Tuesday 13 December 2011

A Rant About Anti-Obamaism - Your Comments Needed!

Important questions for you guys here. This is, of course, a response to this article, that a friend (who, I am sad to say, is literally losing her mind - more on this later.) TL;DR on that article: basically OH-BAH-MAH AND DER HOHMOHSEXZUALZ ARE GUNNA SOCIALSM AMERICA DERK DERK DERK.

Like, literally, that's basically it. So, let's break it down through the huge pile of buzzwords in this article.

Could 2012 Be America's Last Presidential Election?

Alright, so, with a title like that, you could think it was about DA END OF DA WRLD (which, again, I will touch on that bullshittery later), but, no, it's about the evil brown man destroying America by trying to give universal healthcare to the people and taxing the billionaires. Coz that's how it works.

"I’ve asked this question to a number of people and most them respond as if I were crazy for asking."

Probably a reason for that, bro.

"They tell me that this is America, land of the free and that there will always be elections.  I tell them that we are no longer the land of the free and that if Obama gets re-elected in 2012, that this just may be America’s last election."
 Quote from reputable sources, please. No - no, Fox is not a source! No! Bad! Bad political blogger! Down! Don't make me get the squirt bottle!

"In the past three years, the Obama administration has been very carefully crafting the nation for a political take over by his Marxist regime and this isn’t just my opinion."

>Obama administration has been very carefully crafting the nation for a political take over by his Marxist regime and this isn’t just my opinion.
> carefully crafting the nation for a political take over by his Marxist regime and this isn’t just my opinion.
> political take over by his Marxist regime
> his Marxist
> his
> Marxist

That word does not mean what you think it means! Holy fucking shit! There needs to be a Godwin's law for SOSHALISMZ. In fact, I am creating one. Lovett's Law - "accusing someone of or otherwise bringing up socialism, communism, marxism or similar politics in a place where it does not belong, is used incorrectly or otherwise used to justify hate will result in an automatic lose, and being mauled to death by a thousand cats."

(Godwin's Law, btw, is when people randomly bring up Hitler analogies and comparisons in an arguments for no apparent reason.)

Enough with inventing new debate laws, and on with the bullshit.

"Popular radio talk show host Michael Savage is the son of Russian immigrants and is very familiar with Soviet and European history.  Savage warned his listeners this week saying,"

 Of course! Being from Russia (a country that was basically communist in name only) AUTOMATICALLY MEANS HE KNOWS WHAT HE'S TALKING ABOUT. You retard.

“I have to tell you that if this man, God forbid, is the next president of the United States, we’re going to be living in something along the lines of – people say Europe. I don’t believe it’s going to be like Europe – I think it will be closer to Chavez’s South American dictatorship."
Yeah, that'll happen when you give people basic rights. They get oppressed.

"“This is the most corrupt, incompetent, dangerous tyrannical administration in American history.  It’s not politics as usual. It’s not just Democrats versus Republicans.  Obama has a long history of being at odds with American values and with America itself and the core principles of this country."
Alright, mate, let's leave it to the comment section of this blog post. How many of you are American, and support universal healthcare, LBGTQ rights (including not burning gay people at the stake for being born that way), and similar ideas (including proper Marxism)? I know for a fact that my Australian readership is basically on the side of proper Marxism, rights for all, and not letting an infant die because the parents are poor.

"They don’t want government-sponsored opinions.  They only want government-sponsored ‘Pravda.’  That’s exactly what the government-media complex tells you on a daily basis – nothing but the government-media complex party line.  Pay attention.  Your freedom may be at stake.”
Look, you are imagining a threat here. This is what we call a pretend first-world problem. Your life is so devoid of danger, you promptly make shit up to scare yourself with. And you seem to think that "sponsored opinions" isn't what you get with every elected government.

Oh, wait! Our freedom is at stake?! Oh shit, u guise! The brown man is going to take away your rights through letting people get married! Seriously, how the fuck is your freedom under threat through people getting more rights? I don't get it. What am I supposed to be scared of, again?
 "Over the weekend, Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum told a small group of people in an Iowa coffee house that,"
Oh, Christ. Rick Santorum is pretty much a Godwin on his own. The man is a lolfactory of the worst kind.

