Monday 30 May 2011

Gender, Sex and Society - Response

Our darling Ashlee at A Mortal Doth Approach recently made this post about parents raising a genderless baby. The family have decided to keep the child's sex a secret and let it choose its own gender. I thought to clarify this, as ashlee did.

Sex is what you have downstairs. It's what's in your pants. It's your sex bits. Gender is what you are in your brain, and in your heart. Most people connect the two, saying, "well, i'm a girl downstairs, so therefore, i am female", or, i have a dick. so i'm a dude". But then there are others, who have the opposite bits to who they feel they are. There are more people, still, who are genderless - or just don't seem to fit in to any or all stereotypes.

People are furious over this, saying that they're screwing up their child. I fail to see how - they're not telling their child, "You are a boy. You must play with trucks" or "You are a girl. You must play with barbies". I was not raised genderless, however, I was not told that i must be one or another. I was allowed to pick my own gender, and I feel that made me a stronger person. I played with dinosaurs. I loved bugs and dirt. I played with the boys, and avoided the girls (they were always so much more judgemental).

I commend this decision. A child will pick what it wants to do. They're saying that it's wrong because the child has no choice - but by making the choice not to tell the child how to be, they will become however they want to be. They will choose how they will be. They wanted to keep it a secret because they didn't want the child to conform to gender stereotype - and the fact is, Storm will choose to conform to whatever Storm wishes. The parents aren't imposing. They're giving the child the freedom to say "This is who I am, and no one can tell me otherwise".

Who is society to tell a small child who they must be? Who is so upright that they can say that if a baby is a girl, then a baby must act like a girl.

As a child, my parents let me do as I please when it came to gender. I am a girl. I am happy to be one. However, when I was little, I wore boy's clothes, played with dinosaurs and had a total aversion to the colour pink. Because of this freedom, despite scrutiny from others, I was able to choose who I am. I have been allowed to say, "I am a girl, and I am female." Because of freedom as a child, I have grown up to be the best I can be under the circumstances.

Stop critisising these parents. What's the difference between raising the child to choose, and raising the child to be a girly girl who does women-only jobs, or a boy who is grubby and rough?

It stems from outdated gender stereotypes. Women are to stay home and squeeze out babies and make dinner every day. Men are to go out and work, and come home to their wives and children and be worshipped. As I mentioned on Ashlee's post, I am rather the former kind of girl - but I had the right to choose this. Everyone should have the right to choose.

I have been told i'm "anti-feminist" because I wish to stay home and have kids and make lovely dinners. How so? I support other women's choices. Want to work and have kids? Good for you. Want to just work and not have a family? It's your choice. I have chosen. Do not tell me my choice is wrong.

I don't understand how women can turn on other women for their choices that are well within the rights that were fought for. Women who work and have kids are called neglectful by stay-at-home mothers. Women who stay at home are called anti-feminist. Women who do not have children are selfish. Muslim women who choose to wear a headscarf are told they're anti-feminist and backward and controlled. The headscarf is a choice, just like the clothes anyone else chooses to wear. Women who wear particularly alluring clothes or low-cut blouses, or who use their sex-appeal in any way are slutty. How? Women are sexy creatures. How is it horrible to use what we were born with, like intelligence or a rich family? Does it make you anti-feminist to be a proud and sexy woman? No, not at all. It is your choice to choose who you are.

Why are women divided over such things? Jobs, homes, husbands, children, possessions, money? I am not poor. You are not rich. We are women. Stop being so caught up and jealous and petty. Women, across all countries, cultures, societies and mammal species are amazing, strong and the backbone of the group. Remember this.

Stop being so caught-up over things that don't matter. We are women. Hear us roar.

Sunday 29 May 2011

I'm A Spoiled Cat (Buy From These Guys)

Update on Sunday again - the goggle-eyed kitty is doing just fine and is coming home this afternoon. Thanks to the vet and of course my saviours, Phillip and Celia Webb of the Salvation Army. Donate to the Red Shield Appeal, these guys do such good work.

My Shaun spoils me. He really does. I think he forgets I loved him when he was broke, too. Is it strange, that someone can be the love of your life, without you being in love with them? I think so. I don't know what he thinks, but I think I'll hear it soon enough.

Here's what he bought me today, from Lovechild Boudoir.

Such a beautiful piece, for only 79.99GBP (great british pounds, if you don't know). That is an excellent price, and it's just so beautiful. If you took the same item,made it in America, gave it a horrid floral pattern and slapped "Civil War" on it, it'd quadruple in price. I love the pattern, too. It's just gorgeous.

I mainly got this becuase it was a sale item. 4.99GBP, instead of its usual 9.99GBP. It also matches the skirt. I love posture collars, and this one is just so cute! Sary has a posture collar, and it's pinstripe and everything, so I hope to borrow it when we go put this weekend to the market (pliz? :3).

