Monday 24 October 2011

Does This Mean I'm Famous?

Woo, I got my first "WE WILL GIVE YOU SHIT FOR ENDORSEMENTS" email today.

Hello. Our Clothing website, offering more than 80000 styles, is interested in a cooperation with you and your blog. 
If you create a post about our Online Store you will get a coupon worth 10 USD - 
500 USD. Depends on the traffic your website gets. If you are interested and 
your blog gets more than 1000+ Visitors a day please do not answer to this email 
but fill out this form: ---------. If you blog gets 
less than 1000+ visitors a day, no problem, you can still get a coupon here: 
-------. If you are not interested we are sorry 
about this email and wish you a good day. Regards. Peter Klein.

Firstly, no, I did not that this up. I wouldn't. That's just shit, and it would be lying to you guys about what I really think. Getting stuff for free to review and form your own opinions on to give people is fine. Being paid (even in coupons) to endorse a site or product you don't know anything about is just assfacery.

THAT BEING SAID, some of their things are really cute. Yes, it's a chinese wholesaler. That said, in Australia things are sold at a literally 400% markup (sometimes higher), and therefore I have nothing against buying from them.
Especially when they sell shoes like these.

And this jacket (helpfully spotted by heather!)

So if you're like me, and are religiously opposed to paying $50 for a blouse (fuck you too, Australia) and $90 for some heels, then maybe these people could be for you. In any case, I will probably be buying a few things from them.

Again: I did NOT take these people up on their offer. I would not do that, and I feel like it would be a breach of trust. I earn nothing from any reviews and endorsements I get.

Bloody Mary - A Trip Dowm Memory Lane

I have mentioned this brand before, but it only occured to me today to sort know, google them. Anyway, imagine this:

Wee Kitty, but a young babybat, grasps hold of the first makeup of her life - and the brand emblazened on it? Bloody Mary.

Bloody Mary, I have to say, is an excellent place for someone to start with the goth makeup. It is brilliant quality (since the brand targets the special effects and movie industry), and although their Goth range may have some hilbearious mallgothery, it also has one of my favourite things: Their lipstick.

Their "Deepest Of Blood Red" lipstick was the first I ever owned, and the favourite colour of any lipstick I have ever had. The closest dupe I've found is Manic Panic "Blood Red", but the BM price is a grand...$3.95.

Other good things they sell are their eyeshadows. They're just fantastic. They also have bright-coloured mascara and, the holy grail, white mascara. Their white powders and cream foundations are to die for.

For Zombie Walkers, they sell all kinds of zombie special effects things. Like, literally everything. They have about fifteen different kinds of blood hanging around.

What else is great about them that I would recommend them to people who are new to makeup? They sell kits and instructions.

Kits. And instructions. So you get a whole bunch of things at once, along with tips on how to use them to make them good enough for the movies.

One last thing about Bloody Mary. These. Click that link. Go on. Do it. It will be the best moment of your gothy life.

Those, my dear gothlings, are bat eyeshadow applicators.


Bloody Mary Makeup - get onto it! 

PS: Having trouble winning good old Dad over to the Goth Side? Your problems are solved - Bloody Mary sells hot sauce.

Saturday 22 October 2011


Dear darling Ashley girl did our first comic today! Click to enlarge, and click here for the original on dA.

Yeah, did I neglect to tell you? I'm the supervillian.

"Wooow this took me a long time to two days.
This is the first episode of the comic series that still needs a name. Right now it's just DKHN...or Doctor Kitty Horrible and Neartastic xD
This is basically to show that Neartastic's squirt gun, The Squirt Gun of Justice (She's big on justice) is simply full of water.
Why is her weapon water? don't like water.

This is the first ever comic I've made, and I hope it doesn't look too lame.

Doctor Kitty Horrible belongs to: ~AnonymousCat aka my very lovely friend Kitty.
Neartastic belongs to me.
The idea for this comic belongs to both of us."

Pics And It Damn Well Did Happen

Well, one pic of the new babies. Delilah seems happy to stay with them pretty much all the time, so I'm not trying to intrude much.

