Wednesday 1 February 2012

Corsets-Au Proper For-Realsies Review With Pics

Ridcully decided to join me for my picture session.

After you guys twisting my arm (not really. Since this is the internet) I wore my corset out today to get a good feel of it and let you know how I liked it. I will actually give it a proper review now.

Firstly, I found it extremely comfortable. Any real discomfort was caused by my shirt being too short (seriously Gallery...what the hell?) and folds of clothing under the corset. While the modesty panel helped with the lower back digging into the strings it also made it hard to adjust my clothing. However I have a seamless singletty thing for that now, which i bought today. Anyway, the discomfort from the shirt underneath did not start until a few hours of walking around (and an hour and a half in Lush talking to Niamh. That's "Neev", by the way, she's irish). It was comfortable in both cabs I got in, including on the way home, where I answered my cab driver's questions about "what goth is". So that was fun.

Overall, I love this corset. It doesn't give the most corsetted shape ever (I prefer late Victorian, very sharp hourglass shape), leaning towards an early-to-mid Victorian elongated shape, which Shaun likes for some reason.

Their picture on the website (unfortunately it is no longer available - however this one is and it's essentially the same, although mine has a lace overlay) looked exactly the same as the corset I got, as well as looking the same on as it did in the picture. No taking in the waist with photoshop, at least not on that picture.

I inspected the lace overlay and honestly, it seems pretty good to me. Not million dollar, but not awful hallowe'en costume either, you know? Just perfectly acceptable for the price of $48.

Although I think if you are going to go with one of their corsets, one like mine would be good, since it doesn't really have a "fashion fabric", which is the part that is known to tear.

Getting the corset on was pretty easy. Shaun even managed to help me! It's really easy to tighten and honestly, I just really like this thing.

It's not too short, either, which is my biggest fear buying corsets - the point doesn't go down far enough, and so you have this roll of stomach underneath it. Not flattering!


Anyway, here's the breakdown.

Materials: 8/10
Shipping: 10/10
Construction: 9/10

Total: 47/50

Would I buy again? Yes, yes, yes!

PS: here are a bunch of photos I couldn't otherwise work in.

Oh mister cully, you are lovely!
My hair - finally showing you all.

While blue, it helps show the shape.

One more thing: this guy is an asshole. Please report him to blogger. That is all!


Miss Morgan said...

Yay pictures!

Cherish said...

Ooh yay, photos!! :)

The corset honestly looks lovely, and for that price?!

That's cheaper than last time I checked on cheap perhaps me and my small budget may be able to afford one. *Claps*

Thanks for reviewing, Kitty!

linnea-maria said...

You got a lovely shape by that corset. You look so darn cute in your victorian outfit! Love it!

Mykki said...

That is so gorgeous. I would love to own a corset and your review has got me considering now. :)

Niamh said...

Oh it's really nice!!! Your outfit is really nice as well. Now I am considering buying my first corset when I have money I can spend on it.
THanks for reviewing it!!

Jamie said...

That's a really cute corset, and the cut is super-flattering on you! Actually, almost all of my corsets are from Punk69 corsetry, which is the wholesaler of the same company-they aren't the bestest best quality, and I've had to do a couple minor repairs to a few of mine, but for under $50 apiece, whaddya expect? I don't mind that the quality is mass-produced rather than custom-made, because I mainly wear 'em for the aesthetic quality and minor waist reduction, not waist training. If I really was going to waist-train, I'd scrimp and get a custom corset, but for now the cheaper ones give me the general look and feel I'm going for and I can have more in an array of shiny pretty colors to wear with different outfits.

Tenebris In Lux said...

What an adorable piece! And not bad for that price, either.

Since I'm the daughter of a photographer, I can give you some tips:

Try to photograph in a lighter room. Soft natural light is your best friend. I'm guilty of using florescent lights, which can make the photo look yellow-y (in that case plug the photo into an editing software and turn down the saturation of the photo, not so much to make it grainy but to remove the yellow). Flash is also a good resource, but it can wash things out when it is too bright.

Or not :-P That is all. ^_^

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Kati, it was a very closed-up house. XD Wasn't any natural light really.


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