So excited. Thankyou so much, Growlithe. <3


Vaguely an outfit post

Just an update, Sunday is doing very well in kitty-hospital. Twelve weeks old today.

Today, dad and i went for a bikeride to the next town and had burgers.

It defeated me.
After biking home, exhausted, I had a shower (burned my hands) and got ready to go out to see some bands at the golf club. I wore....

My new jacket with super-long sleeves, my corset, my pinstripe skirt and my pinstripe bustle. I was all pinstripe. It was amazing. I decided on big black goth eyes, which I didn't get a photo of, and when I got home I went HGNK EYES and rubbed them all over the place. Had my hair in a fally-outy topbun, because i could.

Jesse Bowker (one of the members of the band I went to see, he and i are good friends) and I shared a jug of pup squash. Goth as Fuck.

 Here's the best picture I could get of Jesse and Sam's band, Lost in Verona. They were brilliant, I bought their CD and cassette. Go look them up, they're brilliant.

Now I'm at home with my cats, it's raining, and franky is inside cuddling close. So yeah.

Don't forget about my website, and I'm working on some new very special stuff, particularly Amy at the Ultimate Goth Guide's thank-you prize. Bustles are going up for sale on the site for $25, and the jacket for $22.80.

Bloggers get free bows!

Much love.

Saturday 28 May 2011

Sunday and the Salvation Army

As you know, I have many kitties, one of which is named Sunday, who is a ginger-cream tabby. He's odd, long-faced and has enormous eyes. He also has tick paralysis.

I'm home alone for the weekend, and here was one of my kittens, stumbling around. My next door neighbour Bernie helped me get it off (it was on the back of his tail, and he made an awful racket when I tried to remove it myself). My hands were totally shredded, and i managed to get my own blood everywhere. I came home, put Sunday on my sister's bed and laid down with him until he went to sleep. Babies are all the same. He just needed a cuddle to get him off to sleep. After some calling around and fiddling, I'd managed to get a vet to meet me at the Bay and Basin clinic, and ordered a cab to get there. When I was walking down to the shop to get some money out for the cab, I met up with the Salvation Army people, an older couple, Celia and Phillip Webb.
The most amazing thing happened then. They offered to drive me to the vet.

I was thrilled and taken so off-guard by this offer and this kindness. I went home, packed Sunday up in a basket and blanket that smelled like mummy, and they took me out to the Bay and Basin vet.
The first thing the vet said to me when we got there was, "...he's got big eyes, doesn't he?"

I couldn't find a justifying picture,
so here's this.
I laughed. His eyes are enormous. Like, huge.
She was trying to give him a look over, but it wasn't helpful that our little twelve-week-old kitten kept crawling over to me and trying to crawl into my shirt. He made some god-awful noises, too. Some scared the vet a little bit.

He should be okay, but is staying there for a day or two. Celie and Phillip (and their little dog Lucy) gave me a lift home. I gathered my kitties all together, and brought them inside for a check-over and a cuddle.

It was a rough day. I have proof.

I have a triangular-shaped hole on my other hand.
Can't get a good picture of it.
Much love. :3

...much worry...

Friday 27 May 2011


At some time this year - september, probably - I will be heading up to sydney for high tea. All of my Australian goths are invited, and Sary gets in free, because I couldn't go to her birthday party. :3


This Post is Dedicated to the Green Fairy

"Well education till year 11 is compulsory now, and if I was a parent there's no way in hell I would pay for a whole year that means nothing unless you go to year 12; so they probably are forcing their children. Plus if they're horrible in their workplaces they'll be fired. And also, it's obvious that you're at the top of the intellectual food chain, so in all likeliness you'll be in charge when they apply for a job and they 'conveniently' might not have the right qualifications. :P Also, YOU'RE FUCKIN' HAWT, so I don't give a shit what they say and also, although I've never been normal, I can vouch for freakdom and it's awesomeness. ^_^

And also, will you be pregnant to someone you love whom also has a promising future or to a crack head who's only breadwinning is done in a back alley? ...and by bread I mean CRACK :P

'cause if it's the former then I'm fine with it, otherwise I may have to take a roadtrip down your way to give you a slap :P" -The Green Fairy. Visit her at her blog.

 And that is all I have to say about that.

School Report - and why I hate bogans

Today's hairstyle is dedicated to Tenebris in Lux!

Today was a pretty reg'luh day. Nothing out of the ordinary. Didn't get there til recess, went and swapped my skirts for bigger ones (they go to my knees now). I have decided to just kind of...not go to D&T. I went to the library instead, and had to resist to write "MR. SHINE - HIM DIAMOND" in small letters on the wall. Instead, I responded to some graffiti in a bathroom ("so and so is a slut who something something she steals boyfriends" "I love how you're blaming her and not the boyfriend who did the cheating. Logic?").

