Wednesday 12 October 2011

I AM AMAZING - an outfit post

You cannot understand how goddamn proud I am right now.
So as per usual of myself on a wednesday, I went to Heathers. BUT THAT IS NOT ALL. OH NO. I did something EXTRA special today. I didn't GO anywhere unusual. I didn't SEE anyone out of the ordinary. I DID THIS INSTEAD.



First thing heather said to me was either "you look amazing" or "you look awesome". NOT QUITE SURE WHICH. EITHER WAY.
Let's break it down.


Shirt - my sister's, $5 from a secondhand place (will not wear again without some kind of brooch or something. SO LOW CUT ON MY LIL BEWBS)
Gloves - Fanplusfriend
Tutu - Corsets-au
Bloomers - F+F
Stockings - In Visible Light
Demonia Bewts - Goth Angel
Bustle - Lovechild Boudoir
Lilhat - Corsets-au
Heather fell over while photoing.
I laughed at her on your behalf.

Same as usual, missha bb cream, powder over. Manic panic duo liner, used the shadow today, and blood red lipstick as is my usual. Shiro "Potion" blush as well. Nothing PARTICULARLY unusual going on here, but it's all amazing stuff so. There we are. NOW ENJOY SOME MORE PHOTOS OF ME BEING REALLY DAMN PLEASED.

 We were pretty much just messing around here, but I like the photos so YOU CAN ALL JUST SIT THROUGH AND LOOK AT ME D:<

I wasn't really "going" for much here, but it's kinda...Emilie Autumn meets Vermillion Lies and they have a threesome with Iva Insane? XD I stated that to Dalestair this morning. She seemed to like that idea. :P

 After this, we then watched some Hatventures: Skylands episodes and got some more Minecraft on because we're geeky little shits like that.

But anyway, I loved this outfit, I loved being in it, etc etc etc. A LOT of people seemed to love this outfit, and an older lady decided she wanted to know everything about me (but then all of a sudden got very worried that she had offended me). It was also popular with the little kids.

I love my hair like this. :D

Much love!


Stephanie said...

Amazing fcr sure! You look great! And this outfit is so awesome! Good job. :)

Cherish said...


That outfit is SO perfect!(And your hair...I love the little hat!)

One of your best ones yet, if I may say so. :)

Mykki said...

That looks fantastic!

Niamh said...

Kitty your outfit is amazing!!! You look stunning in it!!! I am so jealous of your brillant talent of putting together an outfit.

Lolitadewdrop said...

Those boots are so amazing! I love the whole outfit ... but I can't stop staring at your boots! :)

Kamyria said...

Yes, you are amazing and this outfit is brilliant. I love everything about it!

Hayley said...

Awesome! I love love love your hair and makeup! I wish I was that good with makeup!

Amy Asphodel said...


Stefanie - The Bookish Owl said...

Your outfit is amazing and so jealous of those boots <3

Captcha: sproffe

Unknown said...

LOVE it ^^ You really ARE amazing.


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