Wednesday 21 September 2011

Fuck you, GoodGoth.

So after my previous trouble with CorsetConnection (in which they sent me a badly-made, already-warped corset and expected me not to notice. They also sent me over to their other website, where they sell the exact same things, for the exact same prices. OMG WOOOOW I'M SOLD :| ) I decided to attempt to quell my rage with more shopping. To!

GoodGoth is, well, good. In its own ways. THeir shipping, however, is unusually high. I calculated my order the other day - three lipsticks, eyeliner, foundation and a jacker - and it totaled $95. I was okay with this. Wasn't too bad, but I left a comment about it on their main page which was subsequently deleted. Went back today with the intention of perchasing, and this is what greeted me.

Click it to enlarge. I didn't want to distort the screen
for those with lil screens.
I'll let you take that in for a bit.


Yeah. $50 shipping on a $61 order. Will you all please join me in a collective what the fuck. For the record, here is the flat rate box you would need to mail such a thing as some tiny makeup and a jacket.

Am I the only person who sees some inconsistancies here? Something a little The padded envelope on the page I linked is probably a maximum for an order like mine, and probably a bit roomy, in fact.

What the hell, GoodGoth? To them I say, dicks to you. I sent them a message on their facebook. Here's a screencap.

 Probably a bit rude, but you know what? Nuts to that. Nuts to being polite. They're ripping people overseas off. They're taking advantage of people thinking that it's "the state of the economy", as my good bearfriend thought. That's not it at all. They're making a profit off shipping.

Now, making a profit is all well and good. I get that they're a business. However, they are making a massive profit here. Not from what they sell, but from the shipping prices. If they want that much of a profit margin, charge more for your merchandise, but do not, ever, ever charge so much for shipping and take advantage of people not doing their research.

I will update you when (and if) I get a response. I probably won't; they have a history of deleting my comments on their shipping prices.

It's a real shame, because I really want some of their stuff. I can't afford to pay their shipping prices. Fuck your bullshit, GoodGoth and, to be honest?



Xanthy said...

Wow, you just can't to catch a break when it comes to online shopping! Damn!

One of my principles: nevery buy if the shipping costs are too damn high.

...but seriously, try eBay. I usually spend about 50 euros on a sturdy steel-boned corset there. I'll see if the shop I buy from ships to Australia.

Varina said...

That shipping is totally unreasonable and you are completely justified being a bit short with them. Good Goth doesn't sell any exclusive stuff though. I've seen most of their clothes at at they charge the same price for shipping to the US as to Australia, and it's cheap either way. You can also try putting the item name into Google Shopping to find other places that sell it.

Aisling Lark said...

Wow, that's way to much for shipping!

Thanks for posting this, because I was considering getting some stuff shipped when I got the money, but if they overcharge like that for the U.K as well I'm definitely not! I probably wouldn't have researched the prices, and would have assumed the shipping is just MAJORLY expensive for all American stores, so thanks again for the warning


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