I then went to art. This was a problem.
I walked in, cheery as a bushel of apples, and the class was full of bogans. Things quickly deteriorated. She kept writing things about me being a freak on the board and pieces of paper, and then pegged a pink texta at me and hit me in the eye because I asked what was wrong with being a freak. I really don't understand why.

 Because, really, does being comfortable in my own skin make me a freak? She decided she was going to call me a cunt bitch freak whatever whilst sitting in the windowsill, being a rude cunt, swearing to the teacher, slacking off, breaking school property and just generally being an unpleasant person. And her name is "Billy Joe". Yes. Her. So tell me, Billy Joe, are you that threatened by me that you have to resort to going around and telling the whole year that I'm a total bitch and throwing things? Because a few other people decided to come find out for themselves, and they decided quite differently. Are you so insecure and have such low self esteem that you have to act tough and obnoxious? I'm sorry your dad never hugged you, but really, get over yourself. I don't value myself by what you think. I don't value myself by how many cones I can smoke or how many friends I have. I don't value myself by who I date. I value myself by my actions and my abilities.

My abilities. That's something else. Darling, when you have spent sixteen and a half years nearly completely unable to communicate to the outside world, spending every second of your life unable to tell people of your basic needs, and be unable to tell people, "this is me", and have to dress in a certain way to feel the person you can never tell people about, to show people, rather than tell them, then, and only then, you may comment. When you have suffered, and really suffered, then you may say what you do and don't like. The world is outside of you, and to be honest, it doesn't really care about you.
There. There's that done. Here's my hair from today.

Curly and pinned up in lolita pigtails. My sister's blue/burgandy jacket with crows on it. Fuckyeah.

Me and the Doctor grooving out after school.

I also wore the hot pink gloves I bought yesterday, my longest rainbow socks and my pink and black legwarmers (and fishnets too, of course).

Much love. :3

Thursday 26 May 2011

Mini-Post - Hair Rollers (and why I use them)

In my last post, I mentioned buying five packs of five-each hair rollers. Foam ones. Well, I put them in. They feel amazing.

And in my white 1950s pregnant wife nightdress too. I'll be sleeping in these, minus the blue fringe ones.

People have often asked why I do this kind of thing with my hair. Mostly it's because it's fun, but there's a number of other reasons.

1: Curling irons have never worked well with my hair. And now I'm a bleachblonde, it'll just melt my hair. But really, my hair has always just dropped out curls immediately when applied with heat.

2: It's easier. Sure, it may take ages, but once it's done, you just sit back and let your hair dry. You just have to do it a while before wanting to go out (but who doesn't start getting ready twelve hours beforehand, anyway? I'm not going out until next weekend, and I'm already preparing)

3: no one else does it anymore. I've met a few older and elderly ladies who marvel that I bother to do rollers and rag curls, because they did it when they were my age. Girls nowadays straighten their hair until it gets that really ugly, fake look straightened hair gets. In this aspect only, I respect Snooki.

Skin: wrong. Clothes: wrong. Attitude: wrong
Makeup: wrong. Hairstyle: RIGHT ON.
I like having curls in my hair because they're different. All the trashy girls at my school have their hair in that awful scene style.

Why the fuck do they do this?
My school is full of hyper-skinny girls who look exactly like that. Hundreds of them.

And that is why I will be sleeping in rollers tonight.

Much love. :3

Thursday Arvo Shopping - Doctor Who!

I don't have school on thursday afternoons, so from now on, I'll be heading into Nowra to do shopping on that day. I did that today, and here's what I bought.

Hot pink gloves and legwarmers. Fuck+yes

x5. I have 25 hairrollers now. I am going to go use them after this. :D AAANDDD....

MOTHERFUCKING DOCTOR WHO MUGS! Left is my sister's, right is mine. She likes Matt Smith more, and mine has the TARDIS, K9, a Dalek, Doctor #4 (tom baker) and a Cyberman on it. :D They were ten bucks each from the comic shop in town. There was much confusion when I went (i went twice).

>Go into comic shop
>suddenly Elliot
>Suddenly Mitch
>go back again
>suddenly Jesse
>suddenly Scott
>lol scott, you fat ugly hairy hobbit

Seriously. Scott is the most horrible person I have ever known. He looks like a hobbit. And is generally just a dickhead, even worse than Jesse (impossible!) and has called myself and Heather ( follow her blog ) horrible names. Karl came to our rescue though. Fuckyeah, Karl. But when I walked in he got all angry and dejected. It made my day.

Tomorrow, school. I have a folder, etc now for my school stuff. I also finished my jacket, but I do not have any pictures yet. They are to be available next week on my site for $21.80

Much love. :3

Wednesday 25 May 2011

Having Autism - Give Me Your Questions

Because of a little fun tiff on Facebook, wherein hardcore/metalcore was bashed (because they fucking suck), I thought, "You know what's better than sleeping? Making a complete list on my blog on things that make me freak out." 

