Friday 9 September 2011

Filthy Victorians 2012: My Corset Mania (help pliz D: )

Blargh! Sorry for my absence, I have been busy being very stressed out for no reason. Anyway, Mr. Growlithe and I went on a brave endeavour last night for new corsets - I need them. I need them bad, and thus, my corset mania began anew....and guess what? YOU LOT GET TO HELP PICK.
We found HEAPS of cool sites, including Isabella Corsetry, Corset Connection, and a professional tightlacer's manufacturer. I also bought a PDF guide on how to make my own corsets, including a whole bunch of patterns. $29 from here, and I think it was a good purchase!

But now it's come time to choose....and it's so hard! I LOVE Isabella Corsetry, Corset Connection has a line of corsets especially for cheapasses like me, and the tightlacing manufacturer has...well...they have these.

That, my lovelies, is the Edwardian S-bend corset, also known as the health corset, the straightfronted corset, or the Sylphide corset.

She was an exotic dancer.
'nuff said.

They offer beautiful shape (not including that one last picture of course), amazing waist reduction and are more comfortable than a traditional corset. :D

My only problem with the beautiful s-bend corset is....well...the price. It's over $370 (and that's just me estimating). But, says the rest of me that really loves that kind of corset, my Gallery Serpentine corset was $325. Or maybe I could put that to rest for now and get TWO corsets instead!

Although.....Edwardian corset. D: (they began showing up in Paris in 1900 - just scraping into the Victorian era! Hooray France! Hooray loopholes!)

Then, from Corset Connection, we have these:

And the Saloon, $199

Both are gorgeous!

However, now onto Isabella Corsetry, which is...well. They're stunning.

The Edwardian overbust, $200 off-the-rack, $300 made-to-order and $450 custom - that's right, you can buy an off-the-rack corset, one made when you order it to a preset size out of about a million different fabrics with minor adjustments (they can let any part in or out) or completely custom.

The Josephine Underbust, $157 off-the-rack, $250 made-to-order and $360 custom - I don't *do* underbusts,

Actually, ALL of Isabella's underbusts are stunning! They go from cute and quirky, to spidery, to downright ooky-spooky goodness!

Now it's your turn! Comment and help me pick me some corsets! Godspeed, too, else i find some shoes I just HAVE to have, or a rather adorable hat. ;3

Much looove!


Anonymous said...

Woooowwwiiiiiieeee D:

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...


Stefanie - The Bookish Owl said...

This site has some nice corsets and some specifically for experienced tightlacers and although they are UK based they do worldwide delivery for £12 or $18 AU. Prices range from £99 or $150 AU upwards.

VelvetBat said...

The Saloon is a beautiful corset! And I really like the Edwardian overbust as well. But the Edwardian S-bend corsets look really uncomfortable! O_o

And to reply to the comment you left on my blog (sorry I don't know how else to reply):
Yeah there are some very nasty lolitas out there. But sadly there are rotten apples in every subculture. Good thing is that there are some really nice and friendly lolitas out there too! :D

And about your two dresses.. I'm sorry but I am afraid I can't give them a good home. I have been buying a bit too much stuff lately so I don't really have money left to buy the dresses from you. -__-

And I am looking forward to your forums! I'll definately join once they are up and running. ^^
And thank you for the comment and following my blog!

Anonymous said...

I think I would buy the Josephine underbust, it's the most practical.
My favorite one is definitely the Edwardian Overbust and the most historically accurate is the Edwardian S-bend corset...
This is pretty annoying.

Snowhyte said...

Maybe it doesn't help because I'm new to corsets but as far as look I just like the Carnival corset you have pictured, for some reason it jumps out at me. I recently bought my first corset(s) that I have pictured on my blog and the blue underbust one I purchased from this company:
Perhaps if anyone knows anything good or bad I should know about them they could respond? Mine seems to be well-made but again, I'm new to the world of corsets! They may be worth a look though for everyone. :)

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

VelvetBat - Honey, if they fit you, you can have them, free. They're just sitting there, making me depressed, being all "don't you love me anymore?"

Snowhyte - personally, I hate TT. I had one of their corsets, and I sold it to Sara Scarlett. XD I hate them, because they don't actually give any shape. They just contour to your own body, and don't do much but just kind of make you stiff. They're made well, but I don't think they have waist tape, or something, because they just have no cinch to them. Instead of taking your body from ") (" to "> <", they take it from ") (" to ") (".

Snowhyte said...

Ah, I see. Thanks for the input on them, maybe its a good thing I could only get the one! :P I will have to take a look at the other companies you listed here when I have saved enough money for my second corset buying adventure lol. :)

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Snow, I'd advise getting one custom. OR, if you're a cheapass like me, get a ready-made corset a bit big, and get it altered at a seamstress! Most drycleaners will offer this service no problem.

In fact, you should get that done with most of your clothes. A bit expensive, but....looking fabulous is never cheap!

As for where to buy it, I'd suggest Gallery Serpentine, hands-down. More expensive than these, but just stunning. :D

VelvetBat said...

@ Kitty: Aww, that is so nice of you! Thank you!! Do you have any pictures of the dresses then perhaps? (I'd like to know if they are my style/taste, or else it would be really sad if they would end up hanging in my closet forever)

Snowhyte said...

Hmm you are right, I never did think about getting a corset altered because of the boning but that is a great idea, I work at a clothing store and there is a seamstress we recommend to people, I shall have to see if she would do it. Thanks for the recommendation! :)

Talia Felix said...

Most people actually seem to report that S-Bends are *less( comfortable, I guess due to the arching of the back (you have to be in the habit of naturally keeping very good posture, I think, if you want coziness from these corsets.)

I've been wanting an S-bend for a long time so I've been looking into it. It's hard to even find corsetiers who legitimately make them (most do 'modified' S-bends that are apparently more comfortable.)


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