  "“Barack Obama is not incompetent, ladies and gentleman.  He knows exactly what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. He sees America differently than you see America."
Exactly! He sees America very different to fearmongering, gun-toting assholes! Wait, what?

"[Obama] has gone out of his way to divide this country in a way I haven’t seen since the Great Depression when Franklin Roosevelt went around to divide his country. That’s his hero.  What makes America great [in Obama’s mind is that] the government takes money from somebody and gives it to somebody else.  No, that’s what makes America, France.”
Revisionist history and revisionist current politics? What the shit? Both Roosevelts were pretty great, and France is quite amazing politically. So what the shit are you going on about? I literally have no fucking clue what you're getting at.

And "takes money from somebody and gives it to somebody else"? This is a good thing. Without this system we would basically have democratic feudalism. Which we have, but to a lesser extent. What's wrong, Rick? Worried the govmit is going to tax you just as much as they tax poor people?! 

"With his control over the Executive and Judicial branches of the government, the stage is set for a complete takeover of the government.  Think about it."
Right, u guise. You heard the man. Let's take a moment to think about it.


Yep. Still makes no sense.

"Since taking office, instead of helping the economy, Obama has purposely escalated the economic crisis by plunging the country into unprecedented debt. He has a number of programs that are designed to go into effect in January 2013, just in time for his second term of office"
 Yes. Because that's how it works. That's how you make laws. Also, sorry? Purposely escalated the economic crisis? Which political party, made mostly of millionaires, is constantly blocking taxing the extremely rich, when doing so would pretty much solve the financial problems? Which party constantly bitches about RAIZED TAXEZ (whilst not having any tax themselves)? That'd be the Republican party. Please, stop your bitching.

"The economic burden and increased taxes on everyone will be enough to cause the final economic collapse of the country.  As soon as that happens, Obama declares Martial Law and assumes dictatorial control of the nation."
Firstly, no. The law doesn't work that way. Secondly, raising taxes is how you fix debt. Seriously, where did you go to pick this bullshit up? You want the government to not raise taxes, and fix debt?

Alright, genius. Tell us how. No, really, we're waiting. "cutting spending" isn't enough - unless you cut military spending. But you can't do that, right? Because of the Nazis Japanese Russians Vietnamese Russians Russians Nazis Chinese Koreans French Russians Time Lords Brown Mooslum Ter'rists, right, guise?

"The Department of Justice has already been subverting federal laws to strip us of a number of freedoms.  The Supreme Court and many of the other federal courts have been seeded with socialistic liberal judges that will rule in Obama’s favor on virtually anything, thus ending constitutional rule and law."
And I say
Bounce a graviton particle beam
Off the main deflector dish
That's the way we do things, lad
We're making shit up as we wish...

  "He’s already changing the face of America’s military.  Allowing homosexuals to openly serve along with changing the retirement program is causing many conservative military leaders to resign commissions and leave the military."
I don't get why this is a problem, either. If open heterosexuals are allowed to serve, why not open homosexuals? And causing conservative leaders to leave? Good! You don't want intolerant assholes in your military. They're the guys who open fire on Muslim civilians from a helicopter on the basis that "they're all terrorists".
 "Some Pentagon officials are also noting that an increase in the enlistment of radical Muslims into the US military where they get all the training they need on weapons and defense systems.  We have no idea how many of them there are in the armed forces or in what positions they may hold."
Christ, "Muslim" should be a Godwin too. Like gay people and women, Muslims are people too. Their religion does not dictate national pride. Most American Muslims are patriotic and love their country. Your basis for fear is sick, not to mention unfounded. I'll say it slowly, love - There is no terrorist threat.

"Obama has been wielding executive powers this past year as if he were already a dictator.  When Congress is not doing his bidding, he simply bypasses them and used an executive order to accomplish it anyway.  This has set the stage for his disbandment of Congress.  He would not be the first world leader to take control of a nation and disband the legislative branch of government."
Not like George Bushes! Not like every American president in history! Christ. Executive power comes with the job. It's not "dictatorship". It's the republic you hold so near and dear while you cry and masturbate to sleep every night.

