Thursday 28 April 2011

Anecdotal Corsetry

I love corsets, I really do. I have so much fun wearing them, and dressing up in them. Here's some FAQ I get (as do 99% of all corset wearers, i'll bet) and my responses.

1: "Doesn't that hurt?"

No, it really doesn't. I have a lot of back/chest problems and the support of a corset really helps. It does get a bit uncomfortable for long periods of time at high compressions, however.

2: "How do you breathe in that thing?"

I breathe exactly how everyone should breathe. It is unnatural to breathe into the chest - one should breathe into the diaphragm, not expanding the chest much at all. Corsetry is a good way to train the breathing.

3: "Why do you wear it?"

Because I like it. This is, undoubtedly, the most stupid question I recieve. "Why do you dress like that?" is an idiotic thing. because I like it, why else?

4: "Where did you get it?"

Gallery Serpentine. Both of the corsets I wear are from there. They make extremely high-quality stuff, and although it's expensive, it only means I'll cherish it more.

5: "Don't you get hot/uncomfortable?"

No, not really. Although it can get a little achey after a long day and walking, that's to be expected, corset or no. It can get a little difficult, sitting on the couch, though - ours is very soft and big, and because I myself am rather small, it can be a hassle getting comfortable.

6: "Do you dress like this every day?"

More or less. Sometimes I have a "lazy day" when I wear one of my two pairs of pants (both are from JayJays and both are camo and also grey-black, which is the navy camo here. what do they need camo from in the navy? Seriously, what?) and a band tee. But then again, sometimes I just don't wear shoes.

Here are my corset tips for a beginner.

-Don't go to fast. All tight, all the time, will not be good, and you'll get too uncomfortable.
-I'm just going to out and say this. Because of the compression on your stomach and gut, you will probably need to pee like a pregant woman. Become skilled at the use of a toilet without having to completely undress. It sounds silly, but with a longline like my overbust, I have frequently had to get undressed to pee.
-Don't make the mistake of trying to run normally. It's painful. Develop a kind of leaning-forward, wabble-corsetted-area-side-to-side wobble run to do it painlessly. It's a bit awkward and kind of silly-looking, but it works. (GOTH fled using RUN AWAY!)
-Never underestimate a disabled bathroom. If your corset is "jigging you", go and take it off and have a sit-down. It's always helpful to carry a backup outfit in case you get too sick of impracticality.
-Don't ever try and breathe through expanding your chest. You could break your ribs, and I'm not even kidding.

That about does it, I think. I might make a SCIENCE! post soon.


Amy Asphodel said...

This was great to read. ^^ I'm a corset beginner, eventually aiming to be a tightlacer. Hopefully I will never need to run, as my running gait looks silly enough as it is.

Friend Bronwyn: "Would you like to take up jogging with me?"
Me: "FUCK NO."

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Heee, "bronwyn" means "pure breasted". I had a friend of a friend named Bronwyn...everyone called her boobs.

It doesn't look awkward, it just feels odd. XD


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