Sunday 11 September 2011

There Are Adora Points Now? - A rage

So, sometime yesterday, Goth Queen Adora Batbrat made this post about a giggle between her and her sister. I read it, thought it was cute, made a comment, blah blah. I always subscribe to other comments, because I like to see what other people think. Then someone made this comment:

"Iva is pretty, but nothing special and let's face facts without Adora she wouldn't be so popular, there are thousands of prettier girls that don't get that kind of attention."
...on Adora's blog. About Adora's sister. Where Jenni (now known as Iva Insane) will probably read it.

Immediately, I lept into the fray. In what realm of existance is it okay to say something like that? To go on someone else's blog, and say something quite rude and rather mean about the blog owner's sister?

Then people started accusing me of just being a "rabid fan" or whatever, and trying to "score points" with Adora BatBrat.

Now, hang on. What? Since when have I ever expressed giving a shit about what anyone in particular thinks of me? I only responded because, Jesus, isn't that just extremely rude?

Adora herself replied, saying that they don't think they're the prettiest or the best, and don't care what people say. That's all well and good, but really, how is it fair?

By all means, dude, go on YOUR blog and talk about it. But don't go on someone else's space, say something rude, and then get bitchy when someone replies.

I'm not saying Jenni is Aphrodite or anything. I mentioned that she's really quite gorgeous, and you'd have to be some kind of giant dickbag to say that somewhere where that person could see it and possibly get quite upset.

To be honest, I'm not really that big a fan of either of the sisters. Yes, I like them, but their style is quite different to mine. I enjoy their posts and their humour, but I can't say I'm really a "fan". I would leap to anyone's defense in this manner, because, you know what? That shit is just not on. It's not okay. It's rude and cruel and really, it just makes you look like a bitter asshole.

I don't care about what Adora BatBrat thinks of me. I don't care if this would get me on her good side or whatever. I just cannot stand this kind of outward bitter rudeness, and this way that apparently there is only ONE kind of beauty, and that NO ONE could think that Iva Insane is gorgeous.

You have a lot of growing up to do, buddy. Suck my balls.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand people that troll like that. I mean that is just plain rude. I love Adora BatBrat and Iva Insane, they are both adorable. I think this goes back to the old saying, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

I just can't believe people were jumping to their defense, saying it was ME that was wrong for defending her.

I didn't defend her because she's Adora BatBrat's sister. I defended her because she's a human being and she deserves it.

The Green Fairy said...

I just want to stab everything.

linnea-maria said...

Oh I loved your comment "thinly veiled bitter jealousy". Maybe it was a Swede who wrote that jealous comment. We have that "jante law" who says it's forbidden to be happy about yourself and your own succes, that you must be humble and beleive your'e nothing at all. Bragging is one of the deathly sins.
You did the right thing to defend her, and yourself.

Amy Asphodel said...

And this is why you are FULL OF AWESOME.


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