Wednesday 24 August 2011

Filthy Victorians 2012 - Invading Social Networks!

Second cup of coffee for the day; it was a bad choice! Oh well! :D Heather's house coffee is the most satisfying coffee (far better than the disappointment that is Shaun's house coffee).

So here we are. August 24th.Waaay closer to 2012 than I can really realise. So, i figure, i should get my shit together.

First port of call, spreading the word about the place. FIRST IS TWITTER. EXCEPT IT'S MORE LIKE MEOWER BECAUSE I AM A CAT.

If you have twitter, you can find me at 19thCKitty. If you're going to be a 24/7 Victorian goth and you do not have a twitter (or feel like a namechange), sign up as 19thC[name]. Are you one of our darling helpers, the Little Alices? Go for Alice[name]. Twitter is a great way to share outfits on the go, as well as lamenting about the woes of Victorian womanhood and vehemently discussing fashion and the corset controversy.

Facebook is next. Then I'll start fucking around with forums and the like.

Want to help? WE NEED GRAPHICS.

Draw, photograph and photoshop for us and you will receive our everlasting love.

We also need the technology-inclined to do coding and the like.

Of course, seamstresses and tips would be helpful. Let me know any of your publicity ideas, including forum stuff and ESPECIALLY stuff for what we should have on the forums as far as subforums and catagories. :D

Much love! Party on, goths!


Ashlee said...


I can't sew or draw or code or anything, so I can't help with that.

Sub-categories... we could always start with ones like "Fashion" and "Hair" and stuff like that and add more as needed. Oh, and "Off Topic". That's always fun.

I have twitter, although I don't use it. I might start, if I can figure out how to tweet from my phone. I'm... @AshleeYeah, I believe. I'm going to change it when I can figure out my password.

Ashlee said...

Figured it out! I am now @Ashlee_AMDA and following you.

linnea-maria said...

I won't participate but I will be a joyful follower. Can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Linnea-maria, and I'd love to help anyway I can too. ^^

Bix said...

What exactly would being a Little Alice entail?

Tenebris In Lux said...

Once you start posting some photos I might attempt some portraits (or at least fan art) about in on my blog to introduce others to this project. Good luck!

This year is going by so quickly o_o

(My CAPTCHA is "pharke")

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Bixie - It's basically just helping out with resources, as well as participating in events and I'll eventually getting around to making some really cute little tiaras for them. :D

Tenebris - it's a siiiign. Would it be okay if I used any fanart? I think a fanart based on the picture Amy posted on her original post about it would be amazing.

Thanks you everyone else! Looking forward to it!


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