Monday 5 September 2011

I Cry for Books

Now, if you've ever spent much time with me, you'd know I form a very strong emotional attachment to things. Things that don't matter. I cry when I see teddies being thrown away or treated roughly. I cry when I have to throw things away, like notes from school classes (which, admittedly, I keep in a box with all my other keepsakes). But what I seem to have the most trouble with, is books.

I have this need to "rescue" books. Books that are unread make me sad. I found a special edition copy of Guards! Guards! that had never been read, ever, in its whole life. I felt so sorry for the book. I cried a bit, I really did. I wanted to rescue this hundred-dollar book, with Sam Vimes on the cover. Oh, and that's another thing.

I cry not only for the actual, physical books, but for the characters. If a character is having a particularly hard time - take, for instance, Sam Vimes - I will cry. I cried when he was getting emotional about Young Sam. I cried when


that baby died back on Cockbill Street, and when Vimes was talking about that street, and growing up in severe poverty in Feet of Clay when they were poisoning the Patrician. Come to think of it, I cried when they were poisoning poor Vetinari.


Hell, even when Sam is passed out drunk in the gutter in the start of Guards! Guards!, I found myself begging him to. To. Well, bloody well stop it.

I don't know why I do this. Maybe it's my lack of ability to properly distinguish between fantasy and reality. Maybe it's because I get so involved in characters. Maybe, well, maybe I'm just plain crazy. I don't know. But what I know is, when a teddy bear is mistreated, a book unread, a fictional police officer drinking away his depression, I'll be there, tears and all.

Do you have any weird emotional habits?



Tenebris In Lux said...

I don't like people touching my books. Period. And I also get a little fussy when people try on my (rather fragile) top hats or touch my radio show notes/show plans -_-

Abused books make me sad, too. But I seem to love older books more. Ever walk into an old used book store, pick up a random book to finger the soft yellowy pages and sniff the book for "old book smell"? Hah .. yeah .. I'm a freak ..

The CAPTCHA is "hologs." wtf?

Anonymous said...

I, too, cry ... a lot. I cry in front of pieces if art work that I'm attached to somehow. Like when I was writing my Masters thesis and saw the portrait of Rosa Bonheur by Anna Klumpke for the first time. I cried because I felt so involved in their lives. There she was -- Rosa with her Legion of Honor medal and sharp grey suit -- and painted by the hand of the woman she entrusted to paint her/write her biography, Anna Klumpke. I finally made the connection, a connection that I was part of.

I cried when I saw Manet's Olympia for the first time. I cried when I saw Copley's Watson and the Shark. I cry in front of art all the time.

I cry at shows and concerts. I cried when I saw Loreena McKennitt the first time -- I was so moved. I cry at the opera. I cried when I first heard VNV play Standing in concert. I cried when I finally got to see Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Furs.

I cry for books and characters, too.

Today, I cried because my Mom's 100 year oak tree -- the only tree I knew and loved in her yard -- was taken down because of disease and rot. My old friend. :(

Varina said...

I don't think it is weird to cry over books, especially the actual stories and characters. I think that is basically the whole point of fiction; to step into another's life and empathize with them. I might be biased though, I cry over books all the time.

Aisling Lark said...

I cry over characters all the time...It's annoying when I'm reading in school and there's a sad bit in the book I'm reading and I cry. Also, whenever something sweet happens I go 'aww' aloud. I often speak when I'm reading books really. It's like the characters are in front of me, and if they're being stupid I find myself telling them not to be such idiots. It makes my friends laugh :P. Also, I hate it in films or books where a character does something embarresing, I physically CANNOT watch it because I cringe to much for them.

If you're crazy, I'm crazy to ;-)

And Mary, when I moved house I cried, because we had a wonderful cherry tree in the back garden I loved and didn't want to leave behind

Cherish said...

Old places and books make me feel so sad as well, especially if no one cares enough to visit them.

Ivy said...

I hate people messing with my books!I rarely give them out and im very special with them.poor books..:(


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