"He has been effectively using the media to anesthetize the public to the dangers he poses.  Like a patient being prepped for surgery, people are numb to the changes and won’t have a clue what took place until they wake up in recovery and realize that free America has been removed and replaced with a regime that may parallel those of Stalin, Lenin, Mussolini, Hitler, Chavez and Castro."
This is simply not the case. You also have no idea about world politics, past and present. You don't know about left- and right-wing differences. You clearly don't know that Hitler was a conservative extremist (like you!) and you clearly, clearly think that if anyone tells you different, they're wrong stinky heads and blind and that if you stick your fingers in your ears and shout "la la la" that all the pesky facts will go away.

"For the sake of our children and grandchildren, I earnestly pray that we are spared from what seems a certain future and that Obama is overwhelmingly defeated in 2012.  Otherwise, heaven help us."

For the sake of your children and grandchildren, I hope that they wake up and realise what a fearmongering, ill-informed, uneducated extremist that you are, and that they cut off all ties with you.

This isn't a case of "believe what you like". I sincerely think that the author of the article, and many republican candidates (including Hermain Cain - a rapist, guys) are dangerous extremists. They claim to love America pretty hard, but as an outsider looking in, they are positively doing more to destroy the US than anything else, ever. Apparently allergic to progress, science and facts, they cannot be allowed outside an asylum. 

What I fear, as an outsider whose country blindly follows the US wherever it may go, is what will happen to my own country (that is facing a looming election itself). I am worried, not for my sake, but for the sakes of LGBTQ youth after me, for alternatives, for the poor and the sick and the needy. These are worrying times, folks, but not in the way that the writer of "Could 2012 Be The Last Presidential Election" would have you believe.

Please share your opinions on the sheer stupidity condensed in this article. Commenting on this also means you pledge allegiance to Lovett's Law.

Anoia be with your kitchen drawer.


Tenebris In Lux said...

For starters, a lot of right wingers need to get their facts straight .. -_-

As an American, I am always disappointed with what spews out of the Fox News network people (demons?).

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...


There seems to be a lot of no.

Anonymous said...

A moment ago I had something worthwhile to add but now? Obliterated by enraged sputtering. Can that amount of ... christidon'tknow... stupid isn't strong enough. There needs to be a new word. Studip. So stupid it's not even spelled right. So, can it be explained by cognitive dissonance or is there mercury in the drinking water? Just. Gah.
As another Antipodean sort, I can only hope our government's usual "head up America's arse" policy doesn't extend to regression behind a front of patriotism.
Sorry for the rambling, and as a parting who-gives-a-rats kind of note, my cat cares so much about my rage fit he's snuggled up beside me and begun licking the spot where his testes may once have been.

Anonymous said...

hehe Studip!

Anonymous said...

I probs shouldn't be taking strong painkillers and blogging, so i'll settle for commenting!

Draconian_Dream said...

*faceplam*God,I hate this country.

Sometimes I watch Fox News just for Shits'n giggles,and almost end up throwing the remote at the screen.

Xanthy said...

I could feel my IQ dropping five points, just from reading the fragments you quoted on your blag...

Tante Fledermaus said...

The root cause is antiintellectualism. We are firmly founded on the fantasy that everyone's opinion should matter equally. Someone's ignorance should not carry the same weight as another's knowledge. It's absurd, but it's how we roll in this country. Nobody cares to know how it really works, because it doesn't matter. It matters who shouts the loudest. It's primitive and tribalistic. That said, I don't like either of our political parties, because aside from a very few tiny distinctions, they're the same assholes.

I'd like to see NO president for 4 years. Just to see what would happen.

Zoe Karbonopsina said...

Anti-Obamaism (because he's a raging SOCIALIZT who, heaven forbid, supports equality!) is one of the most fucking stupid things to come out of America in the last few years. And Americans wonder why we Brits take the piss out of them at every opportunity... Oh God, the irony is hilarious. Because historically America was the country people went from Europe to escape the class system. DID SOMETHING GO WRONG? I THINK IT DID.