I am adamant that the grey one in the middle will be named Beetlejuice. :|

Friday 21 October 2011

Funny Thing, That

So I'm pretty sure I share 95% of my followers with my dear friend SaryWalrus. She posted this today about her cat, Kitty, being pregnant. Weeeeelll, my dear cat Delilah is giving birth today, as you would well know if you followed me on twitter or facebook. BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT.

I will be updating this until all kittens are born. I will take as many photos as i can once they are all settled and born.

12pm - Kitten One, black with white/brown splotches.

3:30pm - Kitten Two, grey and white.

4:20 - Kitten Three, scruffy black, very dark (about the only thing we can tell at the moment) 

5:15 - Kitten Four, also a lil black one as much as we can see. I'm drownin' in goth cats!

And there we have it - four brand-new babies.

PS: the "miracle of birth" is full of crap. It's more like the "unholy screeching noise and empty bloody sacs and general unpleasantries of birth". 

Wednesday 19 October 2011

O u guise - good news is good!

So apparently I have over 20 000 pageviews now. Wow. And someone - TELL ME WHO YOU ARE, ANONYMOUS PERSON - linked my "what is this" post on that one Examiner Article about Lime Crime. (if you didn't know already, Deere went through and followed all of Shrinkle's followers to try and increase business. because that's not weird, scary or pathetic at all.)

So thanks guise. Here's to another 20 000 times of you guys clicking through my blag and going, "the shit is this freak on about? Is she a furry or something? I don't understand."

To celebrate, I have an amusing anecdote to tell you - so our cat Delilah is pregnant again. Outside, we have a deck and a gate that blocks off the stairs to the back garden. They usually walk in between the pickets of the gate to get through. Well, she did that the other day - and shut the gate with her girth.

Well done, slutcat. Well done.

And in other news - on the 27th of October til the 31st, I will be in melbourne. If all goes well, and I like a house I am going to look at, I will be moving down not a week later! Isn't that just perfectly fantastic?

AND IN EVEN MORE OTHER NEWS, at the end of next year, sometime around September, Shaun and i are planning on going overseas. To Europe. Starting in Belgium, we will be working our way through the great European continent. We will be planning meetups whereever we are, but so far we have this planned:

-Go to Belgium
-Go to Germany
-Go to Norway
-Go to Finland
-Go to France
-Go to Russia
-Go to the UK and Ireland
-Go to Canada

Other than Belgium and the UK and Canada, those are in no particular order. However, we will be spending New Years somewhere - to celebrate the end of the Filthy Victorians. Hopefully we will get to celebrate that in a pub in East London - where Jack the Ripper used to drink. Wouldn't that be fitting?

We would also most likely be spending a little time in the northern and western states of the US and in New England as well. If we make it that far without deciding to stay somewhere forever, that is (and there is a WHOLE LOT of Scotland over there). Hopefully we will get to spend a good portion of time working in the UK, in order to save up for the rest of the trip.

So...who'd like to have us around?

I am so excited and looking

Tuesday 18 October 2011

Mini-post - LOL A DEERE

No, this isn't the hilbeariousness that we have been waiting for. It's something from this really fucking stupid post on Doe a Deere's blag. She goes on about the evils of straight men in the cosmetics industry, says people who don't wear neon lipstick are "moths" and unpretty, and posts the "bleak" scale of beige lipstick. Technically, that isn't beige, either. It's mauve.

ANYWAY I spotted this. Clickeru to enlarge the lulz.

That's right. She went on about how NO ONE ANYWHERE HAS EVER MADE BRIGHT COLOURED COSMETICS BEFORE. No, not one single one. And then she went and made a lipstick in one of the shades she claimed was a "moth" shade and ergo UGLY UGLY UGLY.

I also love how she's managed to release Styletto....twice. ?!

No more deereness until she tweets back to me, anyway. I just spotted this while I was reading through Lipsticks and Lightsabres and thought I would share.

This Is The New...

..Blag Page. I'm still a better lyricist than Marilyn Manson.

I added a new page to my blag. It's my wishlist - an ever-growing list of Shit I'm Going To Get Around To, Eventually.

There's also a poll. Tell me where you're from!

