Thursday 28 July 2011

Do you know what REALLY grinds my gears?

Rant post: ENGAGE.

I fucking hate it when I'm on the bookface (mine is here if you so wish to befriend me and found out how terrible I am in real time - just put who you are in the optional message thingy!) and someone posts a status, usually about something that just plain isn't right. I respond to it, giving valid arguments, and then I get a response.

Eagerly, I click it, ready to read the bullshit I have started - only to see that the person has responded to something - just not what I have written. They literally make up their own response to argue against.

I had a friend who did this ALL THE TIME. She'd post something about how birth control was BAD EVIL WRONG (and how her paternal grandfather, a devout catholic, used the "rhythm method" of contraception, and thought nothing of how that resulted into him having eleven children - totally believing that they had that many kids from choice and not because they used bollucks contraception). I would point out that no, that's not how the human body works, or has ever worked. I'd then get a response that had....nothing to do with the point i'd just made. Here's an example.


Me: The fuck? No. No it doesn't. Women can get pregnant at any and all times of their cycle. Please do some research.


Me: Well, yes they do. I would know. I take them. Mostly for my horrible period pains that literally nearly kill me.


Me: I'm a vegetarian and lactose-intolerant. I doubt that's the problem.


Literally. Lit. Er.Al. Ly. that was her response. She also said she opposed abortion because her father tried to force a miscarriage by making her mother drink turpentine. And this is a valid reason to oppose abortion - "my mother was scared and tried to miscarry in a way that could have killed her. Ergo I will take away the save avenue for women in these situations, so as to cause more of these stories". What the fuck is the LOGIC behind that? If I found out my mother had done the same thing, it would only make me support abortion more.

She actually deleted me from facebook after I asked her if she even actually read what I was saying to her, several times, after she just kept arguing a point that wasn't brought up.

People who do this can't comprehend a valid argument, and those they make themselves make no sense.

Not to mention, the points she was making were totally stupid.

SPEAKING OF STUPID, here's some more.

I follow a blag of a woman who is usually interesting, if a little too aroused by Jesus. Her grandbabies are cute, and she posts good recipes, but occasionally, she posts some severely retarded shit. Recently, she posted about how girls probably shouldn't keep diaries or journals (on her personal blag, the irony is delicious) because it wasn't teaching them housewifery skills. 

(to her credit, she was responding with "probably not but everyone is different" to someone saying no girl, under any circmstance, should have a journal or diary because they don't learn to be good wives and adolescence is so confusing. don't know where the teenager part fits in, but there we go, because apparently comprehending your repressed sexuality, personality and emotions caused by parents viewing you as cattle rather than a daughter is a terrible thing)

I commented sarcastically with "This just in, women not people, do not have feelings". Then what did she do?

Went on a tirade about me being brainwashed by the government and schools.

....what the fuck?

She believes that the government is out to get her and her family. She is dead-set on conspiracies that say that "big pharma" is trying to murder her grandchildren.

Oh, and she believes the Nazi party were communists. Yeah, that explains the berlin wall, lady - it was to separate the communists from the communists!

Firstly, lady, I'm in Australia. I've stated this. The American government does not brainwash their own, let alone Australian students.

Secondly, lady, I went to public schools, but generally everything I learned about the world, and politics, and my beliefs? I learned from my mother. Brb. Calling my mother, because she's the government.

Thirdly, lady, dear god, you're insane. You homeschooled your children and forced them into your beliefs - but that's not brainwashing.

Pure and simple; I fear for you, America.

Party on, Goths - at least, until the communazi Obama comes and takes away your guns and gives people affordable healthcare, God forbid the poor have human rights!


Claire said...

Nice post, I do love a good rant. I've had similar experiences in dealing with pro-lifers. They tend to ignore facts and instead try to manipulate your emotions by displaying giant posters of bloody fetuses.

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

0: Hello Claire! Have I seen you about before? Are you new? Hello claire!

And when you point out that that's not what aborted foetuses look like unless it's late second trimester, they stick their fingers in their ears, shout "la la la" and call you a satanist and/or communazi and/or "LIEbral" because that's witty. :|

Claire said...

Hello! I'm kind of new. I've been following you for a while though...but not in a creeper sort of way 0.o

I've never been called a satanist in real life, but I do like it when people on the interwebs call me "satin worshipper" :D

Teresa said...

I get into a lot of arguements online and IRL with people who just... Don't know anything. Example? The year of the election, little 6th grade me kept arguing with my friends about who should be president and why. (You know, normal things 11-year-olds talk about over lunch.) Well, let me state that I am 110% democratic, so I was on the Obama side. The two people against him had one arguement. "Obama's a muslim!" I need a second to shake my head and sigh at the stupidity of that. 1. No he's not... Where did that come from? 2. SO WHAT IF HE WAS?! People with that attitude should just move to antartica. We live in an area with a lot of muslims, are they going to run in fear every time they see a lady with a scarf over her hair?