Having aspergers can suck, and a lot of people don't understand it, since it's a disorder commonly associated with extremely low intelligence (some sufferers can have an IQ lower than 70) or extremely high intelligence, as well as being linked to severe obesity in its male sufferers. 

I'm not one of the low cases, or the high cases, but it can be extremely difficult for me to communicate, especially out loud, and I need to explain to my art teacher that it's probably the reason I can't see any "emotion" in that squiggly line. I have days where I can barely communicate basic needs to the people around me, face-to-face. Here's just some of the things that make life a big ball of stressful anxiety and inane babbling, in an attempt to find a way to make sense of it all.
-Geese or any other large flightless bird other than ducks.

Fuck you
-Feet (seriously. So gross)
-Yellow teeth
-In horror movies, when people get injuries to their eyes, tongues, fingers/toes, feet, hands, ankles or backs of calves
-The G Major Scale - it sounds weird, I know, but even hearing the scale played out makes me want to scream and rock back and forth. It makes me feel physically sick
-Hardcore/metalcore wherein the music is apparently in the key of NOTHING. Yes, music that is out-of-key makes me have anxiety attacks
-The texture of pears. I can't eat them. I literally break down. Curry has a similar, but far less severe, effect.
-People with the appearance of heroin addiction. Stringy hair, dirty, broken teeth, etc
-Having food on my hands. If I eat with my fingers (i often do) I will only use the thumb and one finger on one hand, and will wipe them frequently. Being unable to wipe food or drink away from my hands makes me hyperventilate
-Being massaged outside of a footrub. My aunt is a massage therapist and she has tried to give me massages since I was very small. I would often fly into screaming panic attacks lasting up to two hours.
-Drunk people
-That one KFC ad for Krushers where they throw the liquidised, sugary drinks on each other. The first time I saw that, I had an attack so bad I blacked out.
-Occasionally, daylight has made me panic and my eyes burn. This was usually after a long stint of sleeplesness or nightmares.
-Having any kind of liquid splashed on me. I can generally handle this one okay, but sometimes, I completely break down.
-Having more than one mirror in the same room. My mother had two mirrors in the bathroom, one over the sink and one on the opposite wall. When standing next to the sink, one can see the other mirror in the reflection of the one over the sink. I had ridiculous fears of that room.
-Doors, cupboards, roof manhole covers, etc that are slightly ajar.
-Needles. A pretty common fear, though, but it's worth noting that I nearly punched a nurse in the face once.
-Sterile, white rooms like in hospitals.
-Speeding cars
-eating things with odd textures (separate from pears, specifically)
-Being touched - the circumstances (where, who, how) change on a day-to-day basis. I can hug people, and I'm pretty damn huggy, but there are days when touching someone else's hand is enough to make me be sick.
-Clowns. Clowns freak me out to no end. It's, again, not an uncommon fear, but trust me - when I say they freak me out, I mean if one tries to talk to me, I pretty much fly into an anxiety attack.
-Having my hands dirty. I can deal just fine with dirty feet, but having anything (as previously mentioned, food is a big one), including dirt, mud, clay, sticky substances and even my own sweat is enough to make me, in the least, very uncomfortable
-Extremely open spaces, like school ovals and sporting grounds, for example. I don't need to be able to see everything. I just need there to be less possible directions to have to run in. A corridor or room is not frightening because there are few options. A massive empty space is terrifying, because anyone can come from anywhere, and there's far too many decisions on where to run.
-Sitting extremely close to people I don't really know. I'm usually okay with close proximity, but when people I don't know sit right next to me, I suddenly get extremely uncomfortable. I managed to get through this the other day in Physics, a very nice lovely girl named Nicole sat next to me so I wouldn't be alone. I felt slightly uncomfortable being so close to someone, but after she spoke to me a bit, I calmed down a lot.

I think that really about does it. Does anyone have any questions, etc? Aspergers and other autism spectrum disorders are extremely complex, and many people don't understand it or know absolutely nothing about it. I would be happy to share and answer questions.

So Fucking Cold - an outfit post.

I didn't go to school today. The steroids I've been taking for the allergic reaction messed around with me majorly, and all of my feminine tissue (polite word for "titties", guys) and shoulder/back muscles were KILLING me. So I couldn't sleep, and decided I'd be better off not going for the two classes I had (physics revision can be revised at a later date). I did, however, go down to the deli and the bakery for bread and hot chocolate. I'll get a photo of Julia and Daniel maybe tomorrow when I go down. Anyway, it was motherfucking cold. Wind chill of a billion. So I had to wear layers. Oh no.

It's super effective!