Oh, and if you're interested, Doe Deere thinks I'm "brilliant". I said I didn't like Lime No response yet. Will screencap (especially if shit starts going down).

Much loveru~

PS: My dear darling friend Ashley and I are starting a doodly comic strip. I'll hopefully get her stuff up tomorrow, plus some drawings from me.
PPS: Does anyone ever read the stuff I tag my pages with? I do weird, unexplainable shit, sometimes.

Monday 17 October 2011

Bring it, fgagot.

I couldn't help myself any longer. I had to know: why is Doe Deere following me, a simple h8r, on twitter?

Let there be lulz.

(I was going to think up a clever pune (or play on words) for the title. I settled on "fgagot" instead.)

I Was Having A Shit Day Until....

...this happened, all over my iTunes.

And then Xanthy happened. Xanthy, if you don't know, has this habit of happening when I feel at my worst. Ilyxanthy. Did you know she and I are vampire witch lesbian lovers?

Sunday 16 October 2011


So if you aren't part of my facebook legion or my twitterati, then you don't know this already - LIME CRIME IS FOLLOWING ME ON TWITTER.


Why on EARTH would Dough go, "hey, this person fucking hates me! I'm going to watch her post pictures of cats!"

There are a few possibilities here.

1: She doesn't know I hate her and is curious about me (unlikely)
2: She doesn't know I hate her and is going to try and sell me crap. (somewhat likely)
3: She knows I hate her and is going to try and sell me crap. (rather likely)
4: She knows I hate her and is going to send her minions after me (rather likely)
5: She's fucking insane. (definite)

What the hell, Xenis? :|

Don't know about Lime Crime? Check here (and click through all the other posts), here (also clickthough) and the extremely truthful Encyclopedia Dramatica article here. Still not convinced Deere is Satan herself and want to buy her stuff? Buy from tragicbeautiful - because if you're going to be unethical, be unethical with Melanie.

Saturday 15 October 2011

To Bat or not To Bat - That is the question.

If you follow me on twittrr, or are friends with me on Facebook, you would already know - I ordered pizza for dinner. In the "special instructions" section, I put "Draw a bat on the box. I dare you." Because I am a goff. And we do these things. ANYWAY, I decided to don my mourning veil in a game of "weird out the pizza man".

It was annoying me so I pinned it back. :D



Never fear, my little gothlings. I WILL PREVAIL ONE DAY. I did prevail in making the pizzaman vaguely uncomfortable. They will pay the price for non-acceptance of the dare! YOU'LL SEE. YOU'LL ALL SEE.

Make sure to add this to your order when you next order a pizza - and every time until you get your bat!

Thursday 13 October 2011

Filthy Victorians 2012 - Guidelines? (+tricks and one hell of a tummy)


Okay, so they're not rules. Or guidelines, really. But they're the best I could come up with. They're basically SHIT YOU CAN DO.

-You may have on your Victorian Person 3 modern/Time Traveller items (I would suggest mewsics, phone and your sonic screwdriver) 

-Once a week is your Timetraveller Day. Constant 1800s is tiring. To help me carry this through, I am instating that once a week, you are Anything Goes Goth. Steampunk, cybergoth, industrial goth or Jeans And Tee goth - everyone needs a break! I bet most of these will be me in my 40s gear....damn you time travel!

-If for any reason you can't dress Victorian, you can use an Emergency Pass. (I will literally print and laminate a card saying "To Whom It May Concern; Please Excuse Ms. Lovett's Improper Dress. Her Chameleon Circuits Aren't Working Today.")
-Every two weeks, have a burlesque day. A break from long skirts and bustle pads will do you good (but going a day without a corset when you're used to it every day SUCKS A MILLION DICKS. Try to avoid that!), and some good ol' teased hair will give you a well-earned boost. Extra goth points for doing historically accurate Victorian burlesque gear. ;3

-If you can't acquire a suitable handbag, any old one you have would be fine (but check second-hand shops for old leather satchels!)

TRICKSIE KITTENSES (i'm on a nerd kick today. 8c)

Here are a few tricks I can give you.