I hate stupid people. Just because its different, doesn't mean its bad!

Tenebris In Lux said...

I'm with Teresa. Give it a rest. I hate the whole, "but Obama is only half black!" He's black. Maybe a lighter pigment. But .. seriously. I believe it was that horrid Donald Trump that said that "US presidents should not only be born in the US, but should have parents born in the US too!" Yeah, he's bullocks.

I know Kitty. Two debates that I participate in online are: gay marriage and abortion. I'm "pro-love" and "pro-choice." Sadly, there is always a religious nut that comes along. See, I don't mind religion. But why does it always have to be in a debate? I'm tired of hearing that it's "your duty to God to save the precious [usually unfeeling and unthinking clumps of cells] babies!" Grr.

Yeah, I'm thinking about going on the pill. But I'd like to have a job first. It can be kinda pricey, last time I checked.

@Claire: Hah, I get a kick out of that too sometimes. I told a woman once (she was on the super-devout side) that I used to study Wicca and Buddhism, that I am an atheist, and that I'm studying Satanism (Anton LeVey Satanism) right now. I explained it had NOTHING to do with devil worship, but .. yeah, that didn't work.

The late Kurt Cobain once said, "I wish I was gay just so I could piss off homophobics,"

SarahWalrus said...

The rhythm method? The. Rhythm. Method. I wish people would use google for more than just porn. Then maybe we would have less of this sort of shit. I mean, no protection is a hundred percent. But the rhythm method! WHY, GOD, WHY.

jessieann13 said...

I love a rant with purpose! You just summed up my thoughts completely. Arguing with some people is worse than arguing with a child. Only children have more sense. :)

Laurence 'The Beard' Williams said...

I had an ex like the afore-mentioned friend. Whenever I tried to tell her about one of my writing endeavours, she’d tell me something with no relevance whatsoever. It’s usually the case with a lot of people, I know many who I can have the most intelligent conversations with IRL, but when it comes to internet talk they turn into complete tards. I’d say you were right to delete them, but alternatively you could have gone to her house and bitch-slapped her for being a fool. After all, stupidity should be painful ^^

As to the second one, I’m almost certain that at one point this lady has wanted to keep some kind of journal or diary, but been forbidden to do so. From where I’m sat it sounds like a ‘If I can’t have one, no one can’ situation. People need a creative outlet of some kind, either sport, art, writing or music, and anyone who says otherwise is wrong. And the whole ‘government conspiracy’ bollocks is…well, just that. A funny kind of conspiracy, saying that people can be free to make their own decisions, rather than be bound by archaic modes of thinking and being given the chance to be themselves. Who’s the brainwashed fool now?

Oh, and I added you to the Big Book O’ Faces, hope you don’t mind. Look for a Laurence ‘Debbie’ Williams ^^

Ashlee said...

I do so love your rants, I really do.

I'd say something more but I have quite a bit typed out when the internet decided that I didn't need to say any of it.

Stefanie - The Bookish Owl said...

This is why I hate organised religion. I class myself as a Wiccan. But I hate with a passion people who respond without even reading your comments, it makes you seem very uneducated and narrow-minded.

By the way I added you on bookface (LOL) but it wouldn't let me add a personal message, weird. I'm Stefanie Stokes as Blogger should post this as XD

Anonymous said...


Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...


Stefanie - I actually quite enjoy wicca, the practical part of it anyway, which is all "you hungry? i make you something. you eat. you feel better." Because. Fuck, I love to eat! x3 I tried it for a while, but couldn't really get myself to believe in it. I would love to participate in some rituals and herbology again soon.

Lady Catherine - Really, I am sorry if I offended you, that wasn't the point. I don't care about anyone's religion. What I care about is when someone goes "YOU SHOULD HEAR ABOUT ALL THE GOOD THINGS ABOUT JESUS" and i'm all "nah, mate, i'd really rather not" and then they just keep going the fuck on about it. Sarywalrus is catholic too. I have friends who are deep south Baptists, Anglicans and the like who wear bonnets and headcoverings every single day. And do you know what? They're brilliant friends. I don't care about your religion. I just hate it when you try to sodomise me with it/obstruct other people's lives and freedoms for no reason other than "this one part of this one anceint book says you can't, even though every other sentence of this book is disregarded".

Do you see what I'm saying? I have nothing against religion. You can believe in whatever you want to. But it's when someone says "gays should be burned on the stake and evolution is wrong" that i have to step in and say, shut up and make me a sandwich.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm sorry I just misunderstood.
By the way, I love ur blog :D

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Hehe, thanks. :D

Anonymous said...

I have nothing to say. All has been said by you lovely, lovely people.
And Kitty, you're one of my new favorite people. Love the blog :D

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Boots - :3 *blogs*


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