Wednesday 9 November 2011

Lil Bit O' This And That - Outfit/Makeup Post

So this evening, I took a train and tram out to Fitzroy, to a place called Libation, to watch Growlithe's ex girlfriend Jess play with another girl whose name I shamefully forget, but have met before at an Occupy protest. (Everyone got really confused when I mentioned that Jess used to date my boyfriend, and I was there to see her. I'm not quite sure why being friends with his ex is such a weird thing.)

Jess' mum Jo was there too. Jo is awesome. She is also scared of daleks - a wise fear.

Anyway, I went sort of Sweeney Todd and Lillian Low inspired. If you don't know who Lillian is, well, she's an awesome. That should narrow it down. Anyway, here goes.

 The Crap I Wore On My Face:

-Missha Perfect Cover #13
-My New $55 Illamasqua pressed powder in PF005 (recommend it to anyone! I walked through the rain to get home, and aside from where my glasses were, it was still in place!)
-Manic Panic red eyeshadow as blush
-Nabi blush in "Lilac" (It's not lilac. It's pink.)
-Manic Panic gel liner
-Manic Panic Raven eyeshadow
-Cheapo Brand liquid liner
-Manic Panic lipstic in "Vampire Red".

My makeup stayed in place regardless of how goddamn hot I got. And I got very, very hot! Rain+train+people=lotsofheat. But I'd like to think that the windows fogged up because I got on the tram.

I think the staying power of my makeup was largely due to the Illamasqua. I will review it at length later, but right now, buy it. Buy it from their online store here, since it's fucking expensive in Australia ($35 online, $55 in store, but I was desperate for powder).

If you can afford it, in any case, get the hell out of it.

Onto the outfit.

As far as you need to be concerned, my face
never happened in this pic.
 -My ever-faithful Lovechild Boudoir skirt, pinned up at the front. I have decided I love this look.
-Blouse, by Anna House (which is a cheapo Loli brand. It was $15 from the Lolita shop in Fitzroy)
-Stockings are Leg Avenue
-Bloomers (unseen) are Gallery, of course!
-Corset is Gallery
-Crow jacket nicked from my sister.

And although I have no photographic evidence, I wore my Doc Martens.

I loved this outfit so goddamn hard. I felt so...tall. I'm not sure why. All together, it was a Lillian Low meets Sweeney Todd feel, at least to me. Screw your opinions, guise, it's all about how I feeeeeel.

 As you guise know, whenever I tease my hair it is a war to get it back to normal. Here's the "omg home" pic, and the "back to normal" pic.

 And a good night was had by all!


Cherish said...

As usual, Kitty, your outfits and hairstyles are AMAZING!

Nice to hear from you. :)

Btw: Word verification: Ingerks


Mykki said...


Zoe Karbonopsina said...

Hi there - long time stalker, first time commentor!

Dressing like Mrs Lovett is something I need to do more often - I haven't bothered since the time at school on a non-uniform day when people didn't stop staring at em all day :D You look great in this post (YOUR CLOTHES. WAAANT.) and your pale pink backcombed hair gives a cute clowny feel to the outfit :)

Unknown said...

Eeeeh this is so flattering! :D You look fantastic. I love your eyeliner and your hair is just gorgeous! I wish mine could look like that. I also love your blazer and the skirt is fantastic. I can totally see the Mrs Lovett inspirationg :D

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Cherish - that's an amazing captcha. :|

Akuma - thanks!

Admiral Barca - you should comment more often. I decidedly like you.

Lillian - I can't believe you read it. XD I'm glad you like it. The hair was easy, just sort of teased it in two layers and used a lot of hairspray. I mean, magic. Yes. I used my magic. It is a stroke to my ego that a beauty blogger such as you likes my makeup and hair. It was you that got me onto BB creams and illamasqua, actually!

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Sweet! You do look very Lillian-inspired!

Jamie said...

Oh. My. God. That skirt is soooo amazing. I kind of covet it. And you look great overall, of course, but full. Stripey. Skirt. Is. Distracting. Hmm, I may have a stripes problem here...


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