Thursday 5 May 2011

A Goth Guide to Sexy

I've been tempted to make this post for a while. Many blogs I follow (read: stalk), especially The Ultimate Goth Guide and Sophistique Noir have a lot of tips about "be goth, not trashy". Yes, sometimes a trashy outfit is appropriate - like when you go to a industrialgoth nightclub and so on. But, a lot of babybats often think that, to be goth, y'gotta be skanky. This is not true at all.

Here's a little test - a google image search of "sexy goth", the first image that wasn't Angelina Jolie. I know. I'm confused too. (Safesearch on for fuck's sake! I forgot to put it on and holy shit I regret that.)

And there you have it. The world's first impression of a sexy goth. Sure, it's not as bad as others (safesearch. on.), but still - it's not how most goths dress. When it comes to sexy, I find that less is more.

I first brought this subject up with Shaun after reading this post over at the Ultimate Goth Guide. He agreed with me, but also pointed out a few things I'm not going to share, because if I told you lot his turn-ons I'd be in trouble

So what, exactly, makes goth sexy? My old art teacher Deirdre said something along these lines.
"There's something mysterious about gothic corsets and waistcoats. Their concealing nature makes us want to know more, and we are intrigued by them. Kitty, for example, is always dressed neck-to-knee, but the feminine shapes and fabrics she wears makes her mysterious and she just seems to draw you in." "Stop using me as an example. 8c" "No. :3"

There is, of course, a point to what she's saying. The Gothic women's fashion is rather ultra-feminine. Curves are dramatised and accentuated. As a bisexual woman, I have permission to comment on this - so what do I find more attractive, a long (or short) full skirt, a thin waist and a long top, or a PVC bra and g-string set? (hint: the theme is "less is more".) Yes, there is a time and a place for everything. But high street in rush hour on a windy day is not the time to be trashy.

Heather and I went to the city a few weeks ago, where every few minutes, Heather would go, "Tights are not pants. TIGHTS ARE NOT PANTS." And it's true. The trend of girls to wear tights and no skirt, shorts or whathaveyou with it is disturbing.
There are a lot of popular images of goths in the collective public mind - the social outcast or group of loners who sit around, smoke and stay quiet.

Who doesn't like these guys, tho?

The manipulative, homicidal maniac...

This was the first image for "Nancy - the craft". I love you, internet.

Dita von Tease...

Who doesn't want to be her, tho? She's sophisticated and beautiful.
The gamer...

The icky mallgoth corpsepaint tragedy... (funnily enough, this was the first result...seriously, amy, so many of those results are from your blog. What does this say about you?)

Who told him this was a good idea?

Also this because it's awesome.
But really, what's sexier - this?

For anyone debating the gothness of this chick,
it's from a page called "How to Dress Goth"
Or this?

Goth is what you make it. There is a time and a place to be trashy - concerts, clubs, whatever - but please remember, how you carry yourself, how you act and how you treat others affects the rest of the world's opinion of the rest of us. Don't go out there and be a stereotype. Go out and make us proud.

(this took forever. Also, I still want to be Dita von Tease. Screw it, I'll settle for Streisand...)

No one ever suspects this.


VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

This is wonderfully well written, and I couldn't agree more! (and not just because you are a sweetheart and mentioned my blog ;) )

You are absolutely correct: the average, "stereotypical" Goth defines how we ALL are perceived by people outside of the subculture (and often even by people inside the subculture!). It shouldn't be this way - we all should be judged on our own merits... but sadly, that is not usually how it happens. I do wish that more Goths (and anyone representing or associating with any non-conformist group) would take it as a social responsibility to always show themselves at their best. Unfortunately, rebellion is often part of the problem. Not many teens think about how their temporary rebellion will permanently affect and shape the views of the people around them. :)

Thank you for putting this out there for all the world to ponder!

Amy Asphodel said...

My blog? Really? Oh, goodness *heads off to Google sexy Goths*

I'm also bisexual and agree on the less-is-more... however I DO like tight-fitting, military/fetish themed, lots of velvet, lace... velvet is sexier than PVC, for reals <3 (*).(*)

Julietslace said...

LOL the South Park goth kids make me laugh <3

HeatherfoxV said...

Tights < pants.

Tenebris In Lux said...

Well .. whadaya know .. I'm also bisexual, and I have to agree on some of these points. I do some photography (not really modeling technically?), but I don't show skin. But that doesn't mean I dislike seeing some skin every now and then .. ;-P

Dita von Teese - excellent choice! Razor Candi is my favorite, though :3


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