Tuesday 3 April 2012

Holy New Blog Stuff, Batman! +why pastel goths why?

So yeah, I've just gone ahead and changed my entire blog to varying shades of pink.

With my eyes going on that downward slope I was having trouble reading my own fucking blog. So no more black backgrounds! Plus I like pink.

Now, this is going to take a turn for the worse. Pastel goth.

One of the items for sale on pastelgoth.com
 I think pastel goth should be, oh, I don't fucking know, goth but pastel? Not "goth with kawaii" (don't. even. go there) or "How about we just make a denim vest with a floral inverted cross on the back! Call it goth!"

There is nothing wrong with a lot of pastel goth fashion. A lot of it is cute. But that doesn't excuse the gallons and gallons of crap oozing from the subculture.

Real pastel goths, goths in pastel, stand the fuck up and just say no.


Dank said...


I agree with you, some of the stuff is cute.. but... I dunno.. it's drifting further and further away from Goth. It's more like Barbie, if she was slightly darkly-inclined. *I hope that made sense, I'm sick you see :)

Jamie said...

I like the pink. And I even like that cami-paired with a fluffy black skirt and a pair of tights that match one of the bats, overlaid with black fishnets, and you could have one hell of a cute Goth-y outfit. But ye GODS some of that stuff is horrible. Those t-shirts with kittens look like ones my mom wore in photos from the early '90s. The bubblegum-colored cross looks like something they would hand out at a Southern Baptist baby beauty pageant. *shudder*

Sheridan said...

I wonder when the day will be that Goths main color is yellow instead of black.

Nothing wrong with pastel goth indeed. Just, it's like excisting to be not in the lolita subculture.

Orchid said...

I love that style as an alternative to the latest trends in the worldwide goth hangout where everything is now about being slutty. There's a Japanese style called Cult Party Kei that is - as I call it - dark in light colors. The goth mood can be created with shades, textures and clothes shapes along with makeup, but, unlike common goth, the style has no strict rules and allows lots of experiments. ^^

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

I like your new pink layout!!!

Aelfcynn said...

The black shirts with 'usually-comes-in-white-but-today-in-mixed-soft-pastels' gave me the Initial Honest Reaction of: A gay pride shirt got thrown in the laundry with the goth-wash.

I have no idea if that's good or not.

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Thanks everyone. I still fucking hate pastel goths because they use the word "kawaii" at every opportunity. This is not okay. I want to call myself a "pastel goth" because I am goth, in pastel, but :| grrr.

Skeleduck - I lol'd. You're adorable. I needed that. Skeleduck. It's adorable. Let me pinch you.

Tenebris In Lux said...

^ignore him

Ah, Pastel Goths .. from the lands known as Tumblr ..

Please, why? I never got the crosses or the overload on studs or the weird thin airy cloaks or the always-purple-or-pink-or-teal hair and certain sunglasses and gah. Rant is done.

Also, I'm digging your background. And I usually hate pink :-P Mebe because you used purple font. Yay!

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Pink is one of my new favourite colours lately. XD PINK EVERYWHERE.

The HouseCat said...

I don't like pastels, florals, stuff like that. I like Goth being a refuge from having had that stuff pushed on me for years. I used to be the sort of person that preferred dragons, as a kid, to dolls. It has taken me a long, long time to realise that skirts and makeup are not the enemy, and can be done in ways that are neither cutesy and girlish nor fitting in with the mainstream style archetypes that I despise. I still can't stand pretty pinks, pastels and florals, sorry. I know some other people like that sort of thing, but I can't stand it.

Darkmoon//Anna said...

I think people should put on their big girl pants and deal when it comes to nu-goth floral and pastels appearing in goth. AS LONG AS there's enough black and other gothy elements in the outfit! Otherwise, nope, not goth, but people can deviate a little, go more casually, etc. and they don't have to do the fashion 24/7. I personally think that's boring, especially since I feel the music and aesthetic has more to do with goth than the fashion as long as the individual has good taste. When I think of pastel goth (which, thanks to my fairy kei obsession, is...my current obsession) I think of creepycute tumblr stars like Pastelbat who wear bones and bats with black and some pastel purple accents. It's cute, it's creepy, but it's also not MOSTLY bright. That top above is just a top with bats that happens to be pastel. It's not interesting or even cute.

Mykki said...

I absolutely adore the Pastel Goth look, but I hesitate to call it any sort of "Goth" mostly because it has no connection whatsoever to the actual Goth subculture.

Then again, neither does Gothic Lolita, but I don't have a problem actually describing that as looking Gothic.

Meh, it's tricky. I love the look itself because it's got so much Harajuku influence but like I said, I don't want to call it "Goth", lol.


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