Tuesday 18 October 2011

Mini-post - LOL A DEERE

No, this isn't the hilbeariousness that we have been waiting for. It's something from this really fucking stupid post on Doe a Deere's blag. She goes on about the evils of straight men in the cosmetics industry, says people who don't wear neon lipstick are "moths" and unpretty, and posts the "bleak" scale of beige lipstick. Technically, that isn't beige, either. It's mauve.

ANYWAY I spotted this. Clickeru to enlarge the lulz.

That's right. She went on about how NO ONE ANYWHERE HAS EVER MADE BRIGHT COLOURED COSMETICS BEFORE. No, not one single one. And then she went and made a lipstick in one of the shades she claimed was a "moth" shade and ergo UGLY UGLY UGLY.

I also love how she's managed to release Styletto....twice. ?!

No more deereness until she tweets back to me, anyway. I just spotted this while I was reading through Lipsticks and Lightsabres and thought I would share.


Ashlee said...

lol, that's practically the same colour!

I actually agreed with her on the parts about "why shouldn't we wear non-traditional colours?", "fake eyelashes to look more natural?" and "why are men running the beauty business?" but her "I'M HERE TO SAVE THE WORLD AND MAKE IT SO YOU CAN WEAR PRETTY PRETTY RAINBOW UNICORN COLOURS AND NOT JUST UGLY MOTHY COLOURS. ALSO, I'M SPECIAL BECAUSE I LIKE COLOUR." a bit pretentious.

Jamie said...

Ugh, Doe Deere-she is such a hypocrite! I found out all about her chicanery through the Lipsticks and Lightsabers blog, and was basically like "Yeah, her lipsticks might be pretty, but she is way too much of a pretentious, self-involved ass for me to ever consider buying from." Oh the irony that one of her special lipsticks is "bland and beige"-and she certainly hasn't made any strides that L'Oreal or even NYC haven't made in the arena of bright reds! I wouldn't hold out hopes for a decent reply to your tweet-she refuses to acknowledge any comments that aren't "OMGusospeshul!" Good luck, though!

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Ashley, if there were women in charge of male-oriented companies, no one would say "women should not be here". Just because they are men does not mean they can't run a business targeted at women. Also note that she stereotypes gay people. I would also like to point out that natural colours come nowhere into any cosmetics. The fact that she claims that NO ONE EVER MADE COSMETICS BRIGHT ENOUGH is bullshit too. She used to use Kryloan heavily. She is full of shit, as well as herself.

Jamie - never ever buy L'Oreal, Ganier, Maybelline or any of those brands except Schwartzkopf. They all test on animals. Just by the way. The best reds I have are Manic Panic, although my favourite was a Bloody Mary one. LC is nothing special. At all. *coughSTARGAZERcough*

Julietslace said...

How did you find out that they test on animals? I was thinking about not buying products tested on animals but I can't find many sources :(

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Amy, try this new-fangled thing - it's called google. :P I'm kidding, PETA has a PDF of animal testing companies. I'm just going to tell you now - all the companies you think are competitive? They're owned by the same people.

dull_flame said...

I know this is a week-old post but D'oh Derp is following me on Twitter now. Just because I follow Sugarpill (and Amy). She really must've gone and added all of Sugarpill's followers.

dull_flame said...

Oh, and I had something to say about Schwarzkopf... I love them! Their color is awesome, I always use(d) it on my independant clients. The blue-black is to die for. For brights I normally either reach for Paul Mitchell Ink Works or Pravana KeraSilk Brights. Especially the Pravana ones, because they're stains and they stay forever.

But I love Manic Panic as well. My favorites have been Enchanted Forest, Ultra Violet, and Shocking Blue. Too bad I can't do anything too funky with my hair right now, I'm trying to find a job...

Sakara said...

Ooh dear,me thinks BarryM might disagree on the different lipstick colours thing..since that brand has been around since the 80s and was THE go to for goth black, shimmery blues and greens along with Stargazer.
Illamasqua make extraordinary liptick shades that are high fashion and not put into vile packaging (i hate the unicorn vomit cases she uses)
Then of course my favourite lipstick maker - Morgana Cryptoriaof whoe Plumeria is my holygrail of lip colour

then again back to states - Manic Panic.

She really isn't a special snowflake is she (what with all the crap about her unique eyeshadows and awful quality of her lipsticks for insane prices)


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