Monday 23 May 2011

School - The First Day Report (and a bitch about art, which I would like opinions on)

So today was my first day! Due to exams, I only have two actual classes a day this week, since no one really seems to be showing up for morning or afternoon. A lot of dicking around was involved. Here's me in my uniform, woo!

I have a sore on the inside of my cheek so I can only
kind of lopsidedly smile

I'm not even photos today. But the last one is the stockings I wore. Two pairs of thigh-highs, the underneath is red, the top are odd fishnets. XD


And that's my physics book. Well, High Energy Magic. And in my mind, I keep calling the teacher Mister Stibbons, although he isn't quite young enough, or quite level-headed enough. He kept trying to explain things to me. And I was like "dude. I know." and he would just keep going. "KITTY, THE X IS THIS THIS THIS -" "Yes, sir, I know." "-AND THIS THIS" "Y-yes. Sir. I know." "AND HELPS US SO ON AND SUCH" "s...sir, you can stop. I know." Everyone's terrified I won't understand because I'm, firstly, not doing maths, and secondly, kind of behind. But we're doing electricity. Not exactly the hardest subject for me to grasp. Today we revised resistors, and the teacher gave me evils when I mentioned that the scientist who worked out how muscles worked did so accidentally, by insisting and trying to prove that frogs' testicles were in their legs. He did not like the class knowing this. I can't imagine why.

Hopefully I'll post some interesting content later on today. Working on it. On Thursday, definitely, because tomorrow I only have two classes tomorrow and there's no school on Thursday (aaaaathletics carnival!). May visit heather, post a recipe, some science, etc.

HOPING that I will be able to start the prizes from the competition this weekend (but maybe not).

Much love. :3

EDIT: Oh, yeah, and I think I made a substitute teacher really shitty. I was in art, and she told us to write stuff about this abstract painting. I was like, "that. That's not art." and they wanted me to write about how it made me feeeel and the emotions in it and how deep and meaningful it was. I said it looked like the hallucinations of an opium addict, and since his artworks became gradually more and more abstract, I'm going to guess that's what he did. She said that he was one of the "greatest artists of his time". Who says? Ordinary people, or upper-class people trying to impress each other by staring at the squiggly line with some colour and saying, "yes, yes, it's so deep!" and making up all this stuff, and because they're all so upper-class and stuffy, they all just agreed so as to seem like they're knowledgeable about this stuff. This is art.

Toulouse Lautrec's Au Moulin Rouge
This is not.

Couldn't find an artist for this one, but yeah.
Not pictured: art.
Also, fuck people who go on about "meanings" in art. There is no real meaning to a painting. Yes, it might have been inspired by an event, but that doesn't make it "mean" anything. It's a picture. Do you know whose works have been raved on about their "meanings"? Salvidor Dali.

He literally just said, "Right. You throw water on the cats,
I'll jump, and you take a picture."
The melting clocks represent whatever? No. I'm pretty sure they're just weird.


VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

Lol! I love your interpretation of abstract art. As a Graphic Design major in college, I had to take several art history courses. I hated the "modern" art one. I felt the same way - maybe it "meant" something to the artist, but abstract stuff sure as heck didn't mean a thing to me! :) Sometimes I find it visually appealing, but never particularly meaningful.

It's so cool that you can wear fishnets even with a school uniform!! Very cute.

Tenebris In Lux said...

I can totally sympathize. At least they didn't cut art in my school, but to have better teachers? Please ..!

Outfit? You're rockin' it And I'm not one for uniforms. Keep it up!

I forgot who said it (probably a musician), but dissecting art is a big no no. Kind of like poetry, yes? They MIGHT have meanings .. but poetry is up to the reader to comprehend, for a foundation of a literate education, and to be enjoyed. "Feelings" .. bleh ..

SarahWalrus said...

I like that artwork actually.

But in my opinion, good art isn't something you think too much about. It just kind of ...happens.


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