Bonnet: Home made, available for sale on my site.
Shawl: From the market, freetrade made in Bangladesh
Coat: Sportsgirl
Jacket shirt thing you can't see: Goth Angel
Skirt: mother
Petticoats: Yo-Yos Vintage Secondhand, Byron Bay

This is a great budgetgoth outfit. That's my gothtip. Be cheap.

Anyway, I also started work on a pinstripe bolero, which just needs sleeves now. It will be available for $20 on the site by next week. I'm going into town to buy some material tomorrow, and I will probably make a new bustle skirt along with two of the three prizes I have to make.

Much love. :3

Monday 23 May 2011

School - The First Day Report (and a bitch about art, which I would like opinions on)

So today was my first day! Due to exams, I only have two actual classes a day this week, since no one really seems to be showing up for morning or afternoon. A lot of dicking around was involved. Here's me in my uniform, woo!

I have a sore on the inside of my cheek so I can only
kind of lopsidedly smile

I'm not even photos today. But the last one is the stockings I wore. Two pairs of thigh-highs, the underneath is red, the top are odd fishnets. XD


And that's my physics book. Well, High Energy Magic. And in my mind, I keep calling the teacher Mister Stibbons, although he isn't quite young enough, or quite level-headed enough. He kept trying to explain things to me. And I was like "dude. I know." and he would just keep going. "KITTY, THE X IS THIS THIS THIS -" "Yes, sir, I know." "-AND THIS THIS" "Y-yes. Sir. I know." "AND HELPS US SO ON AND SUCH" "s...sir, you can stop. I know." Everyone's terrified I won't understand because I'm, firstly, not doing maths, and secondly, kind of behind. But we're doing electricity. Not exactly the hardest subject for me to grasp. Today we revised resistors, and the teacher gave me evils when I mentioned that the scientist who worked out how muscles worked did so accidentally, by insisting and trying to prove that frogs' testicles were in their legs. He did not like the class knowing this. I can't imagine why.

Hopefully I'll post some interesting content later on today. Working on it. On Thursday, definitely, because tomorrow I only have two classes tomorrow and there's no school on Thursday (aaaaathletics carnival!). May visit heather, post a recipe, some science, etc.

HOPING that I will be able to start the prizes from the competition this weekend (but maybe not).

Much love. :3

EDIT: Oh, yeah, and I think I made a substitute teacher really shitty. I was in art, and she told us to write stuff about this abstract painting. I was like, "that. That's not art." and they wanted me to write about how it made me feeeel and the emotions in it and how deep and meaningful it was. I said it looked like the hallucinations of an opium addict, and since his artworks became gradually more and more abstract, I'm going to guess that's what he did. She said that he was one of the "greatest artists of his time". Who says? Ordinary people, or upper-class people trying to impress each other by staring at the squiggly line with some colour and saying, "yes, yes, it's so deep!" and making up all this stuff, and because they're all so upper-class and stuffy, they all just agreed so as to seem like they're knowledgeable about this stuff. This is art.

Toulouse Lautrec's Au Moulin Rouge
This is not.

Couldn't find an artist for this one, but yeah.
Not pictured: art.
Also, fuck people who go on about "meanings" in art. There is no real meaning to a painting. Yes, it might have been inspired by an event, but that doesn't make it "mean" anything. It's a picture. Do you know whose works have been raved on about their "meanings"? Salvidor Dali.

He literally just said, "Right. You throw water on the cats,
I'll jump, and you take a picture."
The melting clocks represent whatever? No. I'm pretty sure they're just weird.


So I had my orientation-thing today at the local highschool. My sister and I were together most of the day, being led about and doing paperwork. She put "rooster worship" on my enrollment form under "religion".

I'll post pictures before I go to school tomorrow. OH MY GOD SO TIRED. I barely slept last night, came home after walking around the school all day, and fell asleep. I was like, "i'm sleepy. there's nothing on TV. the DVD player is in Cork's room. I dun wanna move i- CORK'S BED" and lasted ten minutes into my movie before falling asleep.

My subjects are as follows:

Advanced English
Visual Arts
High Energy Magic (which is what I'm calling physics from now on)

I'm also calling my High Energy Magic teacher Ponder Stibbons. Because I can. Also, I might get a kickass leatherbound book for the subject. 8>

Nothing much else interesting happened. I'm watching Supernatural, eating some food, loving some cats.

Maybe something interesting later.

Sunday 22 May 2011

Guest Post - The Trials of a Working Goth

[My very good friend wrote this, although she has asked to remain anonymous. Thanks, though, doll. Please enjoy this recounting of her working life. I do not envy you.]


I am a Goth and I have a job!
A lot of people might think that Goths hang around the grave yard all day and night,but that's not true.We have normal jobs,we are doctors ,we are lawyers and we have families.
If you are a Goth you have to face a lot of challenges in your work life,which are not always fun.

