Monday 11 July 2011

This Is What Happens....When Blogs Collide

All the photos of me in Sydney were taken by the dear Green Fairy. Her post is here.

A mighty, mighty cat.
We kind of neglected to take photos of the gig, but anyway, it was awesome. Much cool stuff happened. The next day, we took our trip to Gallery Serpentine, and were there at LEAST an hour and a half.

Holy unflattering pictures, batman!
It wouldn't be so bad, if I wasn't talking
at the time.
I was also wearing my Lovechild Boudoir outfit-matching Tentacle Threads Burton jacket. Super-comfy, and I picked mine up at half price, at $57!

So I had about $200 to spend for the day, which - as anyone who ever has been in-store at Gallery Serpentine - is a cruel limit to put on yourself. A cruel, necessary limit.

I bought an ADORABLE vest, that needs altering but is nontheless adorable.

I also purchased one of their lovely domed parasols, in black lace. So did the Green Fairy. We're matching!

A two-hundred-dollar rigid bustle that I could not buy makes me a very sad cat. Plus how fucking windy it was outside.

But my day's pride and joy, ladies and gentlemen (gentleman?) ?

That motherfuckin' hat. Look at that hat. It was $48. I saw it, and immediately asked if it was for sale. The woman who owns the shop then told me I had to leave wearing it. I agreed, and I did. Fairy took a photo of me and my "i'm-so-happy-i-could-explode" face. 

People need to invite me places where I can wear this hat - and I promise, the next wedding I go to, I will go British and wear a totally non-sensible hat. That hat. Because it is a purple velvet top hat.

It was a very productive day indeed - we also got to go and pet some kittuns across the road at the Cat Protection Society. I did not, however, get to fill my usual tradition of visiting a sex shop at every opportunity.

Much love!

PS: where could I wear my hat, do you think?


Teresa said...

I'd gladly invite you to my birthday tea party so you can wear your hat. (October 6th (my birthday) is Mad Hatter's day. Due to the 10/6)

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Unless you live in every country that isn't America, in which case, Hatter's Day is the tenth of june. Just sayin'.

Teresa said...

That never occured to me until now... Sweet, two chances to wear a top hat!

Tenebris In Lux said...

Purple velvet top hat! Yeah, I'm sure I would be making that face, too :-D

Hmmm .. wedding, any Goth-y event, or just at the park? The black and white stripes really compliment it.

Ashlee said...

Does a hat that awesome need a reason?

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

No, ashlee. No it does not.

It's also extremely useful for putting things in when you're not wearing it. When we went to see the tinyfufs at the cat protection society, i put my bag and parasol in my hat in the office.

I'm considering having a tea party in the park (cemetary?) soon....perfect hat for such an event.

Teresa said...

Well, my friend, Aisling, is trying to start the Graveyard Tea Society.


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