Thursday 26 May 2011

Mini-Post - Hair Rollers (and why I use them)

In my last post, I mentioned buying five packs of five-each hair rollers. Foam ones. Well, I put them in. They feel amazing.

And in my white 1950s pregnant wife nightdress too. I'll be sleeping in these, minus the blue fringe ones.

People have often asked why I do this kind of thing with my hair. Mostly it's because it's fun, but there's a number of other reasons.

1: Curling irons have never worked well with my hair. And now I'm a bleachblonde, it'll just melt my hair. But really, my hair has always just dropped out curls immediately when applied with heat.

2: It's easier. Sure, it may take ages, but once it's done, you just sit back and let your hair dry. You just have to do it a while before wanting to go out (but who doesn't start getting ready twelve hours beforehand, anyway? I'm not going out until next weekend, and I'm already preparing)

3: no one else does it anymore. I've met a few older and elderly ladies who marvel that I bother to do rollers and rag curls, because they did it when they were my age. Girls nowadays straighten their hair until it gets that really ugly, fake look straightened hair gets. In this aspect only, I respect Snooki.

Skin: wrong. Clothes: wrong. Attitude: wrong
Makeup: wrong. Hairstyle: RIGHT ON.
I like having curls in my hair because they're different. All the trashy girls at my school have their hair in that awful scene style.

Why the fuck do they do this?
My school is full of hyper-skinny girls who look exactly like that. Hundreds of them.

And that is why I will be sleeping in rollers tonight.

Much love. :3


Tenebris In Lux said...

So .. true ..

Ugh. I have girls in my school that don't bother to bring their school supplies, but will bring a comb and that glittery lip gloss stuff .. of all things to bring to a class!

I feel sorry for people who use straitening irons. Honey, you're gunna dry out your hair, and now what? I respect people who can admire what they DO have.

I'd love to try foam curlers, but I have really thin and oily hair (mostly due to the fact that I have a Mohawk!).

Julietslace said...

I love using rollers too :3

Jamie said...

Rollers are awesome. I have really long hair, and I don't like to use heat tools because it's damaging, so popping rollers in and falling asleep works really well for me. And I really don't care for the shaggy, emo-esque hairstyles that are so popular in subculture lately either-though that might be because I'm more of a Victorian goth, so I like things that are softer and more lush, neither of which describes those dreadful cuts!

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Straight hair has its time and place. I like my hair big and curly at the moment.

Curls turned out amazing, and the aftermath is a very pointy outwards-crease. I like it.


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