Thursday 8 December 2011

Hello Interblags, This Is Your Cat

Hey you lot. Things have been hectic the past week or so! On Sunday, Growlithe and I went to Sydney, where we spent the afternoon in Luna Park, and then on Monday, we caught the train back to Melbourne! My Illamasqua and Morgana Minerals mix powder foundation lasted my two-hour nap on Growlithe's lap using Shaun as a pillow.

The train ride was great! Really quiet, beautiful countryside and all!

However, Tuesday sort of really sucked. Because I hadn't eaten for days, pretty much, I managed to get extremely ill that day. That day was also the day we had to go to Ikea to buy a bed. So Growlithe went upstairs to make a purchase, and I laid on the couch in the foyer (they have those for your convenience. I love ikea!). After about fifty minutes, I lumbered to the bathroom to violently throw up. But my makeup was still in place - I tweeted this about an hour later, touting it to be a christmas miracle. I felt a lot better, and went to find Growlithe.

And there, between the bedsheets and the flat-packed bathrooms were....some goths! I wish I had gotten a picture, these girls were gorgeous! I turned quite red when one of them complimented me. I also found a small fluffy white rat toy, which I brought home.

We came home, where we slept in the lounge, since our bed wasn't delivered til the next day. One of our housemates, Mini, was really worried about me, because I wasn't hungry! What a sweetheart.

We put our bed together yesterday, and I outfitted it in some awesome candystripe sheets, which I did think to photo before we laid down and trashed it by being wiggly. Unfortunately I can't upload it right now. </3 Soons, my pets, with all my photos of the baby kittens~! (Speaking of which, my babies need homes. Anyone want to share their homes with my awesome cats?)

Today we lazed around and did household chores. Not much happened - mostly Minecraft and we watched some more of hour Hatventures: Skylands urtoob series we're into. Growlithe went out and bought a kettle, too, and a powerboard so we can play our wii - or as we call it, our Woo. Along with a "goff woo remote with a nunchuck, because you're so goff".

Anyway, I have had a very persistant headache the last few days. Hopefully it will clear up pretty soon and I'll feel a bit better, and the fresh vegetables I have been eating have helped a lot. 

I am desperately trying to get ready for the Filthy Victorians, without much luck - with the sewing machine so far away, my eyesight getting worse and funds running low, I am fearing I might have to push back the start date a month.

Would you guys hate me if I had to? Life is getting really hectic and I haven't had the opportunity to blog much at all, which I hate, and I need to go out and do a good load of skirt-shopping!

Missing you all desperately, hoping to get some good, interesting blogging done soon!

On a final note, blog lurker and commenter Miss Gothy Girl and I met up a few weeks ago for shopping at Gallery Serpentine. We should never be put together again - we are TERRIBLE for each other! She has started a blog at my insistance - called Clockwork Bats ! Go and follow her, and hopefully she can get this seamstress business underway! I have to say, Nikki is awesome and so much fun! Hoping to stage a get-together when she is down after Christmas.

Much love, and missing you all!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nawwwww :)


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