Thursday 13 October 2011

Filthy Victorians 2012 - Guidelines? (+tricks and one hell of a tummy)


Okay, so they're not rules. Or guidelines, really. But they're the best I could come up with. They're basically SHIT YOU CAN DO.

-You may have on your Victorian Person 3 modern/Time Traveller items (I would suggest mewsics, phone and your sonic screwdriver) 

-Once a week is your Timetraveller Day. Constant 1800s is tiring. To help me carry this through, I am instating that once a week, you are Anything Goes Goth. Steampunk, cybergoth, industrial goth or Jeans And Tee goth - everyone needs a break! I bet most of these will be me in my 40s gear....damn you time travel!

-If for any reason you can't dress Victorian, you can use an Emergency Pass. (I will literally print and laminate a card saying "To Whom It May Concern; Please Excuse Ms. Lovett's Improper Dress. Her Chameleon Circuits Aren't Working Today.")
-Every two weeks, have a burlesque day. A break from long skirts and bustle pads will do you good (but going a day without a corset when you're used to it every day SUCKS A MILLION DICKS. Try to avoid that!), and some good ol' teased hair will give you a well-earned boost. Extra goth points for doing historically accurate Victorian burlesque gear. ;3

-If you can't acquire a suitable handbag, any old one you have would be fine (but check second-hand shops for old leather satchels!)

TRICKSIE KITTENSES (i'm on a nerd kick today. 8c)

Here are a few tricks I can give you.

-Any old work or school blouse can be edited all victorian - add a few layers of lace around the neck and sleeves for a jabot and prettiness. A small-waisted skirt worn over the blouse will reduce the need to take it in.

-For a 1870s/80s bustle skirt, you can get any old skirt from any old shop, get a few yards of matching material, and cut the skirt down the back panel. Re-hem the cut edges, and make bustle ruffles with the material. Stitch it onto the back of the skirt. I would suggest this tutorial for making the bustle back! For a bustle pad, a small lounge pillow pinned to some muslin wrapped around you can do just fine!

-For trains, the only thing I can recommend is shops like Vinnies and other charity shops - they sell old Princess Di style wedding dresses that you can use the train and petticoat of. Hell, you could probably find one to dye black and use. Veils are ESPECIALLY YES. Actually, let's just make this "rape and pilliage charity shops".

-For an 1860s look, you can get two long skirts from Target or K-Mart, and cut them both down a side seam. Cut off their waistbands and make one for your corset waist. Ruffle the skirt tops and sew them to the waist band. Then hem and sew the cut seams together - and hey presto, lazy full skirt! You can also edit these into pulled-back draped bustles typical of the 1870s.

-REMEMBER: Jackets match your skirts. Plain colours like black and white and navy blue are good for this. For some good inspirations, check Historical Clothing's extensive articles. :D they also have a LOT of helpful sewing tips, and if you like them on Facebook you will get a lot more!

What is your inspiration today? I have been watching a LOT of Doctor Who (from the episode before the Pandorica duo until A Good Man Goes To War), and so I am heavily channelling Idris at the moment!

And for added daw, here's my friend's cat's fat tummy.

Let me know what you think!


Amy Asphodel said...

Lifesaver. All my worries are null and void. <3

Except that my Anything Goes day will have to be my day off work as my coworkers are going crazy about the whole 'everyday Victorian' thing. Heh.

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Yaaay! :D

Oh and Amy...did you know, I could quite possibly be ending my Victorian Year...with you. In England. :D

Tenebris In Lux said...

Awesome sauce!

I'm still tempted to create some promotional posters of sorts to advertize this event. Who knows how far it will go .. o_o

And high-fives for the time traveling. :3

Snowhyte said...

So wish I could do job would never permit me dressing like a victorian every day - my emergency pass would have to be almost the majority of every day :/ I will content myself (for now) with following everyone's posts...and being very jealous! lol :)

linnea-maria said...

Sleepy hollow is a perfect inspirational movie to watch.lovely bustle skirts. But maybe the wrong period.

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Tenebris - DO IT. DO IT NOW. we need images!

Snowhyte - you can work it out.

Linnea - that has to be the movie i like that I watch least.

Miss Morgan said...

'' Her Chameleon Circuits Aren't Working Today''

Laught so hard!

Gothic Charm School said...

I love love love the idea of Filthy Victorians 2012! (Of course, that's probably because my everyday wardrobe is pretty on-theme for it, just with knee-length skirts and petticoats.)

I want to promote this over at Gothic Charm School; is there a particular info/getting started post I should link to? And do you have a Tumblr set up?

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Hey Jillian

Gawsh, feels so weird that you've read my blog. Terrified of making an arse of myself now. Mr. Growlithe is telling me to play it cool. I'm not very cool though.

The original post is , and Amy from the Ultimate Goth Guide had her own post about it. Thanks a lot! Have a Washpot puss.

Aelfcynn said...

Have jumped onto the LJ community: hope it gets lively!


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