Monday 11 July 2011

What's In A Name?

I figure the whole thing about the name of this blag, plus my name across the internet, might be an interesting delve into memories. Please get your nickname stories prepared, as I definitely want to read them!

The whole "kitty" thing came about in primary school. Anyone who knows me, or knew me at all, knows how heavily I was (and am) into roleplay - tabletop, written, video game and - yes, queen of the nerds - live-action. My fondness for LARP is what lead me to the name - shortened form of my character's name. However, the actual "your name is kitty. you are a cat" thing didn't come about until far sooner than primary school.

I had always had the unnatural ability to befriend furries. By the time i was fourteen, I already had a host of furvert friends - in fact, they made up the bulk of my online friends. It wasn't until January last year when I was going through a bad breakup that I met a particularly furverty one.

Don't get me wrong. Bear (or "Polaris Bearington" as the bookface forced him to be called - Polar Bear is apparently not a name anywhere) is one of my best friends. In the first conversation he and I ever had, he decided that I was, officially, a cat. Usually I rejected this, but this time, I went along with it.

Bear; here pictured being foofly.
Ever since then, I have been refered to as a cat. Growlithe started calling me "kittum" as I forbade "kitten". (because at that point I wasn't planning on any kind of sexual relationship with him, which is why "kittten" was forbidden. But uh. It's kind of duh why it doesn't matter anymore, I won't go on there.)

Moving on to more recently - and ignoring the blaringly obvious Sondheim "Lovett" reference - the Anonymous Cat or Anonymous Goth Cat has come into play (as well as A. Cat).

The growlithe recently had a giggle, saying "I love how you call yourself the anonymous cat, but your blag is full of personal information and how you have pictures of yourself and everything."

Ah. This takes a little more explaining. See, an "anonymous cat" is a neighbourhood cat everyone assumes belongs to someone around the place, but they all pet and feed and cuddle anyway. Along with being "randomly in the background of things" and "there one minute, gone the next", as well is "who the hell is that anyway?", that's rather what I have become - the anonymous cat, or the anonymous goth cat. I have actually signed official petitions, emails and letters to various politicians with "The Lady, A. Cat".

The blog title was rather a spurr-of-the-moment sort of thing. Unlike many people, there's no real reason behind it other than I thought it was cute, and appropriate for what the blag was going to be about. It seemed to fit - I am a gothcat, and I will blog to my tail's content.

To clear up a few things, no, I am not myself a furry. To be a furry, you have to be a human with animal [spirit/characteristic/whatever kind of way you'd put this]. I'm a cat. With superpowers. And my name on facebook? Yes, Rose is my actual middle name. You're welcome to track me down if you like, and if you don't mind my frequent quoting and catting about the internet.

What are your nickname stories? What do your parents call you? My mum calls me "moo" and my dad calls me "maude" or "a very useful thing".

Much love! :3


SarahWalrus said...

Both my parents tend to call me "Adam". It's quite depressing actually.

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

.-. but're a laaaaAAAaaaaAAAaaady! D:

Teresa said...

My family calls me Reese (because its short for Teresa) and I totally hate it. And no one seems to understand the concept of nicknames anymore... So I'm stuck as Teresa (And some people just cannot seem to understand that it has *three syllables*, not two.) My blog name (Little Miss Gloom and Doom) is partially because I'm rather cheery when I type, so I find it ironic. And partially because I am pretty negative. I'm also called "Trisha" by my brother because his idiot friend couldn't say my name, and he knows it annoys me. Older brothers are so immature.

Now, if I could just convince everyone I'm going to legally change my name to Pikachu, I would not only get a desired nicknames, but the reactions would be fun.

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

I will witness for this namechange.

Tenebris In Lux said...

^That would be too cool. I always wanted to change my name to sound more masculine/unisex.

Hah, my pet name at home is kitty. The story isn't super exciting: I have an uncle who is from Pakistan, and due to his thick accent, my name came out as "kitty," not "kati." Shh .. yes, my real first name is Kati :-P

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Heee, Tenecat. :3

Ophelia Black said...

My Tumblr and online name is Opheliaathenablack, which is part of my Harry Potter head-canon. I decided that Bellatrix's middle name should be Athena, and I have a character who calls her Ophelia because she's so crazy. So, yeah…


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