Tuesday 4 October 2011

Adora Points - A followup.

Remember this post on Adora BatBrat's blag where that person was horrible and I was all "what what the fuck man" and people were having a huge pissfit about it?

I got an email today, which notified me of a comment saying this:

"I never talked to Adora or Iva but I read their blogs and stuff. They dont give off a UCG impression? They both seem like they are nice people

Kitty Lovett however ive seen comment on many blogs and things which is fine. But she cant seem to except any view thats different then her own. And strikes me as being a massive wannabe with a vulgar attitude

I'd NEVER normally judge anyone like this. But ive seen her really put down a lot of people. One of my friends included. There is no need to be so harsh with people who dont think exactly her way!"

 There we have it, boys and girls! I'm a huge wannabe and a vindictive bitch. This brave little anon decided to let me know and as we're aware there's nothing bitchy, wussy or lame about attacking someone anonymously. You're right, anon. I am a huge wannabe. When I grow up, I wannabe a principal, or a caterpillar!

Yes, I do put people down. I do. I admit that. But I don't deny it, and I don't post it anonymously, because that is insulting. I don't attack people for their ideas or beliefs, unless there's something wrong going on. I only bring up things I feel should be brought up, and I don't go out of my way to "put people down" or hurt their feelings unless I deem it necessary to make my point, or if that person really really deserves it.

I pull up hypocrites, or people who are making a point but that point is wrong.

As for "cannot deal with other people's views", yeah, sure, and that's why i have friends who wear bonnets and read their bibles four times a day. And, unless you haven't noticed, "people with different views are wrong" is a natural human thing. Some people take it too far, and you get, you know, baptists. Human society and philosophy is based on conversation and debate.

So maybe I am just a horrible person and an "omg hater", but I can live with that. I can live with who I am, and am not particularly bothered by people who are clearly such a pussy that they feel the need to post, anonymously, on someone else's blog, instead of coming to me directly. And d'you know what?

Not even one.
So I'm just going to carry on, posting pictures of my cats, dressing up and having opinions and whiskers. Hate me if you like, but I have a heather, and a shaun, and a wizard cat with a pink nose and as of around now no testicles, and those are things you are so sorely lacking in, dear anonymous (oh, and I know who you are. The anon thing was just weak, although I reeeeaally doubt you'd be reading this, since you're kind of a thundercunt and that's why i don't like you, although I told you my issues with you in the nicest possible way, and Julia told you the exact same things in a far harsher way, and you bitchfitted at me and kissed her ass. Weak, man. Weak.)

Enough of that, though. Just thought I'd address that.

Much love!


Tenebris In Lux said...

My goodness. You speak your mind, and some anon calls you a wannabe. For, you know, speaking your mind. And this person has the gall to say this anonymously. wtf?

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

It doesn't help that I know who she is, too. :P but no. Not a single fuck was given that day.

Hayley said...

I hate when people post anonymous mean comments. So cowardly.
I'm not opposed to anonymous comments in general but at least if someone is going to attack me, let me explain myself (and how they're wrong haha).

SarahWalrus said...

At that last paragraph I was like- OHHH, I know exactly who you're talking about.

Xanthy said...

I have a number in mind corresponding with the number of fucks I give regarding that anon's opinion. It isn't equal to or greater than one...

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Hayley - exactly. I have no problem with anons in general, but attacking someone anonymously - wowsobrave!

Srry - yeah, hence the ironing of her calling ME a wannabe. Put down the eyeliner and back away slowly.

Xanthy - oh xanthy. You so xanthy. XD

Unknown said...

Kittty VS Anon-a-betch?

My bet is on Kitty. */hands up, backs away slowly.


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