Tuesday 17 May 2011

Online Shopping!

Because my whole face is like, elephant man, or some kind of stonefish, I'm confined to my home. So today, I went shopping online at GoodGoth.com (the name makes me laugh every time). I made the purchase of some hairdye (I was going to get some in Sydney this weekend, but I thought that my LGBT family could do without seeing me like this), some shoes and an Accessory Mystery Bag. Seriously, those mystery bags are the best fucking idea.

The hair dye is cotton candy pink ("Cupcake Pink", glows under black light 83 ), and while I'd rather Manic Panic, their brands are good enough for me. Cheaper, too.

The shoes I bought were black Victorian boots. These:

To be precise. I had to order a size up from usual, because they were out-of-stock, and besides, it's probably better to do that. And they're cute as fuck.

All up, including shipping, the order was $135.49, which is okay until you realise that $60-ish dollars of it was shipping. Kind of ridiculous, guys, but it's good enough.

Next week, more shopping, for school uniform stuff, and some googles from Dracula Clothing (which I'd buy now but I'm sixty cents short and I think I've spent enough - love the free shipping, bought some stockings from there the other week, really awesome service, etc, etc, praise and so on, also hooray for mallgoth site names!), and I'll probably be advising the wonderful Mister Growlithe on what to buy from The Gentleman's Emporium (and a sun bonnet and gloves for me! maybe a dress? o: not that I need it!), which is another site that is a bulk-order kind of thing.

ON TOP of that, My wonderful friend Magdalena is making me a bonnet! Such a lovely woman, and a bigger nerd than she'll ever admit. She posted a picture of a TARDIS lunchbox on Facebook the other day. It was amazing.

Anyway, I'm going to set up a freewebs mock-up version of my simple-and-cheap-goth-stuff clothes, until i can buy and maintain a domain name. Anyone any good with web design/web checkout stuff? Anyone have name ideas, actually? :D


SarahWalrus said...

Why not just use a blogger account as your webstore. You can post items on here and updates etc, organise them in the task bar and anyone whom needs you can contact you by email in your profile or comment? You could hook the comments up to your email as well so it's easier to organise and you could have a simple paypal to paypal ordering system of cash order but then you'd have to wait until the money arrives and such.

Also, your a bitch for having so much money.

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

I don't have any money, Sarah. XD i just happen to be the strange bedfellow as a high-paid labourer.

I could use my blog, but it'd be too hard for people to keep track of. I might do payment through paypal to paypal, but it's good to have a website people can look at everything on. I'll post updates on the blag and such, and will probably stick to an "to order, send me an email with the product codes" checkout system

Do you want in on this? x3 I'm not good with sleeves.

SarahWalrus said...

Not sureee. Not entirely yet but I would love to trial a partnership. xD


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