Wednesday 18 May 2011

Shopping Spree, Part Two

Firstly, anyone following me who wants follow-backsies, COMMENT AND TELL ME. Some people who follow me don't have blogs, and my internet's kind of NO and doesn't load shit, so I don't know your blogs and I want to follow! Also, if anyone has a good goth clothes/accessories/makeup site with low costs and awesome range/products, also tell me!

Anyway, today my sister and I went shopping for school-related stuff. She scammed a new uniform from the school, and we went into town. Not much was to be had. BUT THEN, A BOOK SHOP.
My crush on Commander Vimes is
getting out of hand.
We bought this. Which is weird. I, by nature, don't buy books first-hand because fuck paying $50 for a book (thankyou, I Shall Wear Midnight!). But it was $20.99. And it's one more book we don't have to remember where it's from. So that's exciting. And also <3Sam Vimes<3! Yeah, that's right. I just pink-texted.

We dicked around for a while, tried to find stuff for school. I got a jumper and two blouses. Now I just need two skirts and a tie! I considered buying hair rollers ($2 for a packet of 6 foam rollers, and $35 for a pack of 20 heated rollers), but decided against it for reasons unknown.

After sewing a bit and such after returning home, I managed to get the internet connected, where a page I've "liked" on Facebook was posting about Lime Crime lipstick. I thought, "hey, Sarah got some! I have money! I'll get some!" and I went to look at their shipping prices before I decided.

$8 express postage? Hell fucking yes. After some internal debate, I decided on Manic Panic instead. And this is what I bought.

Tragic Beautiful is based in australia. $6 postage overseas for orders under $50 and such, so BUY FROM THEM, THEIR RANGE IS AWESOME.

It's fucking purple lipstick. But I like red with my purple, SOOOOO

I also bought STRIPEY LEGWARMERS from Best and Less in town because I need school stuff.

rainbow socks=fucking goth as
I also have an order from GoodGoth in the processing and next week, for school, I'm buying these goggles from Dracula Clothing


And a few packets of foam hair rollers - I'm fucking ready for school!
Don't forget to check out my website and tell me what you think! Free postage for anyone who orders anything over the next few days.

ALSO here's something from chat with the lovely Cooking Chinchillas, who is currently having a giveaway.

Cooking Chinchillas: i am a huge praying mantis fan
          they are so amazing
          my partner just read a small part of the conversation and goes :"pfff nerds"
          dinosaurs and bugs

Kitty: HEY YOU.
         SO SHUT UP
Nerding it up despite my lame recent posts. :D


Anonymous said...

Ooo, thanks for that shop recommendation. I love what they carry! That purple lipstick looks amazing, but I'm in love with their Vampires Kiss Red Lipstick myself.

Oh, and I'm following you. My blog is:

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Hooray! Consider yourself followed on facebook. n.n (of the "follow us on" links, it's the only thing I have XD)

Yeah, I went on it for the first time in...ever, probably, and it's AMAZING. LIPSTICK BY TUESDAY. FUCKYEAH.

Lolitadewdrop said...

I love Terry Pratchett so much! I bought THUD! about a month ago at a 2nd hand bookshop.:) We don't often get 2nd hand Terry Pratchett books here.

I follow you. My blog is :

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...


I have some sort of weird crush on Sam Vimes, I don't know why, but yeah, we don't get second-hand stuff much, really. I have a network of library and family/friends to get books off, but I own Thief of Time and THUD! now.


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