Saturday 27 August 2011

Filthy Victorians 2012 - Sunday Best and Churchgoing

So here we have it, my first day wearing a bustle and corset. It wasn't unpleasant. In fact, i quite enjoyed it, and thanks to the joys of linen clothing, I did not so much as sweat in the gorgeous spring sun.
I'm also using this for the facebook competition because, to be honest, i finally felt interesting!

cats attacked my skirt and made it uneven.
Luckily, they are cute and it's easy to
Damn yellow light.
 So, here's what I'm wearing.

-Hat from Corsets-au (they are the BEST for tiny hats)
-Lovechild Boudoir skirt, strung up.
-Home-made muslin shirt
-My sister's black crow jacket
-60" strand of pearls from I-Love-Pearls
-Funtasma granny boots
-Gallery Serpentine custom corset.
I literally did the best I could
photographing this.
Apparently, I live in a house
without pens.
What I did today was head into Huskisson (the next town over) while my sister got her tattoo touched up. I sat in our favourite cafe and read for three hours, and then I went outside and sat at the wharf to read. Quite a lovely day!

The Victorian era idea of Sunday was rather like the idea of Sunday in previous centuries - church. Hence came the idea of your "sunday best" - the best clothes you had, you wore to church. Women who were not in mourning wore creams and pastel colours as well as headcoverings, and men wore their best day suits. The idea was that you were supposed to be showing reverence by looking your best at church, but really, I think it was just another way for bored housewives to show off to each other. Sunday Best was - and often is - a contest.

If you attend church, or plan to for 2012 (in the interest of historical accuracy, as I am considering finding a good, suitably grand cathedral) then having your Sunday Best is essential - from your best bustle to your bonnet, I am sure you will look fabulous! However, if you are a Woman of Science (and not fanciful things such as religion), or perhaps you're just Granny Weatherwax, you should have suitable attire for sunday in any case.

Accidental buttpic! I liked it though. XD
A good church-going bonnet, for any practising religious folk amongst you, can be purchased from a good internet site, like Covered for Him or the Mennonite Maidens. Such businesses are usually only too happy to make custom things, so if you can give them an example of what you want, they can make them. Headscarves are also appropriate, and can be made easily. I often MacGuyver my shawl into a headscarf for when it's raining heavily or if I'm just not having a good hair day. It's easily done with bobby pins and clips.

Your best corsetry is to be worn on sundays - your smallest waist - but being conservative with your bustles on a sunday is a good idea. Make sure your clothing is not mostly stark-white, but off-white and pastel colours. A straw bonnet (which you can make from a straw hat) decorated with pink ribbons and pretend flowers is also appropriate for church-going.

Today's waistline. Any comments?
In summary, churchgoing in the 19th century was much as it is today: a pointless and rather ongoing affair that relies on pomp and circumstance.

...should I introduce the Catholic Church of Melbourne to Hurricane Kitty, do you think?


Party on, Goths. :D

PS: Here's a picture of my hair after I took it out. And no, I'm not naked. That's what shaun thought and I figured I would just end that right there.

Sea air+bun. Also, why do I always look like I have
grease paint on?! Stupid room!


Anonymous said...

That's a Long Line Victorian corset, yes?

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Yes. I had it custom-made with a busk clip instead of front lacing. :3

linnea-maria said...

What a nice outfit! The skirt is gorgeous on!

Ashlee said...

Have you some good patters for underthings?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

How well does that skirt match the Burton bolero from Tentacle Threads?

Cherish said...

That's an amazing skirt!

Looks really good on you :)

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Linnea-Maria - thankyou. :D

Ashlee - nay. Nay. x3 I have one for a good petticoat, though, and Laughing Moon has good underthing patterns. I have never been able to make a pair of bloomers, much to everyone else's amusement.

Miss Gothy - Identically; I have a burton bolero too. :D Although it's made out of...weird....swimmers-ish material. O.o

Cherish - thankyou very much. :3


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