Monday 10 October 2011

Boogy-Woogy Kitty Cat from Company C(at)

First order of business, I had someone send me an abusive email about how I'm ugly and an emo and "no one like me". I mean apparently. People hate me so much that I have a (fairly popular, by my admittedly low standards) blag that people read and comment on. Yes, I am so hated and alone. I so whimsically responded, "you're just jealous because I'm fat."

However, the far more exciting order of business today is my eldest sister's birthday. I didn't take any photos because apparently our fucking cuntbag of a camera is broken. I will post some pictures as soon as other people post them on the bookface. Sally turned 29 today. Happy Birthday, Sal!

Anyway, this is what I looked like. I could't get a damned photo of my outfit because of the camera, and apparently my webcam doesn't have a delay button (what). I will however fill you in on what I did wear.
Channeling the Andrews Sisters again!

Sorry about the messed colours. I did my best.


My sister's black crow jacket
Skirt - Gallery Serpentine
Shirt - GS
Stockings - In Visible Light
I am so proud of this liner.
Doc Martens - Second-hand
Hat - FanplusFriend
Pearls - ILovePearls
Knee-high red stockings - FanplusFriend

I had to try several times for a face bad enough to express
how i felt about this.

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #13
Chinchilla powder
Shiro blush in "Potion"
Manic Panic Creature of the Night duo liner
Manic Panic "Blood Red" lipstick
Shiro eyeshadow in "EVERYTHING IS BEARS"

And now I am off. Much love, my gothlings.

(ps: if I have to say "shut up" one more time to my nephew, there will be trouble.

pps: too late.)


Julietslace said...

LOL you have the best insults, my camera was dead for half an hour on my 18th. I was gutted, until it decided it was fine.

Btw I suggest "piss stained, peanut brained camera" for future use.

Cherish said...

Oh dear, your camera's broken too!

When mine failed to work a few days ago, I managed a fairly colorful insult at it but not as good as yours. *Claps* :)

If the webcam breaks/the other camera break as well I may have a few more things to say...

Mira said...

Oh man, I love that outfit!

Kamyria said...

LMAO You're hillarious! I love the outfit, you looked awesome!

Tenebris In Lux said...

The people who send those kinds of emails have no life. You could have also responded with, "u jelly, bro?" :D

That first picture is absolutely stunning. Sorry about the camera, though .. :-/

Lolitadewdrop said...

I absolutely love the way that you write, you are so descriptive. Also I dig that last photo of you. :)

Amy Asphodel said...

Your poofy purple-trimmed skirt in the header-thingy? I has the same one. Or nearly identical, anyway.

Yeah, I came all the way over here just to tell you that.

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Thanks everyone for the nice comments. :D I really do appreciate it.

Amy, you are so silly. XD hell bunny ftw.

I took a similar photo to the first one on my phone before, and am going to set it as my profile image.

The Phantom Cat said...

Looks like a very cute outfit! Lovin the hat. Also lovin your attitude towards those kinds of comments! I shall have to remember it the next time I'm faced with unpleasant comments from people when I'm out and about :)


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