My first job ever : Kitchen helper in a Greek restaurant
The first challenge was wearing white clothes......white trousers,white cook-jacket,white apron.And everytime I slipped into those clothes I felt so depressed and certainly not amused.
It doesn't make sense to wear white in the kitchen,especially if you are doomed to peel tons of beetroots.
When my shift was over,I was so happy to slip into pure black clothes.You could literally feel the darkness pump through my blood : “Ahhhh black”
After about 6 months of white torture attire they finally hired a proper sous chef and I got a promotion to be a server.
YES black clothes !!!! Oh yeah baby black work attire!
But the bad part was : I had to be friendly and put a fake smile on my face while serving those hard to please customers.Believe me,when a customer returns a perfectly cooked lamb chop 3 times,you already feast on this customers soul in your thoughts,while trying your hardest not to shove this damn lamb chop down his nose.
After a few weeks of fake smiling and all the 'the customer is the king' behavior,I was not myself anymore.Thank the non existing god that school started and I could quit that lousy job.

My next job : Call center for a phone-troubleshooting company
I knew this job would require a lot of fake friendliness,but at least the customer couldn't see me.
Taking advantage of this fact was a great deal of fun.While the customer was explaining the problem I could make silly faces,pretend to stick my finger in my throat or bang my head on the desk.It was just so much fun,especially because I could wear whatever I wanted and embrace the darkness.My co workers managed to ignore the weird girl with hilarious black make up and we kept that silent relationship until the company closed.

Then it was time to finish school,go to the university and finally turn into a serious person.
I wanted to become a teacher,but within the years of studying my looks changed and became more dark and extreme than ever.
My first job interview was a pure disaster : I was literally yelled at for not having a religion.
Yes,I used to be a catholic,but once I turned 18 I 'unsubscribed' from those heavenly lies told by the priests.
After about 30 job interviews that were rather a huge fail,I started to think about my future.
Can I still be a Goth and be happy with my job?
Will any school accept me and my liberal beliefs ?
Is there any way I can make both ends meet? Being professional yet Goth?

So the idea of becoming a teacher died.
I don't want to tell lies or half-truths to innocent children.

Then I started to send job applications everywhere.
And then finally I got an answer and an invitation for an interview.

I put on my black 'business' suit and went for it.
In the beginning I was soo afraid that I was going to get yelled at again.
Not this time.
To my surprise the man that interviewed me was very liberal too.
So I took all my courage and asked :” Is it okay that I am a Goth?”
His answer was sooo amazing: “ No as long as you don't offend anybody or consume blood during lunch break,you can work here”

Ohhh yes! Finally!
A proper job in a proper office.

During the first week I was really worried about behaving the right way,dressing the right way and saying the right things.
I wore black clothes,but not Goth-type of clothes because I didn't want to offend anybody.

My co-workers were very curious about the new Girl,but they really made me feel welcome there.

And then one beautiful Saturday I went out with my full Goth attire and make up and ran into my boss.
From that moment on everything changed.
Suddenly people were talking behind my back,my boss was making funny comments about Satanism and I didn't feel that welcome anymore.
A few months later I was called into the staff managers office and I was fired for no reason.

That day I buried the idea of being a working Goth.My love for the dark things had to stay at home while I work.

In my new job that I have for 2 years I try to behave like a normal person,dress like a normal person and hide the fact that I am Goth.

The world is a very sad place for a Goth who wants to work .
People are judging,mean and most of all badly informed about the Goth culture.

What I Did for World Goth Day - COMPETITION DRAWING

Pictured: excitement.

That is pretty much what we did today. But on to the exciting part: THE COMPETITION, drawn by my lovely assistant, who dyed her hair black for the occasion.

FIRST PRIZE which is a bustle and a skirt....

Victorian Kitty at Sophistique Noir!
Second prize, which is just a bustle....

Eliza, from Denmark! (I couldn't get into most people's profiles. So yeah. Half of them were like "404 ERROR" and the rest were like "PAGE CANNOT BE LOADED".)
Third prize, which is a long skirt....

Gin, from...I don't know. :D
Amy from the Ultimate Goth Guide also won some MacGuyvered-y prizes, which have not yet been decided, for managing to redirect people to my blog.

Hooray for them! Things will be made and sent out asap. If you've won, check your emails, there should be one from me on the stuff I need to give you your prize!

Mighty exciting! Thanks for entering, everyone, new contest soon!

I should be receiving new lipstick in the mail tomorrow. Review when that happens, and a guest post from my good friend when I manage to talk to her. :3

Much love!

Friday 20 May 2011

Another Give-away Post.

Amy's doing a give-away.

Look at that. She has the power.

Competition is drawn tomorrow! World Goth Day, hooray. Making cupcakes, etc. Will post pictures for a boring post later.

