Wednesday 28 December 2011

Another Lolcomment!

So like. On this post about having "horse furries fucking" as a searchword that brings up my blog, somehow, I got this comment. It went into spam, because it's the same person as the last few.

"No, you must be a complete moron. You seem like the kind of person who would vote greens, and only fucktards who hate the country do that.

Pull your finger out of your arse, and stop being so narrow minded. Your critical thinking is severely impaired, perhaps if you maybe properly considered another view besides your own for once you might be able to write without sounding like a bias, well, fucktard.


Fuck. I wish I never stumbled upon this bogus piece of crap blog. Its the literary equivalent to a brain aneurism."

Lol, what? Okay.

The Green Fairy and Sarah know exactly who it is. The hilarious part is that it's a hipster. And I have no fucking idea what they're going on about. Or why they're saying this, about a screen shot that the rest of you found pretty funny.

Also, tyhe "voting green" part was great. OMGZ I HATE AUSTRALIA.  I HAVE BEEN FOUND OUT. No, I just like my economy to be permanent and stable, not temporary and greedy.

For another thing, if you want to be a good troll, get a profile that has had more than one view - that I gave it - and maybe change the way you set out your sentences. OH and pick a post relevant to your comment. Because somehow I doubt this has anything to do with furries and the confusion as to how this google search lead them to my blog.

As for not being able to see anyone else's point of view - why to people keep saying this? And it's always when I'm defending someone. Oh, right - because saying someone is biased and can't see a point of view other than their own is used to discredit your opposition in a political debate. That'd be why! Any other illusions of me being "unable to see anyone else's point of view" probably comes from, oh, I don't know, that disability I have.

I hardly see how any of the words in the previous post were "hipster buzzwords". At all. It was a screenshot from my blog's stats. And it was funny. My friends, including one who commented on the page, are all furries and thought it was pretty great too.

To conclude: you're full of shit, baby, and you have barely a leg to fuck yourself with.

Don't let your obvious extreme egotism get you down though! You keep on plagurising people for your own little sorry blog, honey.


Tenebris In Lux said...

"Its the literary equivalent to a brain aneurism" o_0

You're definitely right about the atrocious spelling.

Tenebris says, "c'mon little troll, get off of anon" :-P

The Green Fairy said...

Wait - I know who it is? 0.o Who? I'm confused? Do you mean it's someone we both know?

SarahWalrus said...

We all know that the person saying this on that post is the person that typed "furry horse fuckin' into google.

And hipster? LOL.

Risa said...

Here I thought people read blogs for the author's opinion, and that you read newspapers for straight facts.

I'm sorry you have to deal with such poo heads because you're rather lovely. Anyway, you made the best of it as I see it, ^^

Miss Morgan said...

Ah ah! You have to love how dumb this is!


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