Monday 8 August 2011

That'll Teach Me to Go On Holidays - Brief Update

Just a brief post before I head to bed. (so fucking tired man)

A hundred and two followers total and over a hundred emails since I left on thursday. Wow. I can feel very loved now I suppose! I'm so happy to hear such an outpouring of OMG YES, and I can say it will definitely go ahead with such support! I'm getting around to responding to everyone but right now I am very alkdsfjlksdgha. I am pleased to report I have been training the growlithe in proper Victorian gentlemanly behaviour in preparation! Now I just have to teach him how to walk beside me, hold my arm properly, and pull my chair out for me (because of my hip I can't really pull my own chair in x3). Ladies, train your gentlemen!

Thankyou everyone who wished me fun on my holiday! It was very lovely in Maroochydore, aside from Shaun's mother's constant yelling. She told us we were no help and yelled at us when we tried to help.Most importantly, I was right. :| Regardless, I bought an AMAZING curling iron (from an Italian man), the brand of which I will post later. I also got a 60" pearl necklace and earrings to match. everybody thank the growlithe for his enabling of my Victorian obsession! (really, do, he's amazing)

As for organising a community for our Filthy Victorians, I don't quite know what we're going to do yet. If you have any ideas, please feel free to tell me or Amy, and it'll be sorted out and set up by October, to give us plenty of time! I think forums are the way to go, since we can then have more than just the fashion! Blog will of course remain open for business.

Lastly - hello new followers! Thankyou for your support, and I hope to get to know all of you individually and personally over the next year and a bit. Believe it or not, I really am interested in your day-to-day lives and would love to read your stories and follow your blogs. Comment them to me!

A more in-depth update when the time comes.

Party on, my ever-growing beloved goths!

PS: I'm using the desktop at mum's, and the firefox spellcheck is rejecting a) it's own name ("firefox"=not a word. irony.) and b) British, that is to say, proper spelling. Well guess what, Firefox? NEIGHBOUR COLOUR BEHAVIOUR HONOUR LABOUR PAEDOPHILE THANKYOU LEGALISED PRIORITISED ORGANISED


Unknown said...

Your posts make me Smile

SarahWalrus said...

It's called firefox's dictionary! If it's set to British spelling, then I would be worried.

HeatherfoxV said...

"I am pleased to report I have been training the growlithe in proper Victorian gentlemanly behaviour in preparation!"
"Kindly dont make me bleed from the vagina so much!"


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