Saturday 10 September 2011

I Love Lipstick - Colours of the Cat-rainbow.

New segmenty-thing where I prattle on about lipstick - a thing I think I love even more than my shiro shadows or even my shiro blush. I'm going to take another opportunity to plug them. Seriously. $8 for a huge pot of blush, $5 for a pot of shadow. Try it!

So, as you could probably tell, my little squishes, I don't really get the concept of "wearable shades" - ie, safe, daytime shades in nonoffensive colours - reds, pinks and the like. I don't understand what makes red "acceptable" for daytime wear, but purple isn't okay, and green is just, well, out of the question. Not to mention black lipstick!

Black lipstick, as we know, is one of those big babybat mistakes. It's a mallgoth thing. Troo Goffs(TM) don't wear black lipstick. (Alphagoth Ex was adamant of this. I don't know why we stayed together as long as we did.) As we also know, I, Kitty Lovett, Queen of Cats, love black lipstick. I adore it. I don't know if it's just that I like the way it looks on me, or if it's the fact it's one of the few lipsticks you can buy for three dollars at Cos-Cut that would be more-or-less the same as a $45 one from MAC. Seriously. Put it on, add some balm (i suggest having a different coloured balm for every colour type. This way, eventually, the colour will stain the balm and you can apply a very sheer layer of colour), and some gloss if that's your thing, and there you go, it's pretty much exactly the same as high-end brands.

Another thing we know about me is that I am a slut for Manic Panic. Here are the ones I have so far:

-Creatures Collection "Deadly Night" (metallic purple)
-"Vampire Red" (a dark but blue-based red)
-"Blood Red" (exactly what the name implies! very dark, but brilliant red)
-"After Midnight Blue" (dark, metallic blue)
-"Green Envy" (a metallic, bright, poison green - or, Green Fairy Green. Like, exactly)

As you can prrrobably tell, I am not stopping til I...til I...

 Yes, we're Ace Ventura fans.

Anyway, I went as far as to advise Lillian Lowe, one of my favourite bloggers, to buy "Deadly Night", as she said on facebook she had been eyeing it. It is no doubt one of my favourite colours. Metallic purple. It is a bit drying, and tends to flake a bit on me, but that's all just because of my braces, and nothing some balm and reapplication can fix.

I don't mind having to re-apply frequently (as I never shut up, carry a waterbottle with me and eat constantly), so it's not a bother, losing some of the colour a bit. :D

Anyway, I got a bit sidetracked. What I meant to talk about is the fact that it seems so strange to me that one should not wear blue lipstick on a weekly basis. I don't know if it's just me and my aspergers misunderstanding of social moores here, but doesn't it seem odd that neon coral lipstick is okay, but not a subtle, dark red-purple colour?

I don't know if you guys remember, but I wore this to
school the next day.
Can anyone explain this to me?

No, I am not doing a Doe Deere and being all OH I AM ON A MISSION TO FREE THE RAINBOW WOOOO (by having an extremely limited colour range of shit lipstick apparently) and claiming people who wear regular colours, like red and pink and nudes, are plain or boring. What I am claiming is, why isn't it okay for me to wear whatever damn colour on my lips as I please, and why do I need to have any reason other than "oh, I was in a peacock-metalic-blue-green mood today"?

Why, oh WHY, are orange, pink, beige and red acceptable, but I immediately get into a game of 20 Questions everytime I wear something other than those?

Any insight on this, my little squishes?


PS: immediately launching into another rage post.


Anonymous said...

I love your dry wit Kitty.
And yes, I definetely agree. My general understanding is warm colours are closer to natural coloring where cool colors are not. But if you think about it, hot pink lips look just as fake a blue ones, so it shouldn't matter all that much, now should it?
And I have no products from Manic Panic, perhaps I'll give them a go :3

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...


...but it failed.

Anyway, there is not a single lipstick that is "natural" - no, not even nudes and beiges. Having a bright red lip, or even a subtle red lip, is so obviously not the colour of your face. I don't see the difference. Gloss is another thing - totally acceptable, yet ridiculous levels of unnatural.

So what's the difference between wearing violently pink lipstick (several people that work with Heather's mum do, and heather's mum herself!) or dark blue?

I just don't know, bewts. I just don't know.

Anonymous said...

People are often not accepting of the difference, which is really, really sadly disappointing.

Because I love purple lipstick, and therefore being questioned & prodded about it is not funny, nor fun.

Phells Talia said...

I don't wear lipstick much, but I love when people wear more interesting colors. Wear what makes you happy!
Also, I love Ace Ventura. =P

Varina said...

Yes! I want lipstick in all the colors! I totally agree with you that the idea that, peachy pinks or light reds are more "natural" and "flattering" is just silly. Dark or "unnatural" colors are just more dramatic, eye-catching, and different. Here's a really great rant:

Also, thanks for the recommendation. I am definitely going to be ordering from Shiro soon!

Unknown said...

Honestly? It's because it's not flattering on a number of skin tones, and warm colors tend to be easier to wear in that sense.

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Cody - untrue, actually.

Dark, cold colours suit you if you have pale skin. Like...myself. And most of the audience of this blog, being as that we're pretty much all lily white goth ladies.

If the big companies started making lipstick for paler tones properly, maybe chicks would stop making themselves orange.

You're right that warm colours look good on a lot of people. But you can get warm blues and purples. Violently pink lipstick is unflattering on most people. Doesn't stop them from wearing them.

Sakara said...

i can understand red being a mainstream acceptable shade as well....the reason it's seen as a sexy shade as it makes your face lips look flushed as in sexy flushed as reminds men that the lady parts get red flushed too. (seriously, thats why prostitutes wore rouge)

But i utterly agree that orange or shocking pink are acceptable but blue/ black or green is seen as bizarre to the mainstream. This doesnt bother me as i wouldnt want to be mainstream anyway lol


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