Thursday 19 May 2011

Your Overdue Weekly Science Pill - Evolution, And Why You're Its Bitch

I have been sorely lacking in science lately. But Cracked!.com posted an article that got me going again, along with my wellplaced rage at the internet, specifically some submissions to the site I do admin with.

I've made posts and references to evolution quite a few times now, although not in the depth I plan to take it to this evening before bed.

So a lot of evolution's opposers take things to reducto ad absurdium - that is, reducing an argument to absurd lengths to show its stupidity. "Have you ever seen a whole pile of [non-living compounds] come together after millions of years, to be come [common object]? OF COURSE NOT. THAT'S ABSURD." Except that's not how it works. Here's a brief guide to evolution, as best explained.

So, here we have an amoeba. He's a cool dude.

Fuckin' chill.
While not actually a one-celled, primordial-ooze kind of creature, it's a good enough representation, and it's basically just to give you the basic idea.

So after a long time and millions of generations, our cool single-celled organisms start to change. This change isn't noticeable straight away. It's not, as many people think, "and then one day one of them had feet". No. It's small, wide-spread changes overtime. Although I feel the need to post this, just for a laff.

Eventually, over countless generations and variants, these little cool squishy things become...other things. These things, for example.

That cool little ferret thing there is a pretty good representation of a first mammal.
And that's all there is to it. No "transitional forms". You want to know why? Because the idea of a transitional form goes against evolution, completely and utterly (sorry, creationists, this never happened). Every individual in a species is a "transitional form", taking in its environment, learning from its mistakes and passing on these to their young. That's why mammals are such successful creatures who evolve so quickly - because mammal babies are born so defenseless, they require so much more input from the parents.
Pictured: helpless, adorable.
Because of this increased need of parental care, the parent animals can pass on not just genetic behaviours, but learned behaviours, individual things learned throughout the parent's lifetime. A good example of this is through cats - anyone who has had a cat who has kittens would notice that the kittens, as they grow, copy their mother's own behaviour that she had learned since coming to live with you (for example, my kittens now know corn to be a source of buttery goodness thanks to their mother).

This kind of evolution is, to say the least, a little scary. Why? Because humans aren't very good at it. People (that is to say, the kind of people who think the world is ending this saturday) blame the world's problems on "sin" or "the youth today" (or the gays! and hippies!). But it's evolution at work - because just a few genetic freaks or mentally ill individuals can corrupt a whole generation through learned and further taught generations (like prejudice against goths being taught by parents to children, and then those children go out and victimise goths, and then those goths are victimised and may strike back through suicide or violence from perpetual bullying, thus continuing the cycle).

Hey, speaking of homosexuality, that's all a part of evolution. How? As a population grows too dense in one area, more people are born to be attracted to their own sex - that is, so they can care for children, but not produce them. It's natural population control. It's a sign that the earth is trying to stablise the enormous strain of human population. It also occurs in places with a very high stray animal population.

Unfortunately for humanity, however, we aren't quite evolving at the pace of other animals. Sure, we're poisoning everything, and we have guns and weapons, but everything else is picking up the pace along with our sudden leaps.

Never to fear, though. When the dolphins and cats rise in coalition with the dogs, we'll be long-dead.

Oh wait, no, the dolphins are already massing.
Evolution is starting to get sick of us. I hardly blame it. We've started claiming that it doesn't exist - and that must make evolution mad.

Another argument is that "if evolution [often evoLIEtion by people who think they are witty] were real, how come there are still monkeys?" (or this gem from the bright minds of creationism).

And the answer is simple: because our species of ape took one way, and others did not. If that kind of logic were sound, how come every kind of cat isn't a tiger? Why isn't every dog a great dane? It's like "different strokes for different folks", really. Every environment makes different mutations. Lemurs, for example, more or less stopped evolving because they were perfectly suited to their environment.

Oh, did I neglect to mention - lemurs are pre-simian. They're
what apes used to be before they were apes.
Evolution, whether you choose to believe it or not, happens to be a fact of reality. Animals are evolving before our eyes. We are evolving, too (albeit slowly). Funny thing about facts - they don't need you to believe them. They're just as they are.

There is such beauty in the world. And that beauty is precious, random chance. Whether there is some all-powerful being playing a Sims game with some really screwed free will algorithims or whether we're all alone out here on some rock orbiting a yellow star isn't relevant. What is relevant is, chase the morning. You only live once. So stop complaining, stop being stupid and live it.

Pictured: living.

Outfit Post!

With a lack of anything else to do, here's what I wore today.

Jacket/shirt/dressthing: Goth Angel, which used to be in Nowra. I think it's Tripp or GLP or something. I could take it off and see but :|
 Skirt: Dangerfield! Love that skirt.

I'm also wearing black stockings, odd socks and new legwarmers.

Baring my teeth. Because I can. It looked a lot better in reality.

Every day is an occasion for legwarmers and kittens.