Lovett's Law is amazing and something I will now be bringing up in everyday conversation. Please, marry me? This post had me facepalming at the article quotes and clapping in delight and glee at your comments :D

You've said pretty much all I would, I'd just like to throw in this re the HORROR that homosexuals can serve in the military: you think there's no evidence that that ever worked? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO. The Spartan army was the most disciplined, feared, and effective army in the ancient world, and what we would call homosexuality (and they would just call being normal, because hetero- and homosexuality weren't a concept back then) was downright encouraged. They managed to crush everyone else in the Mediterranean while sleeping with each other. Just putting that out there, yo. Who knew studying classics would come in useful when raging about rightwing politics? :P

Mykki said...

Lovett's Law? I'm on board!


Sometimes I watch Fox News just for Shits'n giggles,and almost end up throwing the remote at the screen.[x2]

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Go to bed, Nikki.

Stairs - I would do that too if I were, i don't know, suicidal.

Xxxxnthy - They aren't fragments. It's the whole article, broken down into my bitchy comments.

Tante - Knowing Americans - sorry guys, but on the whole you seem to have a lot of fucking insane bullshit going on - they'd go all War of the Worlds broadcast.

Admiral Barca - inorite. Obama isn't a socialist. He's barely left-wing. As for your proposal, I have thought it over, and I must accept, for the good of the British Commonwealth of Australia.

But no. Gay people are all pussy wimps, rite?

Ashlee said...

To be honest, I stopped reading after the Marxist bit.

He's black. Of course the Republican party thinks that he's the worst thing ever and is ruining America. And they'll make up whatever reasons they can, no matter how little evidence.

Hayley said...

I love Lovett's Law. :)

And I think you'll like a documentary that my economics class watched about the 2008 financial crisis. It's called Inside Job and it's narrated by Matt Damon. The whole documentary is really disturbing but it is interesting to see these high-up CEOs struggling to get around what seem like simple questions.

Jamie said...

Ugh, what a bunch of idiots. On behalf of all people sane and reasonable in my country, I apologize; if it's any comfort, we mock them all the time. And Jimmy Carter, who I'd actually never much liked before, flat-out won at life when he said "All of this extremism against Obama comes from racism, and all of you are full of shit." (Not in so many words, but that was the general gist. You wrote a beautiful post, and as an outsider to America quite eloquently expressed a lot of the frustrations many reasonable Americans have been feeling with the right wing in general. However, could I ask you one thing, Kitty? Could you not use the word "retard" as a pejorative? I know that it's a linguistic commonality for people to say it as meaning "silly" or "stupid", but it's really hurtful to a lot of people who are developmentally disabled. Just as it's not respectful of LGBTQ people to say something ridiculous or idiotic is "gay", it's not respectful of learning-disabled people to use "retard" or "retarded" in the same fashion. Sorry for the soapbox, but as someone who watched a high-school friend with Down's syndrome flinch every time someone blithely said in class "That's retarded/stop being such a retard" or similar, that is just one of my pet causes. I'm sure you understand. :)

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Jamie, here's the thing. I myself am "retarded", however, I am not "developmentally disabled". Nor am I, as Heather's school teachers decided was the 'correct term', "intellectually challenged". The fact that you have decided that everyone with a disability (who is "retarded", in old terms) is "developmentally disabled" is far more offensive to those who are "retarded". I was bullied for it too, and to be honest, I'd be pretty fucking horrified if someone called me "developmentally disabled".

And to answer the oringinal question, "can you please stop with that", no. When using the word "retarded" to describe the thoughts of the extreme right, I am using it in its original context, which is "disabled in a way different from the norm, malformed, deficiant". And to further that, no, I will not stop using it. You remind me of a girl on dA who started a group to stop the use of the word "rape" on the internet. Not just in a joking context. In the context that no one, anywhere, under any circumstances, can use the word "rape". Thankyou for your input, love, but you have to remember there's a difference between "politically correct" and "literally correct". If your friend with down syndrome was upset and offended when people used the word "retarded", and ergo thought the word described them as a person, then they have bigger problems than I can ever hope to advise you on. Did I shed a tear every time someone called me a spastic, or a retard, or a freak? No, I didn't, I shrugged it off and got on with being awesome. Furthermore, it is also a medical term, which so wholeheartedly discribes the view of the person I spoke about in this post.

Correct use of language is one of my pet causes. I'm sure you understand. :3


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