards us are not super-sexy. We really just don't fucking care.

I am here to have fun with my friends. I am not looking for random scrapes with a pot abuser. Fuck off and let me have a cup of coffee and a read in peace.

If one more guy comes up to me with such disgusting prepositions, he is getting my lovely, lace fan straight to the back of his fucking head.

Have any of you had similar experiences, where you really, really just wanted to throw up and die all at once? Please share. A good ragefest is good for you.

Sunday 5 June 2011

New Lipstick! Review Part One

My new Manic Panic lipstick from Tragic Beautiful came today! PICTURESPAM GO

I laughed.

Love this packaging.

This one too.

This is a small part of my floordrobe.

Post-curled hair.

My Lady GaGa impression
 Now, the actual review part.

Manic Panic Lip-Locked Lipstick: Deadly Purple

Gorgeous metalic colour. A little dry, but I suspect this is just because it's a first-time use. Gorgeous to wear. Wearing it tomorrow for school, will review its long-lastingness that afternoon. It's probably a little difficult to get on because of the cold and new-ness, but after a little breaking-in, it'll be fine.

Manic Panic Vampire Red

Simply: wonderful. Beautiful colour, beautiful application, absolutely excellent! Wearing it on Wednesday, will write a review Wednesday evening for it.

Stay tuned!

I also have not made a post about the package Cooking Chinchillas sent me, because I left it at Heather's. 8>


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