Tuesday 28 June 2011

I Want Your Opinions! And a little bit of rage

NEW GOGGLES. Unsure as to why my
nose ring looks so ridiculously huge.

I'm back, bitches, and I want to hear what you have to say about some things. Specifically, things to buy, what brands and products are good, etc.

Louise Black Corsets - I have heard bad reviews. What are yours? Please let me know because I want one so much!
Corset Wholesale - anyone heard anything either way with these guys? (also known as Corsets-UK and Corsets-AU)
Manic Panic Cream Foundation - anyone use this before? What's it like?
Manic Panic Look Kits - the red and the purple. I love all their products in these two kits, would it be considered awful if I were to buy them? If I do, I'll do the tutorial stuff they have with them (one of the main reasons I want them)
Lime Crime Black Lipstick - I need new black. 8c
Drac-in-a-Box Clothing - bad reviews again, but some of their stuff is extremely adorable! Their makeup range is also very good.

Other things:

Places that sell good socks and hosiery?
Good shoes and clothes at none-too-high prices?
Good goth makeup brands and resellers, PLEASE
Anything else I might like?

Also this. Really, chicky? $1100 for a corset? Are you kidding? It's pretty, but not that pretty. Note to self: when you make corsets, rip off that one. Also, $800 for a satin and lace skirt? I'm going to make this for $25 for anyone who wants one, free shipping. Thankyou, Madame, for making Gallery Serpentine look cheap. It ain't easy.

Over the next few days, here's what I will be doing (possibly some tonight):

 MY CLOTHES SWAP AND SELL Probably tomorrow. I will post all of my stuff that I want to get rid of up, and comment or email me if you want to buy or swap the items. Details later. Sary and Heather, you are welcome to come over and have a rape of my stuff for whatever you want. You'll probably find some of your own clothes here.

REVIEWS the lipstick I got (all AMAZING but will go into detail), new clothing and new jewelry. Oh, and Sary, your brooch is here. Keep forgetting to tell you. As well as the AMAZING AS FUCK eyeliner Cooking Chinchillas gave me.

I will also be reviewing some more Pratchett books (probably THUD!, Maskerade and Guards! Guards!) as well as the Going Postal movie I am now downloading! A few other goth bits and pieces too - I recently watched Beetlejuice for the first time since childhood, along with Mulan, Van Helsing and The Colour of Magic. I'll interweave some stuff with those, too.

Dying my hair pink in a week or so. Special Effects dye. Will review.

TRIPS I'm heading up to Queensland in a few weeks, will take pictures and document! Also probably going to Sydney with Sary soon enough.

MUSIC I'll try and fit some of these in.

OUTFITS Especially since I'll be going to Queensland, I shall make and put together some stuff.
SEWING On hiatus again because my room ate my scissors. Bought some more today, shall probably do some tonight or tomorrow.

That about covers it. Have a cully.

Little bro is all better.


Amy Asphodel said...

Hi Kitty (ooh! a pop-up! I can comment!!). Very interested in clothing sale... ^^

I've used Drac In A Box several times and never had any problems with them... their packaging has little bats on, too. (I know, that's irrelevant.) Maybe I have just been lucky but personally I would recommend them.

SarahWalrus said...

Corset Whole Saler. Considering the price great. The boning is tough, moderately nice pattern but the picture's can be a bit misleading on the brightness. They seen to cheap out on the amount of boning on some parts such as points to the front (NOT HAPPY ABOUT). The fabric tear's very easily. I've worn mine three times, all inside for about fifteen minutes and it's already starting to rip a bit. I'm scared it's just going to fall apart.

But best boning ever. So tough and holds you in HEAPS.


Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Sary - I haven't seen yours yet! And the people you bought from on eBay are the same I linked to. Please post pictures of yours. I will do repairs if you need me to.

Amy - I changed it ages ago! Bats on the packet are never irrelevant. I am glad to hear that you like them.

Very excited to be getting rid and swapping my old clothes.

Tenebris In Lux said...

I'm in quite a bit of the same ruts as you are: I'm still searching for a bodice or even a corset, but I think I'll make one. There are tons of patterns online and tutorials on Youtube, and if you order patterns they shouldn't be more than $14.00

Thrift stores will still be your best friend when it comes to anything else. I got all of my aviator sunglasses and boots at my local thrift store.

I would look to take a look at the clothing that you are giving away, but due to paranoid parents, they would slit my throat if I gave out an address to mail to :--P

Looking forward to the music and travel posts. Kittehs!

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Tenebris, I can send it to a friend's place or do it up to look like a professional one if you like. Or your parents can damn well call me on the telephone and I'll assure them I'm not a psychotic backpacker murderer (anymore).

Seriously, wtf @ paranoid parents everywhere.

Tenebris In Lux said...

lol'd at the comment. I'll think about it ^^

Aisling Lark said...

I've checked out Corsets UK, the UK version of corsets wholesale, but haven't bought anything yet. The corsets do seem cheap but corset for £8.00? Only slightly worring for quality (note: I only saw one for this price). However, I've been told from a internet friend that bought one that it broke the first time she wore one. That's only the US branch though.

Hayley said...

I got my striped tights from spookyboutique.com. I really like their socks. I've been wearing the same tights over and over again since December and they haven't ripped (yet) except for at the crotch but that's only because I have a tendency to sit cross-legged while wearing them. I need to stop doing that.
Either way, they're pretty thick-skinned compared to other tights I have.

The Green Fairy said...

Well you've already heard what I have to say about Louise Black :P

Lime crime black lipstick is amazing!!!

Try Medusa's makeup; I swear by it. It's where the green fairy gets her glitter for eyebrows ^_^

BoomBoomBaby! Corsets...Good shit lollipop right there. Czech it out.

I don't think I'll fit your clothes, but I'm interested in having a squiz anyway :p

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

@Aisling: I think considering the price, it's worth the risk. If you buy it and it works out, great! If not, well, it wasn't a thousand bucks.

@Hayley: Thanks love, heading there right now.

@Fairy: I should have some bits and pieces that'll fit you. I am determined to make you clothes anyway. Ooh, czech sites! I've fallen in love with those lately.

The Green Fairy said...


Oops, can't be bothered fixing that caps lock screw up there :P


Also I changed my comments to pop up, I didn't realise this was better, but okayz :P

Ashlee said...

Lime Crime repackages and denies it. I wouldn't buy from her on principle.

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

What do you mean, Ash?

Ashlee said...

Some of her eyeshadows are bought wholesale and then passed off as unique products that she created and are sooo much better than anyone elses. If you Google "Lime Crime repackaging" there'll be multiple people talking about it.

I do hear the lipsticks are nice, though.

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

From what I've seen the lipsticks are brilliant, but nothing in my kind of colour except black. Too pale and blonde for their Retrofuturist.

The Green Fairy said...

Oh I just read up on the repackiaging! I feel so violated! I've bought heaps of stuff from her!

Anonymous said...

Sock Dreams has a fantastic array of socks, tights, and hosiery.

I can vouch for these being lovely:
Solid Opaque Thigh Highs
Cuban Heel Thigh Highs (which, let me tell you, are bitch to get the back seams straight on. But great quality!)
Topless Fishnet Stockings and
Topless Industrial Net Stockings.

The only item I've bought from them so far and did not like were the Fast Lane OTKs, since they're supposed to go over the knee but seriously did not want to.



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