Sunday 25 September 2011

Cat Gives Out Awards

In lieu of having anything else to do, I've decided to put together a list of things this year that have won awards. These awards are actually just me endorsing crap. So yeah, don't be too dependant on this for information for non-biased opinions.

Webstore of the Year
It's a two-way tie here...
Shiro Cosmetics, having an excellent webstore and customer service (more on this a bit later)
Tragic Beautiful, having supplied me with most of my stuff this year and just plain rocking! (ebay is here, incase the webstore is down)

Honourable mentions go to Dracula Clothing

Makeup Product of the Year
Shiro! Again! The shadows are the absolutely the best. I tout them a lot but fuck you they are the best there is. -nod-
Also Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #13 gets a very close second for being so wonderful.

Honourable mentions: Manic Panic cosmetics. All of 'em. Fantastic. Get 'em from Tragic Beautiful.
Solomn mentions go to our dear departed friend Cooking Chinchillas, whose powder foundation is the best I have ever used. If it weren't for her untimely passing, it would have been my product of the year. I love you Julia.

Clothing Product of the Year
Gallery Serpentine's bloomers. I bought them the other day, and, well, adfghfadbgnadgnb. I really don't know why bloomer fell out of fashion. so comfortable!

Honourable mentions to Hell Bunny and Lovechild Boudoir.

Hair Product of the Year
Movie Tones Silver Screen toning conditioner. Can't find it anywhere, but ask your hairdresser!

Honourable mentions: Manic Panic

Game of the Year 
Pokemon Soul Silver. Don't argue. It just is.

Honourable mentions go to Smash Brothers Melee and Monopoly...Monopoly especially. (because you're brown!)

Blagger of the Year
Now, this is the tough one. What do I judge on, the blogger, or the blog itself? So I decided to simply list my top few. Not putting down the Ultimate Goth Guide, for obvious reasons! :P

-The Walrus Room; run by my gorgeous frand Sary.
-Cooking Chinchillas; run by the late Julia.
-Lipsticks and Lightsabers; run by the fabtastic Anastasia
-Funny Face's Place; run by the beautiful Lillian.

I love all of my blogs, though, rest assured!

The Bullshit List

With the good comes the bad, the ugly and the far worse. Here's my list of things that are, to be honest, a little bit bullshit.

-L'Oreal Paris; for testing on animals in the 21st century.
-Lime Crime Cosmetics and Doe Deere herself; really for just being condensed bullshit.
-GoodGoth; for not damn well fixing things and for being extensive shipping extortionists.
-Corset Connection; for selling subpar products for far too much, and having shitty service. Suck my balls.
-One Mister Bob Katter; MP for Kennedy, for being not only a homophobe and an asshole, but for being a liar, too.
-Anxiety; for doing horrible things to good people.
-Fucking Fourteen-Year-Olds; for screwing up 4chan (chosen by Mr Growlithe)
-Other Fucking Kids; for fucking up dA.
-Even More Goddamn Kids; for having shit parents and never growing up past age two.
-Australia; for having cosmetics and clothing at an 80% markup compared to the US.

I think that about does it for now. I will probably add more as time goes by. :D


Julietslace said...

Oh thank God another blogger who knows about Lime Crime make up, I felt like doing a post with the full history of all of her crap because so many people are still sucking up.

Nice post :D

Anonymous said...

@Julietslace: A post would be nice. I currently have not heard anything negative about Lime Crime.

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

Wait; did I read that correctly...? About Cooking Chinchillas?? More info please, if you have it! :(

Amy Asphodel said...

Obvious reasons....?

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Juliet and Emocarebear - Do this please. And just google "lime crime repackaging".

VictorianKitty - no more information as of yet. She has been buried back in Germany.

Amy - Look, if I included you in any awards ever about blogs, you would win and no one else would get a chance. :P


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