Friday 17 August 2012

Half-Arsed Outfit Post!

Hi everyone! I know I  said I'd update sooner, but Shaun keeps bringing home sick and I keep getting colds. The bastard.

Anyway, I have a backlog of outfit photos and selfies, so I thought I'd do a grand olde picdump. I'll also be just generally mentioning what i've been up to.

This first one is me at the Melbourne Museum, with my favourite prehistoric creature, the inostrancevia. Inostancevia is a Gorganopsid, a synapsid from the Permian era. Overall, the museum was okay. A nice day out, but there wasn't really much there. Although there was a huge collection of bad taxidermy. I will still go again, though.

This next one is a little further back than that. I went out with Shaun and decided to behive the shit out of my hair. Not much else needs sayin'. :P

This picture seemed a popular one. I dunno why. From the same day as the Museum.

I really like this picture. The dress was a present from Amy dearest, and I love it. It's so Queen Mother-ish.


This outfit was from a few days ago. The blouse is another Amy grab - my favourite blouse. The skirt, which is actually dark blue with white flowers (sunflowers, I think) and lace, was $20 from a thrift shop. All my suspenders - which I wear all the fucking time they're just so great - are from Visage and Vice here in Melbourne.

Last of all, today's stuff. I went out to see my brother, who is in town. I also bought a coat. A great thing, since I haven't owned a black coat in years! It's a lovely thing, too. Also feat. Ridcully being cute.

That's about all from Bedlam here. I'll check in early in the week.

It's my birthday on Thursday!


Marmalade Marionette said...

Aww, I need to fly myself to Melbourne to see the creatures? Hmm.. that must be a long way. Oh pickles.
PS: get well soon and happy birthday!

midnightgothic said...

Hey, I love your style. Very inspirational. Especially love your hairstyle!

Snowhyte said...

The hairstyle in pic 2 is really cute and love the haircolor from pic 4! Have a happy birthday. :)

Tenebris In Lux said...

Happy Tenebris is happy .. more posts! :-D

I really do think that you would like Einstein. He sleeps like a cat, sheds like your typical cat .. best dog-cat ever. Other problem is that he's bred to herd animals, so his chunky self likes to push people around.

Corin said...

Your hair looks, no matter what colour it has. I'm envious of your fringe especially! :)
Cute pictures and lovely outfits! I'm looking for a similar black coat, but they're all so expensive.

SkeletonOrchid said...

That black coat it's just amazing , good choice.
I wish there was such a great museum like that around here

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