Monday 25 July 2011

Product Review - Manic Panic Dreamtone Liquid and Goth White Cream Foundation

Hoorah! A substance post!

Anyway, I got my new foundation that I ordered the other day. I can only partly review so far, since foundation takes a while, but it'll get its run down during my weekend vacation in queensland!

Here's my idea so far:

I've been using the Dreamtone base liquid for nearly two years now. I love the stuff - although when it's brand new (i now recall) it's really liquid-y and a bit hard to apply. I have this weird thing where it just won't apply in some spots, ie my nose. I don't know why, but it's like, "apply to nose. step back. applying it seems to have wiped it all off. attempt again. same result." I don't know what the issue is here, but it totally stops happening once the liquid gets thicker with time (i think it's my skin; my nose is very picky with makeup). I fixed that problem today with my cream foundation and a LOT of setting powder.

The cream foundation? It's fantastic. A little goes a long way with this stuff, and it gives a wonderful gothy-white look without crossing into mallgoth corpse pallor. It also makes a good primer. HOWEVER, I have enormous pores, and if I'm not dilligent with my witch hazel toner (wonderful stuff, get your hands on it. smells like ass, works like magic, but make sure it's pure distilled witch hazel!) and my spreading, it can get caught in them. A lot of rubbing it about seemed to fix this and, once set with powder, it didn't happen again.

I only wore it for two-ish hours today while I ran to the post office and had a hot chocolate. And bought my downton abbey poster. ( 8> ) It's not thorough, but I'm going out tomorrow and possibly wednesday too, so I'll be able to test more thoroughly.

It lasted beautifully. Once applied properly, it felt gorgeous and silky to wear. It held my eyeliner very well (i had not primed the area other than with a tiny bit of goth white, because i couldn't find my primer anywhere, but let's just say it was to test the cream), and didn't settle on my blemishes very much - less than usual, anyway. Both are very blendable and feel lovely on.


I couldn't get any front-on shots because they made my nose vanish and i thought that a bad idea to post, so here you can see how it's easier to blend them both than I thought. I was wearing a scarf, though, so all that blending further down my neck was all for nothing.


My sister bought them for me from Beserk. :D

That's all for now. I will post another review after my seaside holiday (by the sea mister todd we'll be nice and cosy by the sea mister todd where there's no one nosey).

Party on goths!

PS: Speaking of the holiday, Mr. Growlithe now has a blag - The Noisy Growlithe. Swords, games and geekery. Only his herro post up so far, but stay tuned - he's sure to post pictures of me and his sword collection, if you're into goths with rapiers, I suppose. ;3


Tenebris In Lux said...

Are those purple and black stalkings I see? :-)

Hmmm, I only use sunscreen and lotion that helps makes my skin a little more pale. I will invest in some makeup later, I suppose, but I prefer minimal makeup/no makeup on myself right now ^^

PINK HAIR is still [awesome] PINK HAIR

Unknown said...

Hey ! So if i wanted to make a geisha look which do you recommend? please help me !


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