Tuesday 21 June 2011

Backlog Post - Contains Me Giving Away Clothes

So everything is up in the air right now, and because my internet's been down, I'm at Heather's place to use their internet (and get the Wyrd Sisters cartoon off her, if anyone wants it I can mail you a copy on a memory card). Ergo, I have a thousand ideas for posts. Instead of superspamming all of you, here's some brief summaries.

-Ridcully had severe tick paralysis not last night but the night before. He is still not eating and drinking, but is playing and seems happy, also he got to sleep on a lithium pad. Am calling the vet this afternoon for an update, will also update you guys 

-GETTING RID OF OLD CLOTHES. I will be making a post with all old clothes I don't want anymore, which i would like to sell or, better yet, swap with you guys for other stuff. It includes a black and purple corset that no longer fits me, and possibly some converse and other shoes from my enormous collection.

-I'm leaving school again. I have lost five kilos since I started and I can't afford to let all that "wake up one day and i'm 39kg" thing happen again. It's driving me mental and making me sick. I will start year eleven next year in Melbourne, probably.

-Speaking of melbourne, what suburbs are good, and would anyone be interested in helping me get around in the first two weeks, since I am moving there despite never having been there, because it's cheaper and I can't stay at home any more?

-Speaking again of melbourne, I would like to throw a goth-and-alternative get-together in Melbourne at the start of summer (i really hope there will be furries). Would anyone be interested in coming/helping me organise? We could probably let some people stay at our place for a day or two during.

-No further update on the competition stuff. Because I've been ill and school and blah, and this whole business with the cats, I've been too busy. Will try and keep going for this week.

-Got several things in the mail - my Lovechild Boudoir order, which is AMAZING, and my two jewelry orders from DraculaClothing. Will review - but the cameo stuff is gorgeous.

-The Abbey Tournament coming up. Not sure if going. Really want to see shaun.

-Curled my hair the other day. I am currently all about the puffy curly pigtails. Will post pictures soon.

-Midfur is in December in Melbourne. Shaun and I are going, does anyone else want to attend with us?

-When I move to melbourne, we're getting a dog (as well as any of my cats that haven't been adopted out from the cat protection society yet/a new longhaired kittun). Any ideas on the breed? (heart set on a german shepherd, retriever or labradoodle? yes.)

I think that about does it for now. Nothing much else interesting is happening, other than being alone at Heather's. Will hopefully elaborate soon.

Much love! :3 (especially the furfags. <3)


Tenebris In Lux said...

I like big dogs like Alaskan Malamutes, Finnish Lapphunds, Huskies, and German Shepards. Labs and mutts in general rock.

Due to my anemia, I've lost three (1.3 kilos) - five pounds (2.27 kilos) in less than a half month's time .. not good :-/

Moving isn't too fun, and I get antsy when I'm away from the computer, too. Hope you are feeling better

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Am doing okay so far, getting everything in order.

I wish we could have a malamute, but they get heat waves in melbourne. XD we'll probably get a labradoodle or groodle or something smaller. But I want a big puppy...

Anonymous said...

Old clothes! I like old clothes. :3

That is unfortunate about your schooling, but I hope things will get better when you start again. :)

*pricks ears up at anything Melbourne-related* come let me help you, my sweet *evil voice*.

The suburbs I loiter around are only really Brunswick and Carlton/North Carlton, and the Melbourne CBD... what goodness do you seek? I can help you get around, sure...

I'd be most interested in helping you organise this summer get together! I don't know any furries :'(, but I have a few gothy friends?

And am looking forward to all your reviews of things :3


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