Friday 1 July 2011

A Post About Shoes

Most girls like shoes. Call me sexist, but dammit, it's true. I can't walk past a pair of shiny red shoes without seeing they're $200 and forcing myself not to like them (whilst crying on the inside).

I have....alright, here goes.

I have 20 pairs of converse.

I don't know where they all are, exactly, and some of them have magically vanished and reappeared in my mum's bedroom back in Mullumbimby, but when I counted all my Converse and Visions (like converse, only better but discontinued </3), there were twenty pairs. Red, black, pink, white, hightop, allstars, short laces, long laces, no laces, Emily the Strange and, yeah, I have leopard print allstars. I know. I have been criticised by other goths for my adoration of converse. And this is what I say to you:

fuck. you.

I like them. They're comfortable, worn-in and, best of all, they were free (my eldest sister Sally used to work in a shoe shop. Whenever they had excess stock in their orders - retail workers know this means you buy 10, and get 12 instead, for example - she would just plain nick them). Have you ever said no to free shoes? I didn't think so. I also have:

-granny boots from GoodGoth
-knee-high lace-ups I got when I was...fuck, must have been eleven or twelve, for my brother's wedding. They still fit.
-ridiculous three-and-a-half-inch red chunky platforms with bows. Lolita shoes. Love them so much.
-my Demonia Swings (7 1/2" platform)
-My once-upon-a-time-cherry-red doc martens, still  my favourite shoes
-shiny red heels I got from a vintage shop, to go with a dress I'm selling (next update coming soon, was too busy cleaning up and being fat today to do anything else).
-purple strap heels
-patchwork shoes from London my sister Sally got me, pictures later if I can find both of them

And do you know what else? Sometimes, I go outside, and i just don't wear shoes. Shocking, I know, but so what?

What kind of shoes do you guys have? Does anyone else have a ridiculous converse collection? Do you have any awesome converse or similar kind of shoe?

Unrelated to shoes, but I painted this yesterday. :D


Tenebris In Lux said...

Oooh .. what medium is that? It looks like watercolor to me, but then again, I've been stuck inside my room for ages doing nothing but watercolors, so everything is starting to look like it ..

I have at least six pairs of shoes. Most of them come from thrift stores or hand-me-downs from my mum. My old sandals broke -- not that it is a loss, I hate flip flops and sandals -- but if I reuse the heel along with some modeled wood and sturdy silver duct tape, MAYBE I can create some mediocre platforms? Doesn't sound too safe, so I'll silently wish that my boyfriend will buy me the $10 generic black platforms at the local thrift store :-P

Ashlee said...

I don't have a lot of shoes. A pair of flats, a pair of chunky Mary Jane heels, a pair of Blowfish shoes, shiny ankle high boots, knee high boots, and winter boots. I threw my Converse out because they were uselessly old and beat up. I'm sort of considering getting a new pair. Especially since I was thinking "I'd really like some SPARKLY ones!" and then I found some.

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Tenebris - I always use watercolour, or watercolour pencil, unless I want some mental colours and have access to acrylics. These are just some fabre castel i got from the shop. XD

Ash - sparkly converse. All of my yes. GO BUY THEM. NOW.

Donna said...

Love the painting at the end! For a girl, I actually have very few shoes. I put that down to being lazy as opposed to be rebelious against the female stereotype though!

Love your blog. Will be back to read more.


Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm not the only person with a converse obsession! I currently have ten pairs and will probably obtain more than that. :)


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