-Any old work or school blouse can be edited all victorian - add a few layers of lace around the neck and sleeves for a jabot and prettiness. A small-waisted skirt worn over the blouse will reduce the need to take it in.

-For a 1870s/80s bustle skirt, you can get any old skirt from any old shop, get a few yards of matching material, and cut the skirt down the back panel. Re-hem the cut edges, and make bustle ruffles with the material. Stitch it onto the back of the skirt. I would suggest this tutorial for making the bustle back! For a bustle pad, a small lounge pillow pinned to some muslin wrapped around you can do just fine!

-For trains, the only thing I can recommend is shops like Vinnies and other charity shops - they sell old Princess Di style wedding dresses that you can use the train and petticoat of. Hell, you could probably find one to dye black and use. Veils are ESPECIALLY YES. Actually, let's just make this "rape and pilliage charity shops".

-For an 1860s look, you can get two long skirts from Target or K-Mart, and cut them both down a side seam. Cut off their waistbands and make one for your corset waist. Ruffle the skirt tops and sew them to the waist band. Then hem and sew the cut seams together - and hey presto, lazy full skirt! You can also edit these into pulled-back draped bustles typical of the 1870s.

-REMEMBER: Jackets match your skirts. Plain colours like black and white and navy blue are good for this. For some good inspirations, check Historical Clothing's extensive articles. :D they also have a LOT of helpful sewing tips, and if you like them on Facebook you will get a lot more!

What is your inspiration today? I have been watching a LOT of Doctor Who (from the episode before the Pandorica duo until A Good Man Goes To War), and so I am heavily channelling Idris at the moment!

And for added daw, here's my friend's cat's fat tummy.

Let me know what you think!

Wednesday 12 October 2011

I AM AMAZING - an outfit post

You cannot understand how goddamn proud I am right now.
So as per usual of myself on a wednesday, I went to Heathers. BUT THAT IS NOT ALL. OH NO. I did something EXTRA special today. I didn't GO anywhere unusual. I didn't SEE anyone out of the ordinary. I DID THIS INSTEAD.



First thing heather said to me was either "you look amazing" or "you look awesome". NOT QUITE SURE WHICH. EITHER WAY.
Let's break it down.


Shirt - my sister's, $5 from a secondhand place (will not wear again without some kind of brooch or something. SO LOW CUT ON MY LIL BEWBS)
Gloves - Fanplusfriend
Tutu - Corsets-au
Bloomers - F+F
Stockings - In Visible Light
Demonia Bewts - Goth Angel
Bustle - Lovechild Boudoir
Lilhat - Corsets-au
Heather fell over while photoing.
I laughed at her on your behalf.

Same as usual, missha bb cream, powder over. Manic panic duo liner, used the shadow today, and blood red lipstick as is my usual. Shiro "Potion" blush as well. Nothing PARTICULARLY unusual going on here, but it's all amazing stuff so. There we are. NOW ENJOY SOME MORE PHOTOS OF ME BEING REALLY DAMN PLEASED.

 We were pretty much just messing around here, but I like the photos so YOU CAN ALL JUST SIT THROUGH AND LOOK AT ME D:<

I wasn't really "going" for much here, but it's kinda...Emilie Autumn meets Vermillion Lies and they have a threesome with Iva Insane? XD I stated that to Dalestair this morning. She seemed to like that idea. :P

 After this, we then watched some Hatventures: Skylands episodes and got some more Minecraft on because we're geeky little shits like that.

But anyway, I loved this outfit, I loved being in it, etc etc etc. A LOT of people seemed to love this outfit, and an older lady decided she wanted to know everything about me (but then all of a sudden got very worried that she had offended me). It was also popular with the little kids.

I love my hair like this. :D

Much love!

Monday 10 October 2011

Boogy-Woogy Kitty Cat from Company C(at)

First order of business, I had someone send me an abusive email about how I'm ugly and an emo and "no one like me". I mean apparently. People hate me so much that I have a (fairly popular, by my admittedly low standards) blag that people read and comment on. Yes, I am so hated and alone. I so whimsically responded, "you're just jealous because I'm fat."

