Tuesday 18 September 2012

Another Outfit Post

Lol hay everypony. I know I said that I would be blogging more regularly, a month ago, but I've been alternating between busy and sick, I had a birthday, etc. If it's any consolation, I've been pretty freegin active on Tumblr lately. 

So, once again, a backlog of outfits!

 First up, my TARDIS dress! Yeah! And m hair. :P My hairdresser gets carried away. The hair picture was taken on the train because we have balls all light in the house and it wouldn't have shown up properly.

The TARDIS dress is made by Black Milk Clothing, a company I adore, and it is my first (and likely only) piece by them.I love it! It's scandalously short. :P

Then, Shaun had a day off, so we went to Werribee Zoo. It was blowing a gale, hence my weird facial expression. What I like most about this is you can see all the blue and green in my hair! I did rag curls for this, like I used to back in the olden days. I've found Lush's Goth Juice (sadly disconinuted) is a great curl setter. These curls didn't completely disappear until after I washed my hair.

The zoo itself was pretty fun. If you live in Melbourne, I really recommend joining the Zoo membership. It is so worth it, and it's a great experience.

And I'm also really pleased I got to wear my hat. :P I love that hat.

And then I went to see a production of Terry Pratchett's Wyrd Sisters at Clayton Monash University. It was AMAZING! I wore my Dark Muse shirt and the frilly Amu shirt of frilly frilly doom. I also wore odd stockings because I couldn't find matching ones. :P
 Eeee :3

I also wore my black coat, since it matches the skirt. The shoes are Demonias, that I rather had to glue back together. XD I love these shoes!

Other than that, not much to report. I hope to get back to blogging more.

I might be getting a job soon, so that might mean I'll have something to talk about again.



Laura Morrigan said...

I love your hair, and that frilly skirt, and the socks! I didn't know you lived in Melbourne, I live in Australia too. Never realised that. It's a shame they discontinued that goth juice, I was looking for something to use to make ringlet curls in my hair. I try to use natural things if possible.

Dank said...

You're adorabear.

linnea-maria said...

I think it gorgeous with unmatching stockings :). Your hairdo where you wear the TARDIS dress (nice name of it ;) ) is so nice, it fits you very well. Good luck with finding a job.

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Unknown said...

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