And yes. I have socks with spiders on them. I also have some with skulls.

Might be going to the hairdresser's tomorrow, and then to Heather's for the weekend.

Much love. :3

Borrowing Things - is it okay?

The other day, I pointed out to Sary on her blog that the stockings she was wearing were, in fact, mine. She felt really bad because she knew they were.

Ages ago, I let Elizabeth borrow them. She gave them to Sary, and Sary kept them. She felt really bad about this and thought I'd be mad. And the thing is - i'm not. Friends borrow each other's stuff all the time, even without asking. I know I myself have a whole lot of other people's clothes and things in my room (Sarah's "I love Rock" shirt she left here months ago, Heather's pencilcase, my mother's dress, etc).

They say that best friends have closets full of each other's clothes. I know Shaun has approximately ten pairs of my underwear that got left behind, along with shirts and socks. A closetworth's of my clothes are at Heather's (and edward borrows my coat). It's what friends do, isn't it?

I assured dear Sarah that I didn't even care she had them, and told her not to worry about paying me for them. They're just stockings, and ones I lent out two years ago. I know that I have Supernatural Season One, that I got from Liz, and she from Sarah, and Sarah from Jesse, to the point we don't know who it belonged to. I got that in 2008, for christ's sake.

But what do you guys think? Do you have items friends let you borrow months ago that you never returned? Have friends with your clothes somewhere? Fess up!


Heston's Feast is doing a Gothic theme!

Holy shit!


Track it down and watch it, if you're not in Australia.

Wednesday 18 May 2011

Need Music Help

Alright, one more post before medicine and bed.

FIRSTLY, I need a new project, musically. Who has a song that they would like to hear done operatically? Someone please say Bohemian Rhapsody. Or an actual arietta (please just not German. I cannot sing in German. My brain is like "no. there are too many Gs" and I have a mental block around the note/key of G)?

If you LIKE, I could do a whole bunch of really bad mallgoth/babybat band songs or 80s disco, redone. Marylin Manson opera. You know you want it.

Secondly, I'm heading to The Heather's this weekend. She has downloads and I need some new music. Give me some tracks/albums you like! Someone please recommend some Emilie Autumn and similar artists so I can build up a collection.
Also, suddenly Blind Mag.

But yeah. Someone PLEASE tell me to do Bohemian Rhapsody. It's been in my head for weeks..


Shopping Spree, Part Two

Firstly, anyone following me who wants follow-backsies, COMMENT AND TELL ME. Some people who follow me don't have blogs, and my internet's kind of NO and doesn't load shit, so I don't know your blogs and I want to follow! Also, if anyone has a good goth clothes/accessories/makeup site with low costs and awesome range/products, also tell me!

Anyway, today my sister and I went shopping for school-related stuff. She scammed a new uniform from the school, and we went into town. Not much was to be had. BUT THEN, A BOOK SHOP.
My crush on Commander Vimes is
getting out of hand.
We bought this. Which is weird. I, by nature, don't buy books first-hand because fuck paying $50 for a book (thankyou, I Shall Wear Midnight!). But it was $20.99. And it's one more book we don't have to remember where it's from. So that's exciting. And also <3Sam Vimes<3! Yeah, that's right. I just pink-texted.

We dicked around for a while, tried to find stuff for school. I got a jumper and two blouses. Now I just need two skirts and a tie! I considered buying hair rollers ($2 for a packet of 6 foam rollers, and $35 for a pack of 20 heated rollers), but decided against it for reasons unknown.

After sewing a bit and such after returning home, I managed to get the internet connected, where a page I've "liked" on Facebook was posting about Lime Crime lipstick. I thought, "hey, Sarah got some! I have money! I'll get some!" and I went to look at their shipping prices before I decided.

$8 express postage? Hell fucking yes. After some internal debate, I decided on Manic Panic instead. And this is what I bought.

Tragic Beautiful is based in australia. $6 postage overseas for orders under $50 and such, so BUY FROM THEM, THEIR RANGE IS AWESOME.

It's fucking purple lipstick. But I like red with my purple, SOOOOO

I also bought STRIPEY LEGWARMERS from Best and Less in town because I need school stuff.

rainbow socks=fucking goth as
I also have an order from GoodGoth in the processing and next week, for school, I'm buying these goggles from Dracula Clothing


And a few packets of foam hair rollers - I'm fucking ready for school!
Don't forget to check out my website and tell me what you think! Free postage for anyone who orders anything over the next few days.

ALSO here's something from chat with the lovely Cooking Chinchillas, who is currently having a giveaway.

Cooking Chinchillas: i am a huge praying mantis fan
          they are so amazing
          my partner just read a small part of the conversation and goes :"pfff nerds"
          dinosaurs and bugs

Kitty: HEY YOU.
         SO SHUT UP
Nerding it up despite my lame recent posts. :D


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