However, the far more exciting order of business today is my eldest sister's birthday. I didn't take any photos because apparently our fucking cuntbag of a camera is broken. I will post some pictures as soon as other people post them on the bookface. Sally turned 29 today. Happy Birthday, Sal!

Anyway, this is what I looked like. I could't get a damned photo of my outfit because of the camera, and apparently my webcam doesn't have a delay button (what). I will however fill you in on what I did wear.
Channeling the Andrews Sisters again!

Sorry about the messed colours. I did my best.


My sister's black crow jacket
Skirt - Gallery Serpentine
Shirt - GS
Stockings - In Visible Light
I am so proud of this liner.
Doc Martens - Second-hand
Hat - FanplusFriend
Pearls - ILovePearls
Knee-high red stockings - FanplusFriend

I had to try several times for a face bad enough to express
how i felt about this.

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #13
Chinchilla powder
Shiro blush in "Potion"
Manic Panic Creature of the Night duo liner
Manic Panic "Blood Red" lipstick
Shiro eyeshadow in "EVERYTHING IS BEARS"

And now I am off. Much love, my gothlings.

(ps: if I have to say "shut up" one more time to my nephew, there will be trouble.

pps: too late.)

Saturday 8 October 2011

Still Not Much To Talk About

At the moment I'm still super-no when it comes to having things to talk about. I can't even find myself getting angry about anything. (i know - weird, right?) On Monday I am going out for my eldest sister Sally's birthday, and to meet new baby Rudy for the first time. I will try and take photos. In the meantime, here's a picture my sister took today.

dat nosie.
 And here's a song I have been grooving to at Heather's.

Wednesday 5 October 2011

Drinking Rum and Coca Cola

This has to be my absolute favourite style of music group. I wish to start one with anyone who likes dark/goth cabaret.

Anyone in Sydney or Melbourne interested should contact me. ~~~~>

Sincerely, fucking musically starved.


Tuesday 4 October 2011

Adora Points - A followup.

Remember this post on Adora BatBrat's blag where that person was horrible and I was all "what what the fuck man" and people were having a huge pissfit about it?

I got an email today, which notified me of a comment saying this:

"I never talked to Adora or Iva but I read their blogs and stuff. They dont give off a UCG impression? They both seem like they are nice people

Kitty Lovett however ive seen comment on many blogs and things which is fine. But she cant seem to except any view thats different then her own. And strikes me as being a massive wannabe with a vulgar attitude

I'd NEVER normally judge anyone like this. But ive seen her really put down a lot of people. One of my friends included. There is no need to be so harsh with people who dont think exactly her way!"

 There we have it, boys and girls! I'm a huge wannabe and a vindictive bitch. This brave little anon decided to let me know and as we're aware there's nothing bitchy, wussy or lame about attacking someone anonymously. You're right, anon. I am a huge wannabe. When I grow up, I wannabe a principal, or a caterpillar!

Yes, I do put people down. I do. I admit that. But I don't deny it, and I don't post it anonymously, because that is insulting. I don't attack people for their ideas or beliefs, unless there's something wrong going on. I only bring up things I feel should be brought up, and I don't go out of my way to "put people down" or hurt their feelings unless I deem it necessary to make my point, or if that person really really deserves it.

I pull up hypocrites, or people who are making a point but that point is wrong.

As for "cannot deal with other people's views", yeah, sure, and that's why i have friends who wear bonnets and read their bibles four times a day. And, unless you haven't noticed, "people with different views are wrong" is a natural human thing. Some people take it too far, and you get, you know, baptists. Human society and philosophy is based on conversation and debate.

So maybe I am just a horrible person and an "omg hater", but I can live with that. I can live with who I am, and am not particularly bothered by people who are clearly such a pussy that they feel the need to post, anonymously, on someone else's blog, instead of coming to me directly. And d'you know what?

Not even one.
So I'm just going to carry on, posting pictures of my cats, dressing up and having opinions and whiskers. Hate me if you like, but I have a heather, and a shaun, and a wizard cat with a pink nose and as of around now no testicles, and those are things you are so sorely lacking in, dear anonymous (oh, and I know who you are. The anon thing was just weak, although I reeeeaally doubt you'd be reading this, since you're kind of a thundercunt and that's why i don't like you, although I told you my issues with you in the nicest possible way, and Julia told you the exact same things in a far harsher way, and you bitchfitted at me and kissed her ass. Weak, man. Weak.)

