Wednesday 19 October 2011

O u guise - good news is good!

So apparently I have over 20 000 pageviews now. Wow. And someone - TELL ME WHO YOU ARE, ANONYMOUS PERSON - linked my "what is this" post on that one Examiner Article about Lime Crime. (if you didn't know already, Deere went through and followed all of Shrinkle's followers to try and increase business. because that's not weird, scary or pathetic at all.)

So thanks guise. Here's to another 20 000 times of you guys clicking through my blag and going, "the shit is this freak on about? Is she a furry or something? I don't understand."

To celebrate, I have an amusing anecdote to tell you - so our cat Delilah is pregnant again. Outside, we have a deck and a gate that blocks off the stairs to the back garden. They usually walk in between the pickets of the gate to get through. Well, she did that the other day - and shut the gate with her girth.

Well done, slutcat. Well done.

And in other news - on the 27th of October til the 31st, I will be in melbourne. If all goes well, and I like a house I am going to look at, I will be moving down not a week later! Isn't that just perfectly fantastic?

AND IN EVEN MORE OTHER NEWS, at the end of next year, sometime around September, Shaun and i are planning on going overseas. To Europe. Starting in Belgium, we will be working our way through the great European continent. We will be planning meetups whereever we are, but so far we have this planned:

-Go to Belgium
-Go to Germany
-Go to Norway
-Go to Finland
-Go to France
-Go to Russia
-Go to the UK and Ireland
-Go to Canada

Other than Belgium and the UK and Canada, those are in no particular order. However, we will be spending New Years somewhere - to celebrate the end of the Filthy Victorians. Hopefully we will get to celebrate that in a pub in East London - where Jack the Ripper used to drink. Wouldn't that be fitting?

We would also most likely be spending a little time in the northern and western states of the US and in New England as well. If we make it that far without deciding to stay somewhere forever, that is (and there is a WHOLE LOT of Scotland over there). Hopefully we will get to spend a good portion of time working in the UK, in order to save up for the rest of the trip.

So...who'd like to have us around?

I am so excited and looking


Amy Asphodel said...

OMG I'm gonna meet Her Feline Awesomeness! <3

Also, pics. Post MANY pics.

Sal said...

Wow, A WORLD TOUR!!! :)
Lemme know where & when you'll be in Germany. :)

Btw: Norway is a great country to visit! I suggest taking the ship from Kiel, Germany, to Oslo, Norway. Fantastic! You'll love it!

Unknown said...

I really can't wait till next year! Epic times will be epic.

Anonymous said...

New Years in Scotland. Do it, us Scottish are famous for our Hogmanay :D No where else does it better! I'm totally in love with my country, from the cities (I'm in Glasgow) to the countryside, Scotland is full of win.

Not that I'm biased or anything.

(found you through *that* examiner article, catching up after a few months... the fuckery never stops!)

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Amy - you say that, but you may get stuck with seeing me a bit more than you bargained for. :P

Sal - Germany will be either second on the list, or for Christmas. We don't know yet. As for the ship to Norway, Shaun is a severe hydrophobe, ships for me! :<


Delicioustacky - Oh, I don't thin you're biased. I think you're right! Shaun is a Crawford, and he's pretty much all Scot. I can attest to this, ifyouknowhatimean. :P I may go and read THAT article...

I don't know what happened to the end of this post, and why it ended mid-sentence. But I'll just leave it like that.

Ashlee said...

World tour,! Lucky you.

I live so close to Canada that I would practically live there if things worked like that.


Tenebris In Lux said...

Kitty on "world tour" xD

Sounds very ambitious. o_o

Sakara said...

Why not try to fit your Uk visit in with Whitby Goth can utterly filthy victorian there!

or London wise, then a visit to Camden town is a must for any visiting goth type, even though you have to fight your way through the tourists it is worth it lol. If you plan to visit the haunts of The Ripper i can find out which of the guided tours are the best - as there are many!

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Sakara - We're going to Whitby. XD I decided this the other week, because GOTH TODDLERS ARE NAW.

My sister lived in London for many years - she used to work in the pub where Jack the Ripper drank. So yeah awesome. XD Come with us!

Sakara said...

ooh i know you are going to LOVE IT in Whitby! I'm not a fan of kids, but kids in goth wear do make me grin!

Oh yeah..There are so many ripper tours and some are just ...bad. But i know there is one tour that my Ripper mad friend raves about, says its the most indepth tour and takes you to places others dont bother with. my friend is away at the moment, hence he's not replied, but as soon as he does ill tell you the one he loves and the ones to avoid hehe

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

I love bad ripper stuff.

Sakara said...

Ah i'm talking about bad as in 'rip tourists off' bad. Not bad as in ooh thats nasty, i want to see more bad :D, because that what the good tours involve hehe


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