Enough of that, though. Just thought I'd address that.

Much love!

Sunday 2 October 2011

Moving About the Blag

So I have moved a few things around. Twitter and labels are now found at the bottom of the posts, and most notably, I have a new page called What. Where. What. and a contact form. Contact form is over there. ~~~~>

Feel free to contact me about anything - what where whats, problems with the blag, suggestions, questions, info, pictures of cats (bolded because want) and even if you really just need to talk to someone, whether it be for advice or just for someone to let off steam to. I am a cat, after all.

(I was setting up the contact form. It said, "put in a title that most accurately describes your expertise". After about three seconds' thought, I entered "Small Black Domestic Cat, PhD". I have a doctorate in having a tail and being adorable).

Let me know if there are issues - use the contact form so I get to be excited about it. :D

What. Where. What. - a repost.

So I was trawling through Sary's blag, as I do when I am a boredcat, and I found this post.

 My first thought was, bloody what, why are there no comments? Why has this not been done? WHAT.

And as suggested, I am reposting this.
This game will consist of "What. Where. What." You guys comment telling me what article of clothing you want me to wear, preferably from trolling through my outfit posts. Where I should be situated, for example a graveyard. The second what refers to what sort of style you want the outfit to be based around, for example a subset of goth like Victorian or even just a word like Candy.
And there we have it. What. Where. What. is going to spawn a new page on my blag, where you can go and tell me the clothing, the place and the style, and I will post it up for you. Let the What. Where. What. begin!

October To-Do List

Starting this now so I can keep track of things, including money.

To Do:
  • Get Munstrum Ridcully and Sundaycat desexed ($220 at least)
  • Make some more Victorian skirts (about $20 a skirt without embellishments)
  • Finish the Filthy Victorians forum and get organised
  • Pack up a bit
  • Hang out with the Sary Crew some more (knowing us, probably about $40)
  • Get new corset from Bernadette; review and maybe buy some other things from her (probably)
  • Eat more food (about $40 a week, knowing what I eat)
  • Finish "The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents" and "Wintersmith"
  • Give some proper reviews with swatches and everything (may do that today, actually)
That should be about it. Hooray!
Everybody's hugging. :D

Outfit Cat is Outfit

Running out of names...

Anyway, Shaun and I went to see Heather on Friday, before he left on Saturday. Here's what I wore. Shaun and I look awful because we are both ill.

-My sister's new shoes
-Tutu - Hell Bunny
-Bloomers - Gallery Serpentine (get a pair!)
-Chemise - Gallery Serpentine
-Bolero - Mei Mei (apparently)
-Socks - some lady gave a huge bag of toe socks to my sister.
-Pokemon Brooch - animania, Shaun gave it to me.
Primer - Missha BB Boomer
Foundation - Missha BB Cream Perfect Cover #13
Powder - Chinchilla's home-made
Liner - Manic Panic "Creature of the Night" Duo
Shadow -  Shiro "Everything is Bears!"
Blush - Shiro "Potion"
Lipstick - Manic Panic "Blood Red".
Murderous heels, and my bloomers...

 As far as the actual day, we didn't do much since we were both ill. We went to our new favourite cafe (Poppies, in the arcade next to the Standish medical centre). We went there nearly every day last week. I got the scone-jam-and-cream coffee special, and shaun got a bacon and egg toasted sandwich, which he says is the best he's ever bought.

We went to Heather's and watched some TV with her, as we do, and had some lunch since we went shopping before we went there.

We bought wafers.

 Other than that, pretty usual Visting Heather trip. We spent a lot of it reading the I Am Maru blog, because....kitty. :D

On Saturday, I put on my Victorian attire and went to an open house for a Victorian house that is up for auction. It was beautiful. although needing a lot of work. I am dragging my dad along to the next one so that I can take photos for you.
Shaun will be back in a month and we will be packing up and leaving. Looking forward to it.

Am going to start doing To Do lists; next post